Overlord Walkthrough

Overlord Walkthrough

Overlord Walkthrough

The Overlord walktrough is one of the many Bosses Walktrough in the Evolution: Battle for Utopia game.

General information about Overlord boss is Here.

The Overlord Walkthrough Video


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5 Responses to Overlord Walkthrough

  1. avatar Noob101 ( Sergeant Sergeant Player's Rank 34 )

    The player in the video seems to have some motivation saving his Aimed Shots for the minions, I find this strange because i relied on Aimed Shots for most if my fights.

    • avatar Sarcze ( Private Private Player's Rank 4 )

      Probably to intercept the minion’s advance. I usually use Aimed Shots only for armored enemies and enemies that should be killed fast. If there’s none, it would be used to intercept enemies advance or an aimed shot from enemy.

  2. avatar Myzrael ( Warrant Officer Warrant Officer Player's Rank 71 )

    The only time, aim shoot is needed for this boss, is when he advances towards you, otherwise better to spend it on one of the minions

    • avatar captaindomi ( Sergeant Sergeant Player's Rank 26 )

      litlle question does the shield also defend melee attacks?

      • avatar Briggade ( Private Private Player's Rank 1 )

        No. As you can see in the video, the minion does 90 damage when he is standing as well as when he is shielded.

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