Annihilator Story

Annihilator Story

The story of Annihilator location is part of a larger Story Line in the Evolution: Battle for Utopia game.

General information about the Annihilator location is Here, and walkthrough guide is Here.

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We`re on the site. The Dominion attacked our ships from this sector.
You need an incredibly powerful and large-size weapon to down a spaceship. It will be seen from afar.
Good for us. The sooner we`ll find it – the sooner we`ll destroy it.

* * * switching to a ciphered communication channel * * *
#(the message is ciphered)# 1256 3212 55 90 00 1258 8883
#(the message is ciphered)# 92 85 85 12 0000 2199 5142 3511
#(the message is ciphered)# 7577 0778 8788 76 67 0077 8881 1182 1141 8574 8112 0512 32 00 00 7751 6776 2021 6890 00

* * * switching to a ciphered communication channel * * *
#(the message is ciphered)# 3933 3003 3031 3323 6832 8239 19
#(the message is ciphered)# 6842 3323 0338 8239 19 00 8534 8912 0500 92 85 8212 3952 2445
#(the message is ciphered)# 3992 9290 00

A human…
A machine…
The probability of your being here and us having the second conversation was extremely low. But this has happened.
It means that the “destroy everything” directive implementation in my future model will continue under Plan Omega-3.
This scenario was the most preferable, and the same time the least possible out of all the existing models.
However, due to you efforts, the Omega-3 scenario will be implemented.
And what is this Plan Omega-3?
According to it, you are highly motivated to destroy the Annihilator and save the ships that will come to Utopia.
Such a strong motivation drives you to fight and defeat your enemies more effectively, though it is more dangerous to yourself.
This exceptional battle experience makes you stronger and stronger.
At a certain point it reaches the critical value and you overstep the mark, becoming an Overman, an agent of the essence of war.
You become the GOD OF WAR, speaking in terms of human concepts.
Then you give me a battle and die.
I digitize you and create Hegemon-5.
The new Hegemon with all your war experience and my resources creates an army and implements the “destroy everything” directive with minimum time and costs.
Good plan. I like it. Especially the part about the God of War.
But the end is sad, anyhow. And that idea about the Hegemon… I think, it`s too much.
This is a future model, there can be no “too much” in it. Only numbers and probabilities.
Okay. Let`s check your math.

* * * restoring from backup: 0% * * *
* * * restoring from backup: 5% * * *
* * * restoring from backup: 22% * * *
* * * restoring from backup: 45% * * *
* * * restoring from backup: 81% * * *
* * * restoring from backup: 100% * * *
* * * initializing basic communication channels * * *

What? I`ve destroyed you!
Human. You are able to perform an action whose probability is less than 0.00001%, but do not understand simple things.
My existence is not limited to a mere body.
And the destruction of my body cannot harm my mind, as it is located inside the system.
You will not be able to destroy me, even if you annihilate the whole planet.
I can try. But I see you have another proposal.
You are right, human. You cannot destroy me, but I cannot destroy you either.
Some unknown factor has exerted an additional influence on you. Your battle efficiency is far beyond the predicted level…
Further confrontation is counter-productive. It will result in a useless loss of time and resources.
It is impracticable and may affect the campaign against Objective # 1.
I guess you are talking about Xi… Okay, and what will you offer?
You want to save the ships coming from Earth to Utopia.
If I satisfy your wish, will you stop trying to destroy me?
If you can guarantee their safety… yes.
It is agreed, human. This option is acceptable for me.
Wait… What do you know about the ships from Earth? Are they heading to Utopia?
Affirmative. One of them is here already. Entering the planet`s atmosphere at the moment.
I`m sending you the coordinates of the calculated landing site.
Good bye, human.

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  1. avatar SunSidTDM ( Lieutenant-Commander Lieutenant-Commander Player's Rank 166 )

    I can’t wait for the Exodus update 😀
    And I guess the ship “entering the planet’s atmosphere” is the ship of Walter Blake of evolution 2 (

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