Aimed Shot

Aimed Shot

The Aimed Shot is the unique and destructive ability of Pistols in the Evolution: Battle for Utopia game.


From the beginning of the game, starting with the Stormbreaker Pistol, your equipped pistol has the ability to do an Aimed Shot. Only the pistols has this ability (except the Shocker that can’t  perform an Aimed Shot).

Aimed Shot ButtonThe Aimed Shot can be used by selecting the icon to the left of your pistol icon (on the lower right of the battle screen). While doing an Aimed Shot, the screen switches to a closeup view of your target. Selecting the screen when the reticule is over the target’s head with the red mark to complete this special attack.

An Aimed Shot will increase the damage done by that one pistol shot by an additional eight times. You can increase the amount of additional damage by researching and upgrading the Enhanced Optics technology.

Feature of the Aimed Shot is the infliction of full damage on any target (including ArmoredArmored), even if the Pistol has RegularRegular Damage or IncendiaryIncendiary Damage damage type, which do not cause damage to armored targets at normal shooting.

Enemy, covering behind an energy shield, also can be hit by an Aimed Shot (with a full damage).

Maximum Possible Damage of Aimed Shot Calculation

The conditions that affect on the aimed shot damage Affect Stormbreaker Bulldog / Acid Cobra / Dragon Pegasus UFO Pistol Dominion Pistol Dragon-2 / Kurbatov’s
Maximum Base Damage х 1 (100%) 24 48 91 187 260 380 453
Base Damage of the Aimed Shot x 8 (800%) 192 384 728 1496 2080 3040 3624
The Correct Reloading x 0,2 (20%) 5 10 18 37 52 76 91
The Critical Hit Chance* x 1 (100%) 24 48 91 187 260 380 453
Enemy is Taunting x 1 (100%) 24 48 91 187 260 380 453
Level 3 Enemy’s Vulnerability  Studied x 0,15 (15%) 4 7 14 28 39 57 68
Maximum Damage with All Bonuses x 3,35 (335%) 80 161 305 626 871 1273 1518
Aimed Shot Damage with All Bonuses x 26,8 (2680%) 643 1286 2439 5012 6968 10184 12140
Level 2 Enemy’s Vulnerability  Studied x 1 (100%) 192 384 728 1496 2080 3040 3624
Level 4 of Enhanced Optics Studied x 0,2 (20%) 38 77 146 299 416 608 725
Maximum Damage of the Aimed Shot x 36,4 (3640%) 874 1747 3312 6807 9464 13832 16489

* The Critical Hit Chance is determined by  the crit. chance of your weapon, as well as the study of the 1st level of enemy’s vulnerability.


The safe way to perform an Aimed Shot is from sitting position behind your energy shield.

Use Aimed Shot on the most healthy opponents and right before they going to shoot at you (turning red) – it will knock them down and/or unfocused their sight.

When using the Pistol with Regular or Incendiary damage – use Aimed Shot against Armored opponents firstly.

Missed Aimed Shot will don’t cause any damage to the enemy (even if the shot was in enemy’s body).

Remember that Aimed Shot is only possible on the enemy at long range!

The Aimed Shot ability has an independent cool-down timer preventing it from being used for 30 seconds after use, and 30 seconds from the start of a battle.

Aimed Shot in Action

Aimed Shot in Action


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7 Responses to Aimed Shot

  1. avatar psb ( Sublieutenant Sublieutenant Player's Rank 104 )

    what does ‘aimed shot with all bonuses’ mean?? and can someone tell me how to do max damage from aim shot?? this screenshot shows above 7k with ufo and i never managed above 5 even with dominion…

    also, why is it that sometimes the aimed shot gives 5k damage while sometimes 3.5k ??

    • avatar Гудвин / Goodwin ( Captain Captain Player's Rank 198 )

      The power of Aimed shot id a random value. We still don’t know the right formula. But you can increase it with bonuses:
      – reload bonus (+20%);
      – attack bonus (+20%);
      – recon center 2-nd level bonus (x2);
      – recon center 3-rd level bonus (+15%).

      I had best aimed shot about 13000 on dominion pistol. Usually about 11000.
      With Kurbatov pistol it’s possible to have about 14000-15000, I guess.

    • avatar jdr1078 ( Private Private Player's Rank 3 )

      To get the most powerful aimed shot, your pistol needs to be fully upgraded. The enemy, that you are shooting at, has to be researched up to level 3 at the reconnaissance centre. Also you have to have researched the enhanced optics up to level 4.

  2. avatar psb ( Sublieutenant Sublieutenant Player's Rank 104 )

    i have the first 2, to get full damage… i have to do reconnaisance centre fully… in that case… should i do any research except hounds and cyclones??

    • avatar Гудвин / Goodwin ( Captain Captain Player's Rank 198 )

      It’s only your choice )
      I had a lot of tactic skill points, so I took almost all in recon center.

  3. avatar Myzrael ( Warrant Officer Warrant Officer Player's Rank 71 )

    If your lvling up fast, i would recommend maxing aim shot with all the bonus vs terror 4 missions, so you can take out strong units fast. Just love when i hit 13-15k 😉

  4. avatar Myzrael ( Warrant Officer Warrant Officer Player's Rank 71 )

    This game has so much buggs, when it comes to damage, my aim shoot, deals roughly the same dmg, with the 20% from research, and 20% from attack mode, aswell 20% from reload with dominion and 15% from center, the dmg is from 9,9k to 13k+, tested this like 10 times, it deals mostley 11k dmg, without the bonus its allmost the same, maybe 1k dmg less, but still thats 75% more dmg in bonus,it should deal much more dmg

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