Intrusion (Direction Finders) Mission

Intrusion (Direction Finders) Mission

The Intrusion (Direction Finders) is one of the many Random Missions in the Evolution: Battle for Utopia game.

INTRUSION (Direction Finders)

The bandits’ direction finders have been found in the XXX sector.


Available from Player’s Level: 7Player's Level

Mission type: Hacking

Difficulty: Moderate

Time limit: 31 seconds

Mission goal: Join 7 pairs connectors of the of same color to hack one Direction Finder

A 1Data Disks data disk is required to start a hacking procedure.

To open the vault, disarm the security system. To do this, join all the identical connectors before time runs out.

If you will run out of time the security system will detect a hacking attempt and will block the session. You’ll have to start over or you can force to open the vault for 30Gems.

Intrusion (Direction Finders) Mission Rewards Summary Table

Reward Options Ranking points
0PvP Rank 200PvP Rank 800PvP Rank 2000PvP Rank 4000PvP Rank 7000PvP Rank
Biofuel 150Biofuel 225Biofuel 300Biofuel 375Biofuel 450Biofuel 525Biofuel
Medals 2Medals 3Medals 4Medals 5Medals 6Medals 7Medals
Magmatite 150Magmatite 225Magmatite 300Magmatite 375Magmatite 450Magmatite 525Magmatite
Steel 150Steel 225Steel 300Steel 375Steel 450Steel 525Steel


Direction Finders at Location

Direction Finders at Location

Direction Finder Hacking

Direction Finder Hacking

Direction Finder Concept Art

Direction Finder Concept Art


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