Collector Boss

Collector Maly-To-Koor Boss

The Collector is one of the bosses in the Evolution: Battle for Utopia game.


Location: Exodus, right top corner of the location

Health: 420 000UnarmoredResurrection Ability

Weapon: Hand BlastersEnergy Damage

Strengths: Uses deadly super shot (every 2:30), Requires a psi strike to kill, Not taunting

Weaknesses: Unarmored

The guards: None

Link to the Walkthrough Guide: Here

Victory Rewards: 60Experience, ???Biofuel, Random Resources

Commander’s Log: Chapter 56

Collector at the Location

Collector at the Location

Collector’s Concept Art

Collector Concept Art

Collector’s Rendering

Collector Rendering


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2 Responses to Collector Boss

  1. avatar Pyzle ( Private Private Player's Rank 2 )

    On island where is collector,titules dosnt function,is that normal?

  2. avatar slashdash ( Private Private Player's Rank 2 )

    i killed her with a phoenix missile 😉

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