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  1. avatar jedi ( Private Private Player's Rank 1 )

    I am just level 59, but continuously being attacked by players from level 69 to 75
    This is extremely unfair, their armour and weapons are much better
    The system should filter not only the points, but should also filter by levels, maybe level 69 should be able to attack +/- 5 levels


  2. avatar adhox ( Corporal Corporal Player's Rank 11 )


    I just started Black Legion Check point and completely blow away in the difference in power of these guys. Just starting my run towards Pegasus Pistol. After I get the Pegasus pistol, how do you deal with armoured opponents? Till now, M3 SMG or the acid gun
    along with grenades were sufficient. But grenades are doing only about 900 worth of damage.
    I am at Lvl 29 and currently have-

    Stromtrooper Armor – 1200 health

    M3SMG Pistol – fully updated
    Acid Pistol – Fully updated
    Storm AR – Dmg and Mag fully updated – Critical chance -0%
    Screamer Shotgun

    Roxy – partner. – 800/70

    Would appreciate any pointers.


    • avatar DmZ ( Sergeant Sergeant Player's Rank 27 )

      It’s doable, but honestly I wouldn’t bother – Make your way towards the UFO sector and get your hands on the UFO Pistol ASAP.

  3. avatar HelloShitty ( Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Player's Rank 294 )

    It’s likewise for everyone! So, we can’t complain much. I also think kinda like you but…!

  4. avatar omero ( Warrant Officer Warrant Officer Player's Rank 68 )

    Quick question… If I buy the extra operational slot (assuming one operation is already ongoing)… Will the extra slot be permanent? In other words… Are those 1500 biofuel cells spent to get another “operation” going just once or I actually have an extra slot for “operations” afterwards?


    • avatar SunSidTDM ( Lieutenant-Commander Lieutenant-Commander Player's Rank 166 )

      Yes the new slot will be permanent, so buy it. But to get a third slot you will have to spend gems.

      • avatar omero ( Warrant Officer Warrant Officer Player's Rank 68 )

        @SunSidTDM, many thanks for the quick answer… Will work on it, then. Cheeers!

      • avatar omero ( Warrant Officer Warrant Officer Player's Rank 68 )

        Excellent. The extra “operations” slot should be marked absolutely as a prio! Too bad it isn’t advertized in any place… Thanks again for your advice, SunSidTDM!

  5. avatar Silhyboy ( Private Private Player's Rank 1 )

    Hey guys and gals,

    Anyone know where the crystal deposit is? Im just starting the black legion base mission.

  6. avatar Duke Moo ( Private Private Player's Rank 2 )

    I have one question
    Who is responsible for writing the story for the game??? It’s soooo good!

  7. avatar John ( Private Private Player's Rank 3 )

    Hi, I was wondering if in pvp it is chosen the best turret. Let’s say you have 2 hydra and 4 vulture. In pvp it’s automatically chosen hydra? or it has a chance to be chosen?

    • avatar omero ( Warrant Officer Warrant Officer Player's Rank 68 )

      Sifted through this same thread, with same question. I found no easy answer but I’d like to know too… Any link to how the base defense works?

      • avatar casparus ( Private Private Player's Rank 1 )

        hi i need more people to get more crystals were can i go to add people or people to add me

        please help i love this game



  8. avatar psb ( Sublieutenant Sublieutenant Player's Rank 104 )

    hs, how is your icon the hegemon ??

  9. avatar littletreethiefinthebushes ( Sergeant Sergeant Player's Rank 27 )

    I’m really impressed and grateful for the vast amount of info already here, and I’m sure I could find this on my own with a little bit of digging, but for anybody who has the time to help could you maybe give me a quick rundown of some things I should REALLY get my hands on?

    I’m at the beginning of Citadel and have hardly touched it, still working on cleaning up the Hub and MOROSE as well as unlocking Relic and equipment/research/companion-wise have the following:

    – currently… lvl 22 I think?
    – about 400 reputation
    – Stormtrooper Armor (very disappointed the helmet isn’t what I was hoping for but at least it is a fully opaque visor :D)
    – kinda-upgraded Bulldog
    – Staff Sergeant Frisky
    – G2 Frags
    – AR Stasis Shot
    – obsolete Fighter AR, completely unupgraded

    I’m also totally broke on Gems and don’t plan on spending any sort of hard cash to rectify that, and I’m not planning long-term enough to farm them from Missions (I keep them mostly for resurrections when I really don’t wanna fail a boss battle) so Smuggler specials are off the table.

    I’m considering getting a Psi Strike level up when I hit 500 Tactics because I really want to unlock Relic for the Storm AR but I’m having a huge amount of trouble figuring out the timing and balance of getting 80HP outta an unupgraded Psi Strike- but I’ve also seen in some comments that a Recon Centre is super useful as well.

    Of those two, which should I prioritize based on my current situation? Is there any other stuff I’ve not listed that I should really be looking at?

    • avatar yarco ( Corporal Corporal Player's Rank 11 )

      First of all – get the Cobra pistol in Citadel (2nd Hack) and upgrade it FULLY. Good pistol is essential for winning fights WITHOUT additional costs (for AR/MG ammo, grenades or medpacks). Combine it with upgraded Acid pistol against armored guys.

      Forget resurrection, it’s wasting of gems. Collect and spare them for crucial things, e.g. Visor and Binoculars. The first is almost mandatory for effective use of PSI, the second for fight planning and weapons selection.

      Don’t progress and level-up before you upgrade your recent armory.

      Recon center is very useful, but it’s usefulness is rather long-term.

      • avatar littletreethiefinthebushes ( Sergeant Sergeant Player's Rank 27 )

        Oh crap, I didn’t realize the Cobra was so close already. Damn. I only just unlocked the Acid Pistol last night…

        And you’re saying I’m absolutely going to need the Acid in the future despite inferior damage, or just ideally? I’ve been able to make do thus far with aimed shots and grenades plus a ton of trial and error obv, but it looks like based off some of the vids I’ve seen that armored enemies start getting a lot more common now

        But is it to the point where they’ll overwhelm you if you don’t have the Acid or Megathrone? I saw in the Engineer boss for example, it looked as though both he AND his infinitely spawning minions are armored?


        Well, thanks a ton for your help so far regardless of that- I’ll definitely make the Cobra a priority one way or another.

      • avatar HelloShitty ( Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Player's Rank 294 )

        Any weapon research and upgrade is discussable. Personally, I have not researched Cobra. I managed to stick to the previous weapon until I get the Dragon. Then I researched Dragon and fully upgraded it until the Pegasus pistol! But these, are merelly choices!

        Acid Pisol will be of very good usage. They will be able to handle Shield Bearer almost using no grenades!

      • avatar yarco ( Corporal Corporal Player's Rank 11 )

        I fully agree, it’s individual. I’ve chosen to skip Dragon and follow Cobra-Pegasus-UFO path.
        In this case I’ve recommended the Cobra because littleTTitB is so close to it and he seems to be in troubles a little bit (=underpowered).

        Somewhere between absolutely and ideally 😉
        As already said the AcidP is very useful. Without anti-armor pistol you will face hard and expensive times.
        The next pistol effective against armored foes will be UFO which is not at hand for you now.
        Don’t forget that acid does +30% delayed damage to armored ones.

      • avatar littletreethiefinthebushes ( Sergeant Sergeant Player's Rank 27 )

        Hahaha, yeah I don’t think I can get past those gate turrets as of right now without either a Phoenix nuke or enough grenades to yield the same explosive force (well shit, I took down the Coast turrets like that before XD)

        Guess I’m gonna go for the Acid Pistol after all. I can only hope I don’t get ripped off in the sense that it’ll still be useless immediately after I produce it cuz I;ll only have JUST enough Crystallite to produce the damn thing. Though somehow I reckon that will be the exact case lol

        At the very least there’s no real overlap in the resources required to produce each pistol (barring Biofuel but that’s a given anyways) so it’s not like using Acid’ll set me back by that much anyways. I guess I’m in for the long haul again, so might as well strap myself in.

        Really wish I found this wiki way back when I actually started playing

        I only found some kinda crappy wiki beforehand that just didn’t provide enough advice, and after looking ahead to when I could find a suit of armor that fully conceals my char’s ugly mug (don’t ask why but I have this obsession with face-concealing helmets) I decided from Day 1 that I’d try to hoard resources for the Stormtrooper Armor.

        So I basically slogged through the entire first part of the game with a completely unupgraded Stormbreaker and Fido before finally figuring out that wouldn’t work at all XD

        Though in the appearance department, Stormtrooper is still kinda lackluster… satisfactory perhaps. I’m trying not to look too far forward to Prometheus despite how badass it looks lest I repeat my mistakes from before, haha.

        EDIT: I’m currently sitting on 700 Crystallite and waiting for Biofuel to stack up, so according to wiki info once I produce Acid I can immediately go for one upgrade.

        I’ve seen that it takes goddamn long time to reload and has a pretty crappy clip size to begin with, and so I’m wondering whether my first investment should be into damage or clip size for maximum effectiveness? I suppose if I am gonna try and take out the Citadel gate turrets dmg might make sense, but I’m just skeptical of how much difference that’ll really make and if I should be planning more long-term than immediate damage.

    • avatar omero ( Warrant Officer Warrant Officer Player's Rank 68 )

      As soon as I realized that progressing too quickly was detrimental instead of beneficial I stopped progressing in the various sectors.
      I wonder how you made it that far without having either Megathron or Acidic pistol fully upgraded… Without Megathron I couldn’t even get past the first turrets in the Psionic base! After rescuing Frisky there, I stopped advancing in levels at 14. I put alot of effort in upgrading Bulldog, Megathron and I just finished fully upgrading the Acidic pistol: it’s a beast against armored enemies and turrets, thus I recommend you do that ASAP (I went with dmg 1st, then clip, last critical).
      I only spent a couple of bucks in emergency, I had a special offer for a Thug armor and not enough gems. Didn’t repent of the choice… But usually, I earn all the gems with fighting terrors and that’s when having the pistols fully upgraded repays the effort you put into it (I can now take even on Terrors 5, with almost no grenades).
      Right now, I’m focusing on upgrading the Chopper shotgun, only because it’s so useful at medium/close range vs. unarmored targets… I’m unsure I want to spend my hard-earned skill point to attach the grenade launcher just yet. I no longer have any use for the Fighter AR, albeit also that one is fully upgraded… It eats away bullets too quickly for my tastes.

      Oh… And get the knife, as soon as you got the gems for it… It will greatly help collecting skill points at every base attack!
      My next set of gems will be spent on the 6th turret… Then I’ll surely want the binoculars (of which I’m rather unsure about their usefulness).

      • avatar littletreethiefinthebushes ( Sergeant Sergeant Player's Rank 27 )

        Yeah, see I realize I really should’ve done a better job hoarding gems rather than take the regular cash rewards for Terrors to keep a bearable pace on research/grenades etc. –

        – speaking of grenades, that’s basically how I got past the first bigass ‘roadblock’ hours in the game. Grenades, Aim Shots, and Medpacks. Obviously Shield Bearers have been a pain in my ass since day one since the only way I’ve been able to beat battles with them in it have been to cross my fingers and hope to god they either taunt a little or let me get in enough Aim shot damage to kill them with grenades.

        It’s for that exact reason I actually prefer fighting turrets over those pricks cuz at least there’s consistency with them XD

        Like the Coast Cerberus turrets? The moment I spent my first Phoenix nuke I realized the game wanted to cheat me out of at least a day worth of progress so I just buckled up and trial-error’d my way through the last two, estimating how much damage I needed to do and just trying to scrape my way out with as few resources spent as possible.

        Honestly, I like to internally bitch a lot about the game mechanics and balance but the devs are fucking angels for having that ‘all expenses returned if you lose’ system. My early-game strategy more or less abused that system as much as possible.

        So yeah, that probably goes hand-in-hand with why I have so few gems now that I think of it- basically I could only ever afford to do lvl 2 Terror Missions at maximum before I got the semi-upgraded Bulldog (and Frisky ofc, he’s a goddamn lifesaver) and most of those rewards just went towards churning out more Medpacks and Grenades.

        Those were… pretty shitty times to say the least XD

        So despite how long the road seems to Prometheus Armor, I feel a helluva lot better playing the game now anyways.

        And yeah, I think I’m gonna make an effort to upgrade the Acid Pistol at least a lil’ before even thinking about going for the Cobra, since it’s becoming apparent to me now that I’m gonna have to get acquainted with it before I can safely say Shield Bearers can go fuck themselves forever. lol

        EDIT: Just wrecked my first Cerberus turret with the pistol, only took me an extra G1 grenade and pretty much all my health to do so – greener pastures, here I come! XD

      • avatar yarco ( Corporal Corporal Player's Rank 11 )

        Binoculars show you exact types and numbers of enemies in the group you are going to fight with. Useful for planning – which weapon to choose, which foe to spare Aimed shot for etc.

      • avatar omero ( Warrant Officer Warrant Officer Player's Rank 68 )

        Many thanks yarco!
        I started considering binoculars after starting to get unpredictable mixes of Terrors in the various random missions.
        Being able to gear up “especially” for the challenge is indeed an option worth having… I was afraid binoculars would just be a waste of gems if they didn’t show you the exact composition of the threat. I can stick to my plan now more confortably: 6th turret 1st, then the binoculars! I haven’t cleared the Psi Base yet, thus the visor isn’t a prio… And the bandolier is tempting but surely a less relevant asset to my play-style 😉


      • avatar littletreethiefinthebushes ( Sergeant Sergeant Player's Rank 27 )

        Oh, I didn’t realize you were still at Psi Base…

        If I may offer some limited advice in terms of tactics tho

        -did you get the AR Stasis Shot yet? I know the Fighter is kinda shit and that the next one (Avenger iirc?) is quite some ways away, but trust me- against bosses Stasis is godlike. You already have the Megathrone as a, perhaps not ideal anti-armor weapon but at least you have options against randomly charging Shield Bearers later on.

        Generally you wait until a particularly strong enemy (usually a boss ofc) begins to taunt, or perferably once you’ve studied their patterns enough right before they begin to taunt so you can really maximize your damage on them.

        Granted I’ve never actually tried the Grenade Launcher myself… so if you’re already upgrading your shotgun u might just wanna go for it anyways? idk, I’m definitely not an expert on this sorta thing XD

        All I know is, there haven’t been too many situations I’ve encountered that I couldn’t solve without just another store-bought grenade, and more than a few instances where Stasis shot either directly saved my ass or helped circumvent the consumption of other resources.

        I’m actually still stuck with an unupgraded Fighter AR myself, and more or less only use it for the Stasis.

        Just something to consider maybe?

      • avatar omero ( Warrant Officer Warrant Officer Player's Rank 68 )


        Yep, after lingering on L10-L11 for a long while, I opened up the Psi Base and did the Outpost locations… And stop. Why, I hear you asking…

        FLASHBACK: I’ve learned the hard way that advancing too quickly in the story-line isn’t helpful! I had to restart the game twice, so far.
        The 1st time around I had a glitch around the time that you find out that enemies can throw grenades at you that prevented me to counter-act the grenade-launching enemies. I wrote support and the only solution offered was to restart. The second time around, I was more careful…

        I advanced to some point around L10. Then I realized that I could make a living by upgrading my base and my weapons BEFORE advancing any further. I lingered on L10 for a LONG time, making sure to bring Home Base and my arsenal of weapons to top… As soon as I realized I had no chances with the “initial” zapper pistol vs even the most basic turret, I decided that I NEEDED the Megathron pistol (well, I didn’t decide on my own really… Some of the advices in this thread suggested it was the Right Thing To Do(TM))… Focusing on getting gems and patiently awaiting an offer from Rebecca the Smuggler opened up the new course of actions.
        I worked hard to get the gems to obtain Megathron… It’s a good pistol: quick reload times, easy extra punch at each forced reload…
        It allowed me to get past turrets I couldn’t get past before. It allowed me to take out Shieldbearers without much stimpacks/grenades.

        I got to the Shieldbearer Boss at some point earlier, but before affronting him for real at the Outpost, I was getting Terrors 4 mixes with HIM and Demolisher included! Hadn’t I had the Megathrone pistol by then, I’d would have been at a dead point AGAIN…
        Instead, I not only was able to upgrade my base the best I could, I also advanced to the point I unlocked the Acidic pistol… And immediately realized that it was the NEXT Megathrone… Unlimited ammo jack-of-all-trades tool of destruction!

        As of the Fighter AR, I’m puzzled. I got it fully upgraded and I do have the Stasis shot available but…
        It’s VERY hungry on bullets… I kind of set it aside for now. I can deal with anything without having to resort to THAT kind of firepower…

        NOTE: I find much more convenient spending biofuel to get ammo for the AR/MG/shotgun than self-producing…
        NOTE2: I find that magmatite is much easier to collect and trade for crystallite (I got my Acidic upgded mostly through trade)
        NOTE3: Datatiscs / Biofuel are NEVER too much!

        And I’m still @Psi base on L14 for a reason. I have a plan.

      • avatar littletreethiefinthebushes ( Sergeant Sergeant Player's Rank 27 )

        Oh my god, you actually went through the trouble of restarting twice…

        I fkn applaud you sir. Although I’m curious as to why you never tried using the Stormbreaker Aim Shot against the turrets? You definitely would’ve run into bullshit issues with the Shield Bearers for sure but I’m pretty sure after having tested it myself a couple times that it was a bit more advantageous to do that and juggle grenades/medpacks… obviously very expensive, but it sounds like you found a much more long-term solution with maybe only a little more trouble, heheh.

        I recall at one point having trouble even finishing lvl 2 Terrors simply because my POS unupgraded Stormbreaker didn’t do nuff damage to the yellow spider bastards.

        The whole irony of my early game experience was I tried to be really stingy and money-wise for the future when really I just made shit way tougher for myself.

        How was the fight with Overlord though? Obviously the Megathrone gives you a bit of an edge but I remember being unable to take him down even with a fairly upgraded Bulldog. :/ Good resource management and stocking up grenades/medpacks I presume?

        And the thing about the Fighter is, again, I don’t use it like… ever, except as a Stasis shot- I find it to be much more economical to use it in that manner, but obviously that means my maximum damage potential suffers greatly (that said, the game has fucking screwed me out of several clips for it when it made me switch to the goddamn weapon itself rather than fire the Stasis >:( ). So more or less, I don’t generally resort to that kind of firepower either, I prefer to use it as a panic stun with a relatively low cost of just 2(?) cartridges each time.

        Which is why I find myself supplementing it a lot with Grenades n shit- since I don’t have a dedicated secondary heavy hitter. Yet again an ironic case of my ‘moneywise thinking’ biting me in the ass when my handcannon is clearly not designed to take on a trio of Howling Bansh- I mean, *ahem* Harlequins.

        Fuck those things. I actually did spend a revive on the boss fight before Stormtrooper Armor because I simply could not defeat the onslaught of them quickly enough without a good assault rifle like they showed in the video walkthrough.

        But perhaps it’s on that note that I should say I’ve never really had to bother buying ammo for any reason either. Whenever I’ve unlocked a new secondary I generally deem it to be unworthy of that much resources and time spent cuz there could be another pistol or armor around the corner. What do you use the ammo for anyways? Most of the HP-sink enemies past the Psi Base I can recall are armored anyways, and the soft targets I’ve found usually show up in small enough numbers to be manageable…

        …except for the Harlequins, fuck those things

        Oh ya, one more reason why you may wanna invest in Stasis Shot right there btw XD

        But do tell how the Grenade Launcher works out for you, it sounds like having another insta-large damage cooldown ability available would be really nice as well.

        And above all, good luck! It does sound like you’re in a helluva better spot than I was at lvl 14 though. I’m 24 now and still working on upgrading the Acid Pistol XD

      • avatar omero ( Warrant Officer Warrant Officer Player's Rank 68 )

        Ahaha… Thank you for your kind words, littletreethiefinthebushes 😉

        About fighting turrets with Stormbreaker: the aimed shot takes a while to get online and I hated having to waste so many stimpacks & grenades to just get ahead. I did make a few attempts but I was ending up starving for resources and had to invest those I could gather to replenish the arsenal :-/ With the starting zapper, I could take out turrets more reliably but not an ounce the cheaper in terms of precious resources.

        At that point I decided that before proceeding any further I would take all my weapons (including the MG) to their full potential.
        The MG was especially a pain but I was getting thrashed alot by attacking enemies… The upgrade was worth it, since I started to passively gain some ranking points up to 200 and that indeed speeded up collecting more resources. It also allowed me to get past Demolisher, which opened up the possibility to get gems as a reward for the Terror 4 missions, which I focused on to get my hands on the Megathrone (ahh the long wait… when I hadn’t enough gems Rebecca would offer me the Megathrone every other day… When I finally had the gems, she kept proposing me to play the mole game… ROARR!). Once I got the Megathrone though, a whole new road was open. First thing was to fully upgrade it of course. Thanks to that pistol, I could win every mission with just minimal stimpack/grenade support, thus I was very efficiently collecting resources to upgrade EVERYTHING in the base, including the storage building.

        When I felt ready to progress, In one night of gameplay, I rocketed from L11 to L14, clearing in one go all the sectors I was interested clearing… Like a breeze. I suddenly had Bulldog, Frisky, the Chopper… I even completed the 6 waves of the SpecOp mission vs. the armored sliders, the only occasion where I actually appreciated having the Fighter AR top notch. Reaching L14 of course opened up a whole new set of *SURPRISES*

        Had no idea of what an Overlord was until it suddenly appeared at Base. Came here to investigate and… PANIC!
        What, 30mins before that thing starts to bring mayhem in your little home? My turrets weren’t Hydras just yet (and as of now, only one is)… Luckily I had plenty of resources and produced a few kits of both stimpacks/grenades. Equipped the MG and of course the Megathrone and went off to face the monster… It was a quick affair, indeed. The good thing of Megathrone is that it has a fast reloading time and you can boost the damage very easily at each reload… But the situation solver was the MG fully upgraded and with almost 200 rounds… I focused on the Overlord with the MG right away, throwing grenades as soon as they were available after the immediate 1st one. Aimed shot as soon as it was online… No critter ever crossed mid-range, thanks to Frisky and quick target switching (swipe left/right, it’s quicker I think than tapping). I think I only used 1 stimpack… And 2-3 grenades (last as coup-de-grace). I have beaten 4/4 Overlords, same gear, same scheme of actions. so far and I could already research vulnerabilities in Recon Centre, but haven’t yet.

        The discovery of the Acidic pistol made me jump around madly… Shieldbearers were infact proving to be a HUGE embarassing problem, even with the Megathrone (which is good but NOT that good vs. armored enemies). My priority at that point became maxing out the Acidic and… As much painful was to collect all the needed crystallite, Shieldbearers ‘n friends now have a very rough time when crossing my path 😀

        On the Stasis Shot (which eats 5, not 2 bullets): I’m on the conservative side of resources management (you’ll have suspected that by now). I’m fully interested experimenting with that a bit more now, since it seems it was very helpful to you making progress that far in the game, even when your arsenal was less-than-optimal! Oh and… I checked your armor… *SLURP* … I’m looking forward to get that!

        But in the end it comes down to personal play-style, as other much more experienced players, already stated.

        About the Video Walk Through(s). Most are taken by players with superior gear that isn’t yet available when the scenario initially unlocks for you.

        And lastly, on buying ammo. At my level and progress in the game, it’s absolutely vital for keeping a decent balance in resource management. I don’t know what’s your best defensive weapon in case of a PvP attack on your base. In my case it’s certainly the MG, whose Ammo Kit requires a good 200+ amount of biofuel, magmatite and iron for a measly amount of rounds… Trading with an Itinerant Merchant is almost always a much better option than consuming a good amount of hard-earned resources for, if not the same, at least a comparable amount. Again, I only had any use of the MG for purely defensive purposes or defeating an Overlord thus far… But if I want to keep the MG well fed at all times, I buy the ammo instead of producing it. Ah, the MG is an excellent Itinerant Merchant-stopper too, if you are in a hurry 😉

        Cheers and… Good Luck to you too!

      • avatar littletreethiefinthebushes ( Sergeant Sergeant Player's Rank 27 )

        Yeah, there’s definitely some difference in playstyle here- not that there’s anything wrong with that at all ofc, it’s nice to talk to others who used different tactics and such to circumvent roadblocks like that.

        See, I think what happened with me was this: some mild background I may have mentioned in passing, I cannot STAND playing as a character that doesn’t have their face concealed, doubly so if equipment like that is available but only later in a game. I also happened to be in university at the time and thus whenever I got onto the game I was thinking in terms of short-term as opposed to long-term gain; therefore when faced with the choice of either, for example, farming a shitton of gems for Megathrone/regular resources for Workshop seemed far less economical than say, quickly producing a couple grenades and medpacks.

        I ended up stop playing the game for the rest of the year anyways once the workload started to ramp up, but I think by then I’d left myself in a decent spot so picking it back up a couple days ago wasn’t nearly as painful.

        But simply put, I looked really briefly at another wiki for the game (far less detailed than this one mind you) and noticed that the ‘Stormtrooper Armor’ was “just” a couple areas away- and this was ofc at the point when I *just* got roped into the game with the abundance of ‘nades and medpacks they give you from the get go so I figured if I played my cards right and didn’t waste time ‘setting up base’ like the game wanted me to, I could get to it way quicker.

        I think I did wisen up earlier than I think I did in retrospect, but at the time I’m pretty sure I was feeling quite hopeless about it anyways and the mere thought of doubling back to beef up on shit like the Workshop for critical weapon upgrades was unbearable.

        It was only after I’d gotten the Guard Armor and Bulldog that my confidence returned a bit and I started to play the game… kind of as intended. As in I finally built a Workshop after being convinced that the Bulldog was the Second Coming of Christ, I figured out that Fido was a shitty cellphone plan in addition to a subpar companion and finally dropped the cash for Frisky…

        But even then, the moment I plugged a couple bullets in that Viper’s ass I made a flat bumrush for Stormtrooper. (that’s one area with no real boss followed by the real area with the armor, guarded by a boss)

        That is, that one ‘no boss’ area? It’s filled with I think 3 Cerberus turrets that you’re supposed to take out using a newly unlocked superweapon (I think you would’ve found it already at the Bunker? But you need to research Psi Power first. This game sure ain’t no XCOM I’ll tell you that XD)- and ofc, after nuking the first one as intended I realized that it had a SIX HOUR RECHARGE timer on it, said ‘fuck that’ and grenade/medpack combo’d the remaining turrets.

        Same could be said for the entire Stormtrooper Armor area. Shield Bearers were a fucking dime a dozen by that point so pretty much every battle required lots of grenades and medpacks, but I made do- made sure to kill only the bare minimum required enemies to get to the end of the map, and there? FUCK

        The most painful part is that the boss itself was a goddamn pushover, the FOUR GODDAMN SWARMING MELEE ENEMIES before it were BULLSHIT simply because my secondary was an unupgraded Fighter and the Bulldog just didn’t have the DPS to put them down quick enough. So I spent a revive on my third or fourth try XD

        Like I said, short-term over long-term gains, which in the end I think have harmed me more than anything. But I think I’ve finally set myself straight, or at least am in a pretty good position now to further solidify my standing and move on. In particular I’ve got my eye on a third-tier AR seeing how I’ve neglected to get a real ‘panic weapon’ for much too long.

        But honestly, if you ask me, I think you could definitely at LEAST afford to try and take out the Elysium ship area if you haven’t already. Like, obviously don’t put your upgrade plans on hold for it, but don’t be afraid to work ahead every so often while waiting for Terror missions to refresh? I know you’ve said u don’t wanna level up too much yet but as far as I can remember doing so for me never seemed to have noticeable negative impacts.

        idk, you might wanna confirm that with somebody else first- all I’m trying to say is it sounds like you’re in a pretty good spot and might wanna consider reaching out for better equipment. Though I’d recommend perhaps wiki-ing the spacing of tech improvements in your immediate future as well, since I’m pretty sure there’s a couple you can afford to skip for now :)

      • avatar omero ( Warrant Officer Warrant Officer Player's Rank 68 )

        @Mr. littletreethiefinthebushes: I’ll be reading again and again those last 30-40 lines of your remarks… I’m not a native speaker of this language, thus I need time to try to understand the message, which is very interesting.

        P.S.: Isn’t THIS is the kind of discussion that NEEDS it’s own place to keep the info/thoughts flowing in? Sheeess… I’d really like to discuss EVERY single point brought up in the last remarks by Mr. littletreethiefinthebushes… But I understand this is going to get ugly, sooner than later… Whatever… Cheers!

      • avatar littletreethiefinthebushes ( Sergeant Sergeant Player's Rank 27 )

        Hahaha, I have a rather bad habit of not just writing down my thoughts as they come and not really proofreading myself for clarity. It’s not just you, ‘native speakers’ have difficulty deciphering the bullshit I write sometimes XD

        If I may *attempt* to clarify, all I’m saying is you might be better off progressing just for the sake of unlocking the next couple tiers of equipment since it sounds like you’re strong enough to both not really benefit too much from your current spot and to progress without too much trouble.

        Again, you may want to confirm with somebody that levelling up from (I think you said 14?) and such won’t bite you in the ass, but the only possible thing I can think of that you’re trying to do is perhaps terraform every territory you’ve come across so far?

        As far as I know, the only benefit that does is give you very occasional Anomalies, which… seems like more of a long-term thing.

        I should probably ask first, what’s your completion percentage in each sector anyways? You could probably wipe them all out pretty easily as it is.

        Again, it’s totally your playstyle, I guess I’m just saying what I’d do in your case XD

        Stockpiling resources for the long run (which I can only assume is what you’re doing at this point) is definitely gonna help, but I’m just saying that you could probably afford to be a little reckless if you find the wait to be too long :)

        And yeah, I keep forgetting, Cheers! I’m surprised you’re not drunk already after toasting so much :p

      • avatar omero ( Warrant Officer Warrant Officer Player's Rank 68 )

        Ahem… Ok, I’ve been inaccurate.. I’ve now cleared half of the Elysium zone but indeed still L14 (Psi Base/Elysium, confused those)… I confirm my current plan is now to get the 6th base turret operational, and that requires some more gems (I’m about half-way to that goal). The secondary prio is to raise up to 800 ranking points, which needs ALL the turrets fully operational (passive defense) and yes… I have Black Hydra research ready… I’m focusing on getting the PANIC secondary personal weapon operational, namely the Chopper. Still unsure I should attach a grenade launcher to that. The Acidic is taking out L4/L5 threats like a charm… Only very rarely so far I need to bring out the secondary weapon… That’s why I’m not experienced with the Stasis or I have a real need for improving the Chopper with a gren-launcher, just yet! Hey… Cheers 😀

      • avatar omero ( Warrant Officer Warrant Officer Player's Rank 68 )

        @littletreethiefinthebushes: one thing that really helps, is to research your worst enemy in the Recon Centre as soon as you can afford that research in terms of Skill Points! Whenever you hit ‘progress’ every more win is wasted if you keep postponing the advance. Do advance researching your most difficult enemies! Yes, snipers, demolishers, shieldbearer… Overlords! Especially Overlords… I say this because I kind of wasted 2 wins vs them while having the chance to research them but postponed. You WANT to have every possible advantage vs. this one kind of unavoidable threat. I got 2 such attacks in about 2h or so… Bad luck? Yes. Be prepared!

      • avatar littletreethiefinthebushes ( Sergeant Sergeant Player's Rank 27 )


        Yeah, I only just checked back and saw that the final upgrade was a whopping 15% damage increase 😮

        definitely need that for some of the enemies I’m facing now (they mostly show up in tandem and ultimately whittle me down via attrition by getting in one or two ~400hp melee hits each… fuckers)

        even just the Crit Chance seems really nice though, since I think I only have Acid at 9% and I can get off like 3/12 crits in a single clip sometimes

        Very useful indeed.

        And after being invaded by Overlord again last night, I actually found that I couldn’t fkn kill him even with his own pistol capped at max damage. The moment he starts his final charge my lack of secondary weapon totally screws me over- if what I’ve heard from others about how nuking him normally screws you out of the research then I’m reeaaally fortunate that wasn’t the case for me XD

        looks like I’m gonna have to postpone plans for the new assault rifle again

        Although I do have to ask, what resources does analyzing each enemy take anyhow? I’m down to like 70 something Medals and looking to finish upgrading the Acid and move onto upgrading a new AR once I get it, so I’m a lil paranoid about the availability of them all of a sudden…

      • avatar omero ( Warrant Officer Warrant Officer Player's Rank 68 )

        Ah… The Acidic is a tricky pistol. It has an awful long reloading time and the dmg boost slider at reload is rather tricky to get right. You need to practice with it but I find it convenient to exploit Acidic’s magazine down to the last bullet and only reload/force-reload (possibly trying to boost the dmg) as late as possible. The Megathrone is quite the opposite.. You want to reload/force-reload as often as possible, because boosting it’s damage is very, very easy! The Acidic is clearly superior as a ‘standard’ primary weapon, better dmg, better mag, better crit stats!

        About the Overlords, I get assaulted at least once a day now… Forget about tackling Overlords with a pistol, since they have plenty of health points. You definitely need a few frags & high fire-rate weaponry. I usually lob an Incendiary right away, fire a few Acidic shots (used Megathrone on the 1st encounter of course), then switch to the Vulcan MG and keep the trigger pulled until the beast is down. If Frisky is by your side, the critters shouldn’t be a problem, even when they somehow manage to cross mid-range. An Aimed Shot or one extra G1 grenade usually ends the battle, with no more than 1 stimpack gone. Maybe should indeed consider upgrading your better AR instead of the very expensive Vulcan MG (I upgraded this one because it was my best defensive weapon)…

        Researching enemies in the Recon always involves biofuel, datadisks and… Skill Points. The latter are the hardest to collect, unless you focus on SpecOp missions (at the cost of big time expenses in terms of stimpacks, frags & ammo). The Combat Knife is a valid bonus to have and I never repented getting my hands on it even before the additional turrets at the base.

        Good luck, mate 😀

    • avatar littletreethiefinthebushes ( Sergeant Sergeant Player's Rank 27 )

      Gah, shit. Never a fkn easy way to tip the scales in the game is there?

      I actually had to straight up nuke a regular enemy guarding the next pistol hack cuz without a better AR (which I’ve been desperately been trying to put off for now because the fkn thing requires me to upgrade my Storage Depot one more time to get it- whereas the pistol I’m after supposedly won’t)


      though tbh I bet I’m going to have to get it at some point. An overall more damaging pistol sounds great but shredding Shield Bearers and Turrets is awesome too :(

      I guess the ideal thing really would hafta be to just buck up and grab the AR, cuz enemies with about average or boss-level health pools generally fuck me over the moment they start to advance.

      That, and the next boss walkthrough video I saw was still using the Acid anyways, so I guess its armor-piercing capabilities are pretty much invaluable up until the next energy pistol.

      I *still* haven’t fully upgraded it yet though, but yeah, I definitely have been feeling the weight of its slow speed in terms of fire rate and reload time. Feels a bit like a kickass handcannon for that matter though, lol

      that really sucks to hear about the Recon Centre though. Sometimes I wish they’d cut down on the costs a little, just because there’s literally so many cash/time gates that half the time they fully dissuade me from getting the important ‘little boost’ upgrades cuz I want to keep progressing.

      • avatar Sugarman ( Sergeant Sergeant Player's Rank 31 )

        @littletree: Better get used to storage building upgrades. Eventually you will need to upgrade it to the max (2500) in order to progress. The last upgrades take like 24h. Assault rifles are great, fast reload (compared to MG) and fast damage. Although there will be enemies where the MG is the only way to get enough damage/sec. I never did the Acid pistol (Had Ufo pistol, though), only researched it, which is necessary to get the Acid shotgun, which you will need to have. And later Acid cannon, which I am stuck aquiring right now. Of the extra tools, combat knife is great at bug attacks to base. The bandolier is really obligatory at least at later stages.

      • avatar littletreethiefinthebushes ( Sergeant Sergeant Player's Rank 27 )

        Yeah, I was hoping to at least momentarily cheap out of the Storm grind by going for the Cobra but just getting the damn thing proved to be literally impossible in a straight statistical dps race with the Executioner guarding it-

        -well, I have the pistol now anyway, but I can imagine it’s only a temporary solution for my woes. If unlocking Mechinarum requires a semi-consistent ability to put out 200dps in a fight then I’d imagine the enemies there are prolly way out of my reach without a good secondary.

        …it’s also quite perturbing to see my PVP profile character still using the POS unupgraded Fighter AR. Does that little profile screen actually represent what I get in PVP defense battles? D:

        Thankfully I’ve not exactly been plundered to hell since I would like to assume most players around my level are either inactive or can’t take me anyways cuz I’m stuck at around 400 but at lvl 26 or so, but that would probably be a big goddamn problem when I want a higher rating for more mission bonuses…

        I am curious though, seeing how you seem to have gotten fairly far along in the game- how is the difficulty curve? Is it a pretty consistent ‘only take this shit on once you’ve farmed and gotten nearly everything researched/produced from the last few areas’ all throughout, or does it start to get a lil easier? Or inversely, does it take off the kiddie gloves and really start to fuck you over? :/

        If so, exactly where is that magical point where things start to change a lil, so I can prepare accordingly…?

      • avatar Sugarman ( Sergeant Sergeant Player's Rank 31 )

        At around level 57 you will meet General Kurbatov and that to me so far has been the most difficult spot, far more difficult than any boss before. But in general, once you enter Dominion things are harder. A lot of the enemies can heal themselves at rates that make it necessary to have a fast shooter (e.g. Moloch MG) fully upgraded. I actually went without an MG until about level 60, used Alligator AR in the hardest spots. With Kurbatov it is good to have either Acid pistol or Ufo pistol and Rico or Matryoshka as a partner if you have either. Acid shotgun is a must, I would say. That Ufo pistol I found pretty crappy, small clip and slow reload, not that much damage to armored ones, but I think it still beats acid pistol even with armor. So I recommend getting prepared with acid power when nearing level 55-57. Consider getting a couple of stasis granades for the hardest parts (Special offers, 3 for 150 gems). I use the missile strikes on level 4 missions to get 10 gems at a time, can be done 2-3 times a day. It’s also worth getting most upgraded anomaly level and lots of terraforms, that way you can collect a lot of gems and chrystalyte. I have the chrystalyte mine but its capacity isnt that great withouth expensive upgrades (gems). Dominion pistol is great, fast reload largish clip and a lot of energy damage. Also, start collecting as much as possible biofuel early on, you’ll need 70k of them to get the the Proto armor (Special offer at level 65), which I guess will be necessary to beat the last Dominion boss.

      • avatar omero ( Warrant Officer Warrant Officer Player's Rank 68 )


        In answer to an earlier question: Yes, I never omit to terraform a clear location. It’s expensive, in terms of biofuel, but I do WANT as many Anomalies/Itinerant Merchants events I can get. And Oh, I considered your suggestions carefully before proceeding & sounded like an improvement to my ‘original’ plan. I went ahead & fully cleared the Elysium Cargo Ship zone. The final hack to open Psi tech was a nightmare but getting to that last hack was just a stroll in the park however. The Viper boss was no challange at all… And I’m still L15 as of now…

        The situation is now unclear & fully understand now your initial question about what’s _necessary_ to investigate, what should be given priority… I’m now at a point where I need to decide indeed what I should focus on…

        Again I assume it’s just a matter of play-style. Have maxed every piece of weapon I came across this far, but I agree… That’s not optimal. I made a few attempts to make some use of the Stasis shot… I cannot yet appreciate it, which is just me not being able to exploit it at it’s best probably. Grenades or Aimed Shots did best. My life-saver this far has been the Chopper shotgun, albeit I use it once every other century… After I got the Acidic up to max and Frisky as a companion, nothing ever cross the mid-range line much often… Acidic and Frisky indeed did help my battles to be much less ‘resource intensive’ and ‘quick’ experiences. Ask Viper @ Elysium 😉

        I’m really tempted to get the Puma shotgun now… But have too many other things to work on, especially the Visor bonus item now that I opened up Psi researches… Yeah… As much as I’d love to spend real cash… I prefer rather win the gems the hard way. I’m not that rich in RL 😀

  10. avatar Sebaston ( Private Private Player's Rank 1 )

    Does anykne know when the combat knife will become available? I am level 55 and have all the other specials but when i click on the space for the combat knife it just says unavailable. Those skill points are so hard to accumulate.

    • avatar omero ( Warrant Officer Warrant Officer Player's Rank 68 )

      Uhm… I think I had the option to get it right away at the start… If I only had the gems at the time, I would have bought it much sooner!

  11. avatar psb ( Sublieutenant Sublieutenant Player's Rank 104 )

    well, i see,people have been producing many pistols, all of which are non armored type…i try to produce the lest guns as possible, so i did the least amount of research for pistols , which i think is ABSOLUTELY necessary:
    stormbreaker -acid – ufo – dominion – kurbatov (gem) – i think no one can do below this (except kurbatov maybe)…

    armor: normal, stormtrooper, chosen by xi, final winged armor (forgot the name)…

  12. avatar littletreethiefinthebushes ( Sergeant Sergeant Player's Rank 27 )

    Is there any sort of specific pattern to exactly when enemies will decide to charge? I know, I know, under normal circumstances they seem to only do so once their health has dropped to a certain point and charging right off the bat is a ‘feature’ for a ton of enemies but I mean like-

    -the thug shotgunner/grenadiers, FUCK those guys! Normally they seem to follow a pretty predictable pattern but I’ve seen it happen enough times already where a pair or trio of them, (still at full health) just seemingly randomly decide to charge and swarm me, usually killing me in a quite untimely and infuriating manner.

    The Shield Bearers also seem to move up and taunt on unpredictable intervals as well- I’ve seen them move up after a couple seconds after showing up on the field, and I’ve seen them sit like idiots long enough for me to get off two Aim Shots. Do they stop taunting entirely once they’re in shotgun range as well?

    Are both of these sorts of things just purely luck-based, or is there something I’m doing wrong?

  13. avatar SunSidTDM ( Lieutenant-Commander Lieutenant-Commander Player's Rank 166 )


    I would like to know how to become a moderator or an admin in this website.

    Thanking you in advance for your answer :)

  14. avatar psb ( Sublieutenant Sublieutenant Player's Rank 104 )

    well, after beating kingpin.. in the black legion, the things get a little bit harder… but not so much that you have to break a sweat (except for few enemies)… kurbatov is extremely difficult (in my opinion, 3rd hardest after hegemon and dominion) … taking nothing less than ufo pistol as acid pistol is crap… acid shotgun MUST (infact u will finish almost your whole magazine on this one) … but dominion territory is whole another level… u will finish your full pistol clip on a single enemy…
    one thing, if u havent bought bandolier, DO IT ASAP… trust me, u will need it… very much..

  15. avatar Brian ( Private Private Player's Rank 3 )

    Hi everyone, please tell me how to beat Kurbatov. I have a maxed acid shotgun and ufo pistol, xi armor and lots of medpacks and grenades but I still loose. I even have extra bandoleer.
    And is a megathrone mg and black legion armor worth my gems? Thanks in advance!

    • avatar Sugarman ( Sergeant Sergeant Player's Rank 31 )

      Get stasis grenades, they help in the busiest parts, like when Kurbatov starts to advance. Expensive though, around 150 gems/3. Remember to use (green) medpacks at the latest when 50% health if possible. Use psi to steal health when you can. Based on the comparison on the armor page, BL armor brings little if any advantage and it does not haver resurrection. I would rather save the gems for Dominion MG rather than buy the Megathrone. But even the Dominion is a questionable purchase, get rather the Acid Cannon.

      • avatar Brian ( Private Private Player's Rank 3 )

        Thanks mucho! I’ll try out your tactics. Only prob is that I noticed lately there are no stasis grenades for sale on the black market.

    • avatar Sugarman ( Sergeant Sergeant Player's Rank 31 )

      The stasis grenades offers come every now and then, you just have to wait. BTW, choose Rico or Matryoska as a partner, if you have them and save the shotgun shells to the end as much as possible. General K is annoyingly difficult.

      • avatar littletreethiefinthebushes ( Sergeant Sergeant Player's Rank 27 )

        Seeing how you seem to have pretty much beaten the game by now, would you be willing to divulge exactly… well, what there’s left to do after you’ve beaten the last storyline location? Is it literally just a flat Terror Mission/PVP/Tactical Challenges cycle from that point on?

        I know I’m reeeaaally far away from that point right now, but it’d just kinda suck if there wasn’t some sorta NG+ or something n you just had to settle into a story-less routine of farming. :/

  16. avatar SunSidTDM ( Lieutenant-Commander Lieutenant-Commander Player's Rank 166 )

    Why don’t we have the spider avatar anymore?

    • avatar s_e_s_h ( Lieutenant General Lieutenant General Player's Rank 527 ) Admin

      Don’t you? 😉
      Fixed! Thanks! :)

      • avatar SunSidTDM ( Lieutenant-Commander Lieutenant-Commander Player's Rank 166 )

        You’re welcome 😉
        Also I wanted to know how to become a moderator please? I would like to be mod because I love this site, it is really useful for me so maybe I could be useful too and help by becoming a moderator :)

  17. avatar Brian ( Private Private Player's Rank 3 )

    Oh wow after three weeks of scratching my head I finally beat Kurbatov! Thanks for all your tips and suggestions.
    I had a 95% upgraded Megathrone MG, 100% upgraded UFO pistol, 10 level 3 grenades and 10 50% medpacks. Oh and I had psi attack that minuses 2000 health from the opponent and full bandoleer of ammo (400rds).
    Ended with no more MG ammo, 3 medpacks, 1 grenade and using th pistol like crazy while zapping with the psi attack whenever it was fully charged. Wound up with 6% health and shaky hands!
    Thanks again guys for all the tips!

  18. avatar A-Jay ( Private Private Player's Rank 1 )

    I know that Commanders make everyone around them. Fight better & they should be “taken out” first… But how.does one tell the difference between Commanders & Non-Commanders…?

  19. avatar Gamer110011 ( Private Private Player's Rank 2 )

    Hello Awesome Gamers!
    I have couple of queations:
    1. If I make purchase of gems and later once I complete the game and if reset the game will I get the gems which I purchased back?

    2. Can I take manual backup of the game (backup says Google drive) and later restore it? What if I want to replay the game from a point in time with a different strategy… ?

  20. avatar Gamer110011 ( Private Private Player's Rank 2 )

    Hello Гудвин,

    Can you help me with a quick answer… If I buy 500 + 2500 gems (two transactions) with money will I get VIP 3 status?

    I’m confused about VIP status… for every 1000 gem we buy, do we get 1 VIP status? Or for every transaction of 1000+ gems we get 1 VIP status?
    eg: if I buy 3500 gems in one transaction (for the first time) do I get 1 VIP status or 3.5 VIP status ?

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