Terror Level 1 Mission

Terror Level 1 Mission

The Terror Level 1 is one of the many Random Missions in the Evolution: Battle for Utopia game.


Available from Player’s Level: 5Player's Level

Mission type: Combat

Threat level: Low

Time limit: 30 minutes

Mission goal: To kill in battle all enemies

Terror Level 1 Mission Rewards Summary Table

Reward Options Ranking points
0PvP Rank 200PvP Rank 800PvP Rank 2000PvP Rank 4000PvP Rank 7000PvP Rank
Biofuel 50Biofuel 75Biofuel 100Biofuel 125Biofuel 150Biofuel 175Biofuel
Data Disks 1Data Disks 2Data Disks 2Data Disks 3Data Disks 3Data Disks 4Data Disks
Magmatite 50Magmatite 75Magmatite 100Magmatite 125Magmatite 150Magmatite 175Magmatite
Steel 50Steel 75Steel 100Steel 125Steel 150Steel 175Steel


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