Assault Rifles

The Assault Rifles is one of Weapons type in the Evolution: Battle for Utopia game.

Assault Rifles have a high rate of fire, large magazines, and are effective at any range. Also, their ammo is a relative bargain compared to Shotguns and Machine Guns.

This makes Assault Rifles a good choice for most combat situations.

Assault Rifles, Available in the Game

Assault Rifles Summary Table

Name Damage Min/Max Magazine Min/Max Crit Chance Min/Max Unlocked By Research Cost (Time) Cost Reduction Requirement Reduced Research Cost (Time) Construction Cost (Time)
Fighter 25/42Regular Damage 12/27 0/10 Bunker, left-bottom corner, hack box under water tower 150Biofuel, 10Data Disks, 80Steel (00:04:00) Battles conducted (5) 120Biofuel, 8Data Disks, 64Steel (00:03:12) 500Biofuel, 100Steel (00:02:00)
Avenger 48/78Regular Damage 12/27 0/10 Coast, Hack by second turret on the left 250Biofuel, 20Data Disks, 500Steel (00:45:00) Destroy Enemies with assault rifle (20) 200Biofuel, 16Data Disks, 400Steel (00:36:00) 3000Biofuel, 1000Steel (00:45:00)
Megathrone 66/111Energy Damage 12/27 0/10 Gem purchase, 23-37Player's Level 1400Gems – n/a – – n/a – – n/a –
Storm 96/161Regular Damage 12/27 0/10 Relic, near start group of enemies, kill only one who on the right near the safe 300Biofuel, 30Data Disks, 700Steel (01:00:00) Destroy Enemies with assault rifle (30) 240Biofuel, 24Data Disks, 560Steel (00:48:00) 4500Biofuel, 1400Steel (01:30:00),4 lvl Storage Depot
Megathrone-2 124/209Energy Damage 14/29 0/10 Gem purchase, 34-40Player's Level 1600Gems – n/a – – n/a – – n/a –
Alligator 192/317Regular Damage 12/27 0/10 UFO Crash, right-bottom corner, in the crashed helicopter 400Biofuel, 35Data Disks, 800Steel (01:30:00) Destroy Enemies with assault rifle (30) 320Biofuel, 28Data Disks, 640Steel (01:12:00) 6500Biofuel, 1600Steel (02:00:00), 30Player's Level,6 lvl Storage Depot
Dragon 200/340Incendiary Damage 12/27 0/10 Gem purchase, 52-65Player's Level 1900Gems – n/a – – n/a – – n/a –
Dominion 325/550Energy Damage 12/27 0/10 Core, second hack. The Dominion Pistol must be researched 800Biofuel, 35Data Disks, 800Crystallite Dominators Destroyed (15) 640Biofuel, 28Data Disks, 640Crystallite (01:12:00) 7000Biofuel, 1600Crystallite (02:00:00), 30Player's Level,6 lvl Storage Depot



Regular Damage – Regular Damage. Good for unarmored targets (100% damage), but totally useless for armored (0%). This type of damage is Most common among Assault Rifles (4 of 8).

Energy Damage – Energy Damage. Good for unarmored targets (100% damage) and useful for armored (50%). This type of damage is also common for Assault Rifles (3 of 8). Dominion AR is the best Assault Rifle in the game.

Incendiary Damage – Incendiary Damage. Excellent for unarmored targets (130% damage), but totally useless for armored (0%). This type of damage has only one (premium) Assault Rifle (Dragon).

Acid Damage – Acid Damage. Good for unarmored targets (100% damage) and just brilliant for armored (130%). No Assault Rifle with this type of damage in the game yet.

Unlike Pistols, all Assault Rifles have the same reload sliderAssault Rifles reload slider, same rate of fire and reload time.

Assault Rifles are the only weapons having an available Stasis Shot add-on.

Assault Rifles Concept Art

Assault Rifles Concept Art


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4 Responses to Assault Rifles

  1. avatar Zenthar ( Private Private Player's Rank 1 )

    Why there is no Acid Gun for AR?

  2. avatar Steve ( Private First Class Private First Class Player's Rank 10 )

    I’m pretty early on in the game (Lv. 21) and have used the AR very little so far. Up until now I’ve been using pistols and a shotgun. Just got the Avenger AR, and already have the acid pistol.

    I curious, what’s the best strategy for using ARs? As your primary weapon and shooting them from a distance, eating through your ammo? Or do you just use it when the enemies move right up? Plus there’s always a few armored guys in any fight, and you don’t want to wait until THEY move up close, so seems you’d still be using some kind of armor killing pistol most of the time (i.e. long distance fighting). The problem is, I’m finding my pistols too weak for some fights.

    • avatar NoobSettler ( Sergeant Sergeant Player's Rank 34 )

      Steve, first i’d let you know i’m newbier than you, just got to Lv12 and still relies on my upgraded Strombreaker & still no upgrade on the Fighter AR.

      For now i’m thinking to rely on the Pistol as much as possible because 1st it does the same Regular Damage as the AR, and 2nd its ammo is FREE.

      For early players like myself the Fighter AR is kind of 2nd sub-tier with the Stormbreaker Pistol as the 1st sub-tier, and either Vulcan MG & Chopper Shotgun in sub-tiers more advanced than the two above. Because i don’t have the last two yet. All four are noob weapons

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