Dominion Machine Gun

Dominion Machine Gun

Dominion Machine Gun

The Dominion is one of the many Machine Guns in the Evolution: Battle for Utopia game.

The supercomputer designed this weapon for total human genocide, but now the MG will help me ruin the Dominion plan!


Energetic Storm.

Previous Machine Gun: Acid Cannon

The Dominion Machine Gun can deal 400/680Energy Damage (Min/Max) of damage, has 25/50Magazine (Min/Max) of magazine size and 0/10Crit. chance % (Min/Max) of critical chance.

Dominion Machine Gun can be upgraded or dismantled at your Workshop.

Full upgrade cost for Dominion Machine Gun is 12000Biofuel, 15750Crystallite, 315Medals and 12:27:00 of time or 2300Gems (with 70% discount)

Its maximum dismantle reward is 1200Skill Points (for fully upgraded variant).

Dominion Machine Gun is the most powerful and yet last Machine Gun in the game.

Dominion Machine Gun Upgrades Summary Table

Level Damage Damage Upgrade Cost (Time) Magazine Magazine Upgrade Cost (Time) Critical Critical Upgrade Cost (Time)
Base 400 – n/a – 25 – n/a – 0 – n/a –
1 456 550Biofuel,  800Crystallite, 16Medals (00:40:00) 30 450Biofuel,  700Crystallite, 14Medals (00:30:00) 2 500Biofuel,  750Crystallite, 15Medals (00:35:00)
2 512 700Biofuel,  950Crystallite, 19Medals (00:47:00) 35 600Biofuel,  850Crystallite, 17Medals (00:37:00) 4 650Biofuel,  900Crystallite, 18Medals (00:42:00)
3 568 850Biofuel,  1100Crystallite, 22Medals (00:55:00) 40 750Biofuel,  1000Crystallite, 20Medals (00:45:00) 6 800Biofuel,  1050Crystallite, 21Medals (00:50:00)
4 624 1000Biofuel,  1250Crystallite, 25Medals (01:02:00) 45 900Biofuel,  1150Crystallite, 23Medals (00:52:00) 8 950Biofuel,  1200Crystallite, 24Medals (00:57:00)
5 680 1150Biofuel,  1400Crystallite, 28Medals (01:10:00) 50 1050Biofuel,  1300Crystallite, 26Medals (01:00:00) 10 1100Biofuel,  1350Crystallite, 27Medals (01:05:00)
Total: 4250Biofuel, 5500Crystallite, 110Medals (04:34:00) Total: 3750Biofuel, 5000Crystallite, 100Medals (03:44:00) Total: 4000Biofuel, 5250Crystallite, 105Medals (04:09:00)


Fully Upgraded Dominion Machine Gun

Fully Upgraded Dominion Machine Gun

Dominion Machine Gun Concept Art

Dominion Machine Gun Concept Art

Dominion Machine Gun Rendering

Dominion Machine Gun Rendering


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6 Responses to Dominion Machine Gun

  1. avatar sam ( Private Private Player's Rank 1 )

    get a costume

  2. avatar Cj jack ( Private Private Player's Rank 3 )

    Como consigo esa arma

  3. avatar Ass_eater94 ( Private Private Player's Rank 1 )

    Where can you find it?

  4. avatar Unknown ( Private Private Player's Rank 4 )

    You Can Only Find It By Purchasing Rebeeca’s Offer

  5. avatar Dx-rider ( Private Private Player's Rank 1 )

    I got the domi just right now. Now I’ll rock & roll.

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