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Friends! If You have built an Embassy, but You don’t have friends on Facebook that play in Evolution, post here a comment with a link to Your profile and You will add in friends.

This will allow You to receive a free CrystalliteCrystallite (and Time BoostersTime Boosters with improved the Embassy) every day!

How to Post a Link to Your Profile?

1. Go to and click on Your profile page:

How to post the link to your profile? 1

2. In the address bar of your browser a link will appear on Your profile, similar to the following:

How to post the link to your profile? 2

3. Highlight the link and copy it to the clipboard (Ctrl+C)

The link may look like or

Other links, for example: – will not work!

4. In the comment form below, write “My profile on Facebook”, then highlight the text and click “link”

How to post the link to your profile? 3

5. Paste the link to Your profile in the window that appears (Ctrl+V) and hit “OK”

6. In the comment box will appear your link like this:

<a href=”″>My profile on Facebook</a>

7. After the publication of comments You will get this result:

My profile on Facebook – Add me! :)

8. If You can’t paste the link as above, just paste it as is in the “Commentary”, it will be recognized automatically.

. . .

If you found an error, highlight it and press Shift + Enter or click here to inform us.

83 Responses to Friends on Facebook

  1. avatar gigi ( Private Private Player's Rank 1 )

  2. avatar ghost ( Private Private Player's Rank 1 )

    My profile on facebook.Just getting started, around lvl 15 at the moment.

  3. avatar Pushe ( Private First Class Private First Class Player's Rank 9 )
    daliy player, please add

  4. avatar oskars kivkulis ( Private Private Player's Rank 1 )

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