Black Legion Checkpoint Location

Black Legion Checkpoint Location

The Black Legion Checkpoint is one of the many Story-line locations in the Evolution: Battle for Utopia game.


Black Legion Checkpoint is a primary story-line location and the first in “Black Legion” game update.

Hack steel hangar at the top left corner leads to the secondary story-line location UFO Crash

Previous story-line location: Kingpin’s Hideout

Difficulty: 4/7

Total enemies: 26

Boss: Mammoth Tank

Story of this location: Here

Walkthrough of this location: Here

Rewards: Pegasus Pistol, U-3 Medpack, U-3 Medpack Kit, 52Medals

Commander’s Log: Chapters 32-34

Terraforming Price: 5 000Biofuel

Side story tasks on location

  1. Unlock the UFO Сrash sector

Next story-line location: Black Legion Base

Black Legion Checkpoint Location on the Globe

Black Legion Checkpoint Location on the Globe

Initial View of Black Legion Checkpoint Location

Initial View of Black Legion Checkpoint Location

Black Legion Checkpoint Location View After Terraforming

Black Legion Checkpoint Location View After Terraforming

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4 Responses to Black Legion Checkpoint Location

  1. avatar adhox ( Corporal Corporal Player's Rank 11 )


    I just started Black Legion Check point and completely blow away in the difference in power of these guys. Just starting my run towards Pegasus Pistol. After I get the Pegasus pistol, how do you deal with armoured opponents? Till now, M3 SMG or the acid gun
    along with grenades were sufficient. But grenades are doing only about 900 worth of damage.

    I am at Lvk 28- 96% and have currently-

    Stromtrooper Armor

    M3SMG Pistol – fully updated
    Acid Pistol – Fully updated
    Storm AR – Dmg and Mag fully updated – Critical chance -0%
    Screamer Shotgun

    Roxy – partner. – 800/70

    Would appreciate any pointers.


    • avatar Ijustgotscammed ( Corporal Corporal Player's Rank 16 )

      It’s been 5 years but incase your still stuck upgrade your acid pistol and use the Strom rifle until you reach mammoth tank I recommend you use Phoenix on turrets since they are really powerful but if you can get your hands on the UFO pistol well things will be way way easier for you

      • avatar IMAKERANDOM ( Private Private Player's Rank 1 )

        Damn I’m still amazed people are still playing this game

      • avatar Лайденфол ( Sublieutenant Sublieutenant Player's Rank 81 )

        И будут играть. Потому что лучше этого шедевра я ничего не вижу сейчас)

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