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Play “Mole” Games

Play “Mole” Games is one of the two main types of Smuggler’s Offers in the Evolution: Battle for Utopia game.

They divided into kinds:

Play “Mole” Mini-game

Let’s play “Mole”!? The rules are simple. You have blocks of different colors in your playing field. You need to collect bonuses by moving them to the bottom of the field. To do this, select three blocks of one color under a bonus and destroy them. The more you’ll destroy – the more bonuses you’ll get Let’s start??

Player’s Level: 10-99 Player's Level
One game costs: 4 Data Disks
Time limit: 2 minutes
Games can play: 3 (for 12Data Disks)
Is “Mole” worth to play?: Yes (with some skills you can not only pay off the mini-game by collecting few Data Disks, but get other resources? including valuable Gems and Medals).

Play Mole Mini-game

Play “Mole” Mini-game (Nuclear Version)

Let’s play “Nuclear Mole”? The rules are the same as in standard Mole, however in the “nuclear” version you put gems at stake. On my part, I’d offer you my best ammo as a prize: G-3 Acid Grenades, G-3 Incendiary Grenades and G-4 Frag Grenades!

Player’s Level: 12-99 Player's Level
One game costs: 29 Gems
Time limit: 2 minutes
Games can play: 4 (for 116Gems)
Exclusive rewards:

Is “Nuclear Mole” worth to play?: No (if only for exclusive grenades in your inventory)

Play Mole Mini-game (Nuclear Version)

Play “Mole” Mini-game (Nuclear Version) Video


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