Loading Screen Tips

Loading Screen Tips

The shotgun`s effectiveness depends on the distance: the closer the enemy, the greater the damage.

If the enemy is hiding behind shields, use grenades. Shields are worthless against grenades.

Use stasis against opponents who prefer close-range battle.

Try to take out commanders first because they enhance fighting abilities of the other members of their squad.

Use the PSI STRIKE to finish off the enemy and restore a portion of your health.

If you lose, all expenses are returned.

Use assault rifles and machine guns to quickly neutralize the most dangerous enemy combatants.

With an aimed shot you can hit the enemy even if he is hiding behind a shield.

If a wounded opponent is hiding behind a shield and you want to finish him off, tap on him.

Swipe down while sitting behind a shield to force-reload your weapon.

Select targets by tapping on them, or by swiping left and right.

A quick way to destroy a commander is to shoot him with an assault rifle when he starts to threaten you.

Use a shotgun to fight spiders – it`s the most effective weapon against them.

Use grenades and energy weapons to destroy armored targets.

An aimed shot can damage even armored targets.

Construct the Radar and increase your turrets defense effectiveness against other players’ attacks.

Use the Recon function to obtain the information on the defense of the enemy bases.

The Radar and turrets upgrade technologies are available in the Tactics and Strategy section of the Research Center.

Use your missiles when the spider escapes to the ceiling. The missile hit will down it.

If you prefer to finish off your enemies with a Psi Strike, think about buying the Visor bonus.

Tap the partner to force him or her to reload.

Use the attack mode to finish a battle with a weak enemy quickly.

Use the attack mode against close-range enemies and “summoners”.

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