Adam Cruises Magnum

Adam Cruise's Magnum

Adam Cruise’s Magnum

The Adam Cruise’s Magnum is one of the many Pistols in the Evolution: Battle for Utopia game.

Adam Cruise was the most genius inventor, manufacturer and architect on Utopia before the Cataclysm. And now his personal Magnum has come to my possession!


Adam Cruise`s Own Magnum!

Previous Pistol: Dragon

The Adam Cruise’s Magnum can deal 70/120Regular Damage (Min/Max) of damage, has 6/11Magazine (Min/Max) of magazine size and 0/20Crit. chance % (Min/Max) of critical chance.

Adam Cruise’s Magnum’s reload slider: Adam Cruise's Magnum's Reload Slider

Adam Cruise’s Magnum can be upgraded or dismantled at your Workshop.

Full upgrade cost for Adam Cruise’s Magnum is 7125Biofuel, 255Medals, 14250Magmatite and 09:18:00 of time.

Its maximum dismantle reward is 900Skill Points (for fully upgraded variant).

Next Pistol: Pegasus

Adam Cruise’s Magnum Upgrades Summary Table

Level Damage Damage Upgrade Cost (Time) Magazine Magazine Upgrade Cost (Time) Critical Critical Upgrade Cost (Time)
Base 70 – n/a – 6 – n/a – 0 – n/a –
1 80 350Biofuel, 12Medals, 700Magmatite (00:15:00) 7 300Biofuel, 10Medals, 600Magmatite (00:15:00) 4 325Biofuel, 11Medals, 650Magmatite (00:15:00)
2 90 425Biofuel, 15Medals, 850Magmatite (00:26:00) 8 375Biofuel, 13Medals, 750Magmatite (00:26:00) 8 400Biofuel, 14Medals, 800Magmatite (00:26:00)
3 100 500Biofuel, 18Medals, 1000Magmatite (00:37:00) 9 450Biofuel, 16Medals, 900Magmatite (00:37:00) 12 475Biofuel, 17Medals, 950Magmatite (00:37:00)
4 110 575Biofuel, 21Medals, 1150Magmatite (00:48:00) 10 525Biofuel, 19Medals, 1050Magmatite (00:48:00) 16 550Biofuel, 20Medals, 1100Magmatite (00:48:00)
5 120 650Biofuel, 24Medals, 1300Magmatite (01:00:00) 11 600Biofuel, 22Medals, 1200Magmatite (01:00:00) 20 625Biofuel, 23Medals, 1250Magmatite (01:00:00)
Total: 2500Biofuel, 90Medals, 5000Magmatite (03:06:00) Total: 2250Biofuel, 80Medals, 4500Magmatite (03:06:00) Total: 2375Biofuel, 85Medals, 4750Magmatite (03:06:00)


Fully Upgraded Adam Cruise’s Magnum

Fully Upgraded Adam Cruise's Magnum

Adam Cruise’s Magnum Concept Art (First Version)

Adam Cruise's Magnum Concept Art (First Version)

Adam Cruise’s Magnum Concept Art (Final Version)

Adam Cruise's Magnum Concept Art (Final Version)


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5 Responses to Adam Cruises Magnum

  1. avatar HelloShitty ( Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Player's Rank 294 )

    Does this pistol really worth 1600 gems for someone at level 33???

  2. avatar Salvator ( Sergeant Sergeant Player's Rank 24 )

    This one makes me think Adam Cruise is not that smart or he doesnt care about his OWN pistol at all.

    Using personal pistol with Regular dmg instead of Energy or Acid, or at least Fire?
    And with this low Dmg (not that much higher than Dragon and Cobra)?
    A genius(?) like him???

    • avatar Шепард ( General General Player's Rank 584 ) Moderator

      Well, I think when the Utopia was a paradise, there weren’t the Overlord and the Viper so he couldn’t defeat them and get the technologies of this pistols

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