Gate Story

Gate Story

The story of Gate location is part of a larger Story Line in the Evolution: Battle for Utopia game.

General information about the Gate location is Here, and walkthrough guide is Here.

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We`re on the site.
And going forward without any intel. All my recon drones are blowing out when penetrating deeply into the territory…
There is the Dominion domain ahead.
I`ve noticed… A gloomy place.
Anderson, check what`s the problem with our drones. And we`ll take a look around. Very carefully…

Damn! What a weird creature!
The equipment of the Black Legion…
This is a Black Legion soldier… Rather, a former one. He’s dead, but his body keeps moving!
I think this is a Synthetic – General Kurbatov told us about them!
That is the destiny the Dominion has prepared for mankind. Hellish machine!!!

Metal spiders? Looks like the Dominion turns not only people into Synthetics!
Our sensors haven’t spotted any organics. These creatures are full-bodied robots.
Prepare your heaviest gun, Commander. Their armor isn`t an easy target for our bullets.
The armored spiders are all we wanted!

Commander, I`ve finished the preliminary analysis of the terrain and the facilities. And there are some interesting details.
The functions of some buildings are still unknown.
However, the buildings don`t matter. The key is right under our feet.
It is the surface coating! All the Dominion territory is a giant generator.
Under these metal tiles there go power lines, distantly feeding all the facilities and Dominators` devices.
The Dominion territory is covered with a peculiar power field – with an integrated friend-or-foe identification system on top.
This explains the blowing of the Shroeder`s recon drones. They had no Dominion signatures, and the system forced them to short-circuit.
How I wish we could use this technology for peaceful purposes!
Wireless energy for any device – from a computer to a car… The Earth civilization would leap into the future!
It seems that the field affects only technical equipment.
Why do you think so?
We are still alive.

* * * switching to a ciphered communication channel * * *
#(the message is ciphered)# 852 821812 39352 2445 13959 59593933 37373 373737 59593 272277 87
#(the message is ciphered)# 7338 8388 36 63 7733 8889 9982 1141 8504 8912 7592
#(the message is ciphered)# 8209 19 0500 92 85 85 12 9595 9590 0010 5600 6060 6002 6306 3299 2303 90
#(the message is ciphered)# 8866 3747 7992 6842 3323 6832 6966 2366 0500 8912 8209 19 0500
#(the message is ciphered)# 3992 9290 00

Beacon (Main Story) >>>


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  1. avatar Leonard ( Private Private Player's Rank 1 )

    So we can’t actually manually decipher what Dominion says? Is it just random numbers, or are we actually able to translate it into legitimate text?

  2. avatar custom ( Private Private Player's Rank 2 )

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