Hornet Armor

Hornet Armor

Hornet Armor

The Hornet Armor is one of the many Armors in the Evolution: Battle for Utopia game.

These armors made of giant spiders carapaces protect people in Xi-activity areas. I’m lucky that the smuggler sold me such a rare stuff.


Monstrously Armored.

Previous Armor: Prometheus Armor
Health: 2200Health
Unlocked By: Gem Purchase, 35-50Player's Level
Research Cost (Time): 2000Gems
Cost Reduction Requirement: – n/a –
Reduced Research Cost (Time): – n/a –
Construction Cost (Time): – n/a –
Special Abilities:
Next Armor: Spartan Armor

Hornet Armor Concept Art

Hornet Armor Concept Art

Hornet Armor Rendering

Hornet Armor Rendering 2


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    Hornet Armor In Game Screenshot


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