Arachnid Dominator

Arachnid Dominator

Arachnid Dominator

The Arachnid Dominator is one of the Dominion’s Army members in the Evolution: Battle for Utopia game. Heavy armor makes it invulnerable to conventional attacks.


Health type: ArmoredArmored (6 300 on 57-60 player’s level)

Weapon: Energy CannonEnergy Damage, Melee Skill

Strengths: Armored, Quickly shorten the distance, Very dangerous in melee

Weaknesses: Taunting sometimes after shot

Similar enemies: Spiders

Commander’s Log: Chapter 45

Arachnid Dominator’s Concept Art (First Versions)

Arachnid Dominator Concept Art (First Versions)

Arachnid Dominator’s Concept Art (Final Version)

Arachnid Dominator Concept Art (Final Version)

Arachnid Dominator’s Rendering

Arachnid Dominator Rendering


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