Iron Mine Walkthrough

Iron Mine Location Walkthrough

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Iron Mine Location Walkthrough

Object Type Enemies Composition Reward Required? Comments
Enemy 1 Red-faced Thug 12 14Experience, 10Biofuel, Stormbreaker PistolNew Research Yes Red-faced Thug 1 = 200Unarmored
Enemy 2 Red-faced Thug 12 14Experience, 10Biofuel Yes Red-faced Thug 2 = 200Unarmored
Enemy 3 Red-faced Thug 23 21Experience, Random Resources Yes Spider = 120Unarmored
Enemy 4 Red-faced Thug 12 14Experience, 10Biofuel Yes Soldier Spider = 220Unarmored
Enemy 5 Red-faced Thug 15, Red-faced Thug 21 42Experience, Random Resources Yes Slider = 570Unarmored
Enemy 6 Spider4, Soldier Spider3, Slider1 43Experience, Random Resources Yes Boss Ringleader = 900Unarmored
Enemy 7 Red-faced Thug 15, Red-faced Thug 21 42Experience, Random Resources Yes
Boss Ringleader Red-faced Thug 13, Red-faced Thug 22, Boss Ringleader  60Experience, 75Biofuel, 1Data Disks, G-1 Frag Grenade: 1, Assault Rifle Cartridges: 15 Yes


Object Type Reward Required? Comments
Box 1 5Experience, Random Resources No
Box 2 5Experience, Random Resources No
Box 3 Random Resources No
Box 4 5Experience, Random Resources No
Box 5 5Experience, Random Resources No
Box 6 5Experience, Random Resources No
Box 7 5Experience, Random amount ofBiofuel No
Corpse 1 5Experience, Random Resources No
Corpse 2 5Experience, Random Resources No
Corpse 3 5Experience, Random Resources No
Corpse 4 5Experience, Random Resources No
Hack 1 10Experience, 1Gems, 50BiofuelG-1 Frag GrenadeNew Research, G-1 Frag Grenade: 1 No
Hack 2 10Experience, 1Gems,  U-1 Medpack KitNew Research, U-1 Medpacks: 2 No
Study 1 10Experience, 10Data Disks, Commander’s Log: Chapter 2 Yes Drops from Enemy 1
Study 2 10Experience, 10Data Disks, Commander’s Log: Chapter 3 No
Study 3 10Experience, 15Data Disks, Commander’s Log: Chapter 4 Yes Drops from Boss
Study 4 10Experience, 15Data Disks, Commander’s Log: Chapter 5 No After terraforming
Other Places
Starting Point Located at the right top corner of the location
Iron Deposit The place to build your first Iron Mine After terraforming
 Total Location Experience:  360Experience


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3 Responses to Iron Mine Walkthrough

  1. avatar littletreethiefinthbushes ( Sergeant Sergeant Player's Rank 27 )

    Uhh… I just realized that my ‘objectives list’ in the game is still showing the one for this sector (about killing bandits and building a mine) even though I’m at Kingpin’s hideout and everything lol

    I mean the rest of the storyline objectives are coming up just fine, but is this gonna bite me in the ass later on down the road? :/

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