Terraforming Process

The process of terraforming is one of the essential to your infostructure development in the Evolution: Battle for Utopia game.

Terraforming Process

Once you have cleared any of Story-line Location from enemies, you can terraform it with Terraformator.

Terraformator will help you make the captured territories flourish.


Terraformator 1

Terraformator 2

During the process of Terraformation all pollution will transformed in to wild vegetation.

An example of the gradual terrarormation of the Kingpins Hideout location:
An example of the gradual terrarormation of the Kingpins Hideout location
The initial view of the any location is significantly different from the terraformed one:

Location View Before Terrarormation
Location View After Terrarormation

You can build any Buildings in location only after finishing of their terraformation process.

Important Locations to terraform first:

The more polluted area, the more resources required for its terraformation.

The Process of Terraforming Video


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