Roxy Partner

Roxy Partner

Roxy Partner

The former member of the “Vipers” squad Roxy is your one of the many possible Partners in Evolution: Battle for Utopia game.

Back in the day Roxy was a master assassin of the Vipers gang. Her skills turned out to be very useful when she came over to my side.


Previous partner: Rico

Roxy has 400/1080Unarmored (Min/Max) units of health and wields dual regular assault rifles dealing 35/94Regular Damage (Min/Max) units of damage.

Roxy’s fast attack gives her firepower in a class above Frisky and Rico.

Roxy can be found at the Kingpin’s Hideout location, to the left once you see Kingpin. Once you find her, you can recruit her for 5000Biofuel. Unless you have more powerful Spidey, you will be well served using her as your partner against her former boss.

Next partner: Spidey


Like other warrior of division “Viper”, Roxy boasts impeccable combat training. With natural data gymnasts, excellent response and an enviable accuracy, she gained a reputation as one of the most dangerous improvised Vincent Golda. However, the location of the leader’s easy to lose, especially in Utopia, where long ceased to act normal laws of human morality. At the moment, Roxy awaiting execution – for those who knew too much, Gold is not limited to simple demotion. But the appearance of the commander of the expedition to distant lands can change everything…

Dialog with Roxy



Why did you leave the vipers?


I should have done this long ago…But it took some time to see the light…

When Green City went kaput and a huge tsunami swept over the planet.. everything was different then…

These disasters really united us. We fought to live, and sought a way out. We rescued and brought people together in order to survive in this hell.

Vincent was a real leader: strong, just. On him we all set our hope for salvation. We believed in him and followed him.

But then he changed and became the person they now call Kingpin. I find myself thinking about it time and again. It seems to me that at some point, he simply lost faith.

He abandoned all hope of escape from Utopia and concentrated solely on the matter of hanging onto power. With higher goal gone, he quickly degraded into an ordinary bandit.

I was one of the Vipers – his elite bodyguards. Initially, we helped ensure order in the survivors’ camp. And then Kingpin turned us into a death squad.

As for dissenters, he either killed them or bullied them. Preserving and extending his own power became his sole purpose in life.

Once I realized all this, I decided to leave. Well, what happened next, and how Vincent repaid me for my years of faithful service, you already know.


Tell me of the dominators


All you need to know about the dominators is that it’s better to stay away from them!

At least that’s the advice Vincent gave me in his time. And he was one of the creators of Dominion. So I believe what he had to say about it.

I don’t know what Dominion is up to now, what goals it’s pursuing. Nobody knows, actually. How can anyone comprehend an out-of-control machine?

At first everyone thought Dominion was destroyed along with the city, but then these robots began to show up – Dominators.

Many people think that the Dominators have been sent to destroy people. But I think that
in all likelihood they are looking for


Tell me of Xi


Xi? Where did you hear about that?


From Kingpin. He mentioned this mysterious Xi in conversation. Do you know what it is?


Yes, the word is known to me. “Xi” is also called the “Devourer of Worlds”. It’s a god figure for a local religious cult.

This cult originated somewhere in the swamps. Now it is actively spreading across Utopia. This is primarily because there are more and more spiders and all sorts of other creatures.

Xi’s followers believe that the monsters are the result of the existence of a great demon, this Devourer of Worlds.

They think that this demon is buried deep underground and these creatures come from there as the harbingers of his imminent arrival. Or something like that.


Intriguing. And what is your own theory about the spiders? They didn’t even exist until recently, did they?


No, they didn’t. But then again, neither did the Dominators…

Listen, this planet served as the site of some extremely bold and dangerous undertakings. I would say that these creatures are the result of biological weapons experiments, rather than put much faith in these tales of a demon. Ha!

Roxy Partner


A partner’s rank can be upgraded at the Training Range, increasing the partner’s health and attack damage.

Roxy Partner Max Rank

 Roxy Partner Max Rank

Roxy Partner Training Summary Table

Rank Health Damage Training Cost Training Time Required Level
1 Private Private 400 35 – n/a – – n/a –
2 Private First Class Private First Class 440 39 50Biofuel, 2Medals 00:01:00 5Player’s Level
3 Corporal Corporal 480 42 100Biofuel, 4Medals 00:02:00
4 Sergeant Sergeant 520 45 150Biofuel, 6Medals 00:05:00 10Player’s Level
5 Staff Sergeant Staff Sergeant 560 49 200Biofuel, 8Medals 00:10:00
6 Warrant Officer Warrant Officer 600 53 250Biofuel, 10Medals 00:20:00 15Player’s Level
7 Sublieutenant Sublieutenant 640 56 300Biofuel, 12Medals 00:30:00
8 Lieutenant Lieutenant 680 59 350Biofuel, 14Medals 00:45:00 20Player’s Level
9 Lieutenant-Commander Lieutenant-Commander 720 63 400Biofuel, 16Medals 01:00:00
10 Captain Captain 760 66 450Biofuel, 18Medals 01:30:00 25Player’s Level
11 Major Major 800 70 500Biofuel, 20Medals 02:00:00
12 Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel 840 73 600Biofuel, 22Medals 02:30:00 35Player’s Level
13 Colonel Colonel 880 77 700Biofuel, 24Medals 03:00:00
14 Major General Major General 920 81 800Biofuel, 26Medals 03:30:00 45Player’s Level
15 Lieutenant General Lieutenant General 960 84 900Biofuel, 28Medals 04:30:00
16 General General 1000 87 1000Biofuel, 30Medals 06:00:00 55Player’s Level
17 General of the Army General of the Army 1040 91 1100Biofuel, 32Medals 07:00:00
18 Commander in Chief Commander in Chief 1080 94 1200Biofuel, 34Medals 08:00:00 65Player’s Level
Total: 9050Biofuel, 306Medals 40:53:00


Roxy Partner Concept Art

Roxy Partner Concept Art

Roxy Partner Concept Art 2

Roxy Partner Rendering

Roxy Partner Rendering


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13 Responses to Roxy Partner

  1. avatar Myzrael ( Warrant Officer Warrant Officer Player's Rank 71 )

    Is it possible to obtain her at lvl 15-17?

  2. avatar Шепард ( Major Major Player's Rank 276 )

    Mike, I really have seen a video where one of the administrators of this site defeated the Kingpin on 16 level. He not only ignored most of the side story locations, but he also doesn’t finish many story locations. He was taking only necessary equipment and he doesn’t terraform a lot of locations.

    • avatar MikeHawk ( Sergeant Sergeant Player's Rank 21 )

      I did finish off most enemies and fully upgrade all of my weapons in earlier levels but I did not grab corpses or boxes I now have a fully upgraded storm ar and most bonus equipment like the visor should i start saving up on resources or just speed run till i get to ufo crash

      • avatar Шепард ( Major Major Player's Rank 276 )

        It depends on your level and your style of the walkthrough of the game. You can choose aggressive speed-run tactics or careful stripping of the levels. You need to know that if you would running on the levels too quickly, the enemies will be more and more difficult. So if you don’t have enough necessary resources the speed-running walkthrough is unworthy tactics because it’s will ruin you too fast.

      • avatar MikeHawk ( Sergeant Sergeant Player's Rank 21 )

        well i have a fully upgraded cobra pistol and rico is max for my level i believe i can make it through black legion with minimal help from grenades and medpacks

      • avatar MikeHawk ( Sergeant Sergeant Player's Rank 21 )

        Im not a premium byer so i only have about 200 gems at a time and by the time i reach roxy i can probably upgrade her to major

  3. avatar MikeHawk ( Sergeant Sergeant Player's Rank 21 )

    I have a fully upgraded cobra pistol and Rico is max for my level, By the time i reach Roxy I could upgrade her to major, and most likely i could get through black legion checkpoint without to much trouble and then farm with UFO pistol, I’m not a premium Byer so i only have about 200 gems and 10k biofuel at a time, as I am nearly 2000 ranking points should i farm at citadel or wait until UFO crash were i will probably be level 35 maybe 40

  4. avatar Dio ( Private Private Player's Rank 1 )

    Ultra LOL

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