Game Story

Game Story

Сюжет игры является основным компонентом среди другой общей информации об игре Эволюция: Битва за Утопию.

Story-line of the primary and secondary locations, available in the game


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10 Responses to Game Story

  1. avatar James ( Private Private Player's Rank 2 )

    I don’t usually comment but I gotta admit thanks for the post on this great one

  2. avatar Julia ( Private Private Player's Rank 1 )

    Who is more difficult boss:- DOMINION or ARCH HUMAN?

    Who is more difficult boss in ((chariot of change mode)):- DOMINION or ARCH HUMAN?

  3. avatar Шепард ( Colonel Colonel Player's Rank 384 ) Moderator

    Well, Arch-Human has a powerful regeneration (+6600 HP pere 3 sec), Dominion Boss doesn’t have regeneration. But arch-human is alone in the battle and he is not armored, at the same time Dominion has many armor allies. So, draw your own conclusions.

  4. avatar Julia ( Private Private Player's Rank 2 )

    How peculier & odd can this be ?
    I have got 1 hegemon & 2 dominion sniper as a level 4 random encounter


  5. avatar Julia ( Private Private Player's Rank 1 )

    Today I will start the “CHARIOT OF CHANGE” mode.

    But during the normal game play I have found:-
    1. Acid Cannon is super effective against dominion boss.

    2. 2 encounters are hellishly tough i.e. kurbatov and dominion.

    3. At level 75+ one will have to face hegemon/e5000, tyrant dominator etc etc, but one can kill those with lev2 med lev2 grened, diminionAR. I myself did that.

    4. The game will offer 30k gems for chariot of change mode.

    Here is a snapshot of that 30k gems


    • avatar Шепард ( Colonel Colonel Player's Rank 384 ) Moderator

      I don’t understand, what exactly do you want to say?) Perhaps you think, you are the first player, who starts this chariot of change mode? No, it’s not. Nevertheless, congratulations. I’m near the Kingpin on 19th level and i have 2000+ rate on PVP (killed people with 40+ and 60 level sometimes (using AR Storm and acid pistol). Catch-up me:)

      • avatar Julia ( Private Private Player's Rank 1 )

        I wanted to say what I had experienced, LOL. You’re rea funny fella . But now in coc mode man it is boaring…..

    • avatar Шепард ( Colonel Colonel Player's Rank 384 ) Moderator

      Julia, boring? Hmph, try to forget about secondary locations and use only necessary things. And you’ll see that’s not simple as you can imagine. For example, I used Change of Charity mode, but I get an UFO Pistol on 23rd level with only Stormtrooper armor, Roxy lieutenant junior, Storm AR and Cobra pistol without Phoenix. Try to use my way and good luck:)

      • avatar Julia ( Private Private Player's Rank 1 )

        But the story is same LOL, same enemy LOL LOL, oh and why take pressure? game itself offering 30k gems for a reason right?
        Moral of the story is :- “ DON’T PLAY CHARIOT OF CHANGE MODE” as it will delete your entire game progress.

      • avatar Шепард ( Colonel Colonel Player's Rank 384 ) Moderator

        First, same story, yes. Same enemy – well yeah, but you won’t have the same equipment as in the full walkthrough, and you won’t have enough resources for many things. Second, 30k gems it’s not enough, if you spend it on useless things. Third: “before judge – try”. Try the shortest way of walkthrough the game and you will see the difference between the shortest way and the longest way.

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