Z.E.V.S. Location

Z.E.V.S. Location

The Z.E.V.S. is one of the many Story-line locations in the Evolution: Battle for Utopia game.


Z.E.V.S. is a secondary story-line location.

Previous story-line location: Black Legion Base

Unlock requirement: Win 5 battles with health stolen > 400 or 300Gems (each successful battle reduces the price by 60Gems)

Difficulty: 5/7

Total enemies: 26

Boss: Z.E.V.S. Operator

Story of this location: Here

Walkthrough of this location: Here

Rewards: Legionary Shotgun, Partner Matryoshka, 52Medals

Commander’s Log: Chapter 40

Terraforming price:  8 000Biofuel

Side story tasks on location

  1. Find out more about the Z.E.V.S. project
  2. Kill all the Z.E.V.S. support personnel to stop the construction

Next story-line location: Defense Line

Z.E.V.S. Location on the Globe

Z.E.V.S. Location on the Globe

Z.E.V.S. Location Unlock Requirement

Z.E.V.S. Location Unlock Requirement

Initial View of Z.E.V.S. Location

Initial View of Z.E.V.S. Location

Z.E.V.S. Location View After Terraforming

Z.E.V.S. Location View After Terraforming


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  1. avatar dryphi ( Corporal Corporal Player's Rank 12 )

    What level Psi Strike did you need to get here? I’ve terraformed every previous sector and am stuck at Defense Line. Can’t seem to steal enough health from these Terror battles.

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