History of Utopia

History of Planet Utopia

History of Planet Utopia 1Chapter 1

In the not-so-distant future humankind has come up with a completely new, highly efficient method of generating energy. By mastering complex microbiological processes, people learned how to produce ultra-efficient Biofuels. This discovery made interstellar flight a reality, and mankind began the conquest of the universe. Dozens of spacecraft were launched in search of planets for colonization.

History of Planet Utopia 2Chapter 2

One of the expeditions came upon a planet that surpassed all expectations. A tropical summer all year round, lush vegetation that generously nourished the atmosphere with oxygen, and a mild climate capable of healing diseases. A real paradise – the perfect habitat for humankind. They named the planet Utopia.

History of Planet Utopia 3Chapter 3

The colonized Utopia evolved into the most luxurious resort in human history. The richest inhabitants of Earth quickly abandoned their overpopulated and poisoned planet to settle on the shiny new world.
At the same time, scientists puzzled over what made Utopia so perfect. They did not anticipate what awaited them…

History of Planet Utopia 4Chapter 4

Strange obelisks were discovered all around the planet. Constructed by a civilization that left no other traces of their existence, they turned out to be highly complex devices that altered the climate.
By closely studying the obelisks, Earthlings were able to develop and adopt the new technology – terraforming. With this technology, a lifeless desert was transformed into a verdant garden before their very eyes.

History of Planet Utopia 5Chapter 5

A person of appropriate stature was required to assess the potential of Utopia. And that person was located. He was Adam Cruise, the genius inventor and owner of Kronos, a massive corporation. The power of his consortium grew day by day, but earthly success was no longer enough for him. Cruise fell in love with the emerald landscapes of Utopia. It was there, with the approval of the Government of the Earth Federation, that he decided to test his latest innovation.

History of Planet Utopia 6Chapter 6

Adam Cruise designed “Dominion” – a form of artificial intelligence endowed with creative thinking. Able to process thoughts faster and with more precision than any human, it was meant to implement the dream of the genius inventor and embellish Utopia with a number of megalopolises intended for the wealthiest Earth citizens. The greatest business venture in history transformed the planet into an ideal world, where cutting edge technologies were united with the perfect ecosystem. Before long, the construction of the first Utopian city was completed. It was under the complete control of Dominion and was named Green City.

History of Planet Utopia 7Chapter 7

While Cruise was creating a paradise on Utopia, the gates of hell were opening up on Earth. The Red Plague virus, released by fanatics from the Scourge terrorist group, quickly spread from continent to continent. The disease claimed hundreds of millions of lives. People were willing to do whatever it took to flee poisoned Earth. Utopia seemed like an ideal destination. Hundreds of ships, like arks, all packed to overflowing with desperate refugees, streamed toward the green planet.

History of Planet Utopia 8Chapter 8

The people who landed on Utopia were too quick to celebrate their deliverance from a terrible fate. The artificial paradise was not designed for so many people. Adam Cruise defied the instructions of the Federation and refused to admit the arrivals at the gates of Green City, realizing, as he did, the devastation they would inflict on his urban mecca. The desperate refugees would stop at nothing. A leader emerged from in their midst – General Kurbatov, a military man who came to Utopia along with an armed retinue secretly hoping to establish himself as the leading power on the planet. An opportunist by nature, he quickly assessed the situation and urged the use of force to make Cruise share the resources of Green City. The refugees, with the support of the federal troops who aligned themselves with Kurbatov, began to storm the city.

History of Planet Utopia 9Chapter 9

Under the leadership of the experienced General, the enraged rebels managed to break through the city’s defenses. Cruise’s dream of an ideal world was shattered. Mentally, the great inventor could not handle such a shock. In a fit of despair, Cruise gave Dominion one final order: “Destroy the city!“. By the time he realized what he had done, Dominion had already started executing his command.

History of Planet Utopia 10Chapter 10

The artificial intelligence carried out the order with a machine’s inherent prudence and ruthlessness. Dominion caused Green City’s reactors to overload. This led to a monstrous explosion that turned the city into radioactive dust while the mainland split asunder.
The explosion generated a colossal tsunami that devastated the landmasses on the planet. The cataclysm instantly knocked out all functioning technologies, and communication with Utopia was lost.

History of Planet Utopia 11Chapter 11

On Earth, meanwhile, the Red Plague was subjugated, thanks to the timely development of a vaccine. The break in contact with Utopia was so sudden that the Government of the Federation could only speculate about what happened. A large rescue expedition was dispatched from Metropolis to render aid to the surviving colonists. However, upon entering the planet’s atmosphere, the expedition ship disappeared from radar.

History of Planet Utopia 12Chapter 12

After much debate, the decision was made to send another ship to Utopia. Its crew was made up of the top professionals in their field. They are ready for anything, and fear no danger. What will greet them on this planet disfigured by disaster? Do any survivors remain? What befell the previous expedition? Only after overcoming myriad obstacles will our astronaut heroes find the answer to these questions and unravel the mystery of Utopia.

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    Very good history !

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    So what happend to Cruise, did he just vanish?

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