Dominion Pistol

Dominion Pistol

Dominion Pistol

The Dominion is one of the many Pistols in the Evolution: Battle for Utopia game.

The Dominion supercomputer turned out to be smarter than people and created a weapon never seen on Earth. Now this toy is in my arsenal – it’s time to riddle my enemies with bullets!


A pistol created using Dominion technologies.

Previous Pistol: M5 SMG

The Dominion Pistol can deal 224/380Energy Damage (Min/Max) of damage, has 6/16Magazine (Min/Max) of magazine size and 0/10Crit. chance % (Min/Max) of critical chance.

Dominion Pistol’s reload slider: Dominion Pistol's Reload Slider

Dominion Pistol can be upgraded or dismantled at your Workshop.

Full upgrade cost for Dominion Pistol is 11250Biofuel, 285Medals, 14250Crystallite and 13:05:00 of time.

Its maximum dismantle reward is 600Skill Points (for fully upgraded variant).

Next Pistol: Dragon-2

Dominion Pistol Upgrades Summary Table

Level Damage Damage Upgrade Cost (Time) Magazine Magazine Upgrade Cost (Time) Critical Critical Upgrade Cost (Time)
Base 224 – n/a – 6 – n/a – 0 – n/a –
1 255 500Biofuel, 14Medals, 700Crystallite (00:40:00) 8 400Biofuel, 12Medals, 600Crystallite (00:30:00) 2 450Biofuel, 13Medals, 650Crystallite (00:35:00)
2 286 650Biofuel, 17Medals, 850Crystallite (00:50:00) 10 550Biofuel, 15Medals, 750Crystallite (00:37:00) 4 600Biofuel, 16Medals, 800Crystallite (00:43:00)
3 317 800Biofuel, 20Medals, 1000Crystallite (01:00:00) 12 700Biofuel, 18Medals, 900Crystallite (00:45:00) 6 750Biofuel, 19Medals, 950Crystallite (00:52:00)
4 348 950Biofuel, 23Medals, 1150Crystallite (01:10:00) 14 850Biofuel, 21Medals, 1050Crystallite (00:52:00) 8 900Biofuel, 22Medals, 1100Crystallite (01:01:00)
5 380 1100Biofuel, 26Medals, 1300Crystallite (01:20:00) 16 1000Biofuel, 24Medals, 1200Crystallite (01:00:00) 10 1050Biofuel, 25Medals, 1250Crystallite (01:10:00)
Total: 4000Biofuel, 100Medals, 5000Crystallite (05:00:00) Total: 3500Biofuel, 90Medals, 4500Crystallite (03:44:00) Total: 3750Biofuel, 95Medals, 4750Crystallite (04:21:00)


Fully Upgraded Dominion Pistol

Fully Upgraded Dominion Pistol

Dominion Pistol Concept Art (First Version)

Dominion Pistol Concept Art (First Version)

Dominion Pistol Concept Art (Final Version)

Dominion Pistol Concept Art (Final Version)


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5 Responses to Dominion Pistol

  1. avatar SunSidTDM ( Lieutenant-Commander Lieutenant-Commander Player's Rank 166 )

    Is it me or is this pistol faster than the UFO pistol?

    • avatar Sugarman ( Sergeant Sergeant Player's Rank 31 )

      I think it is much better than Ufo, faster shooter and reload. Clip larger as well.

      • avatar SunSidTDM ( Lieutenant-Commander Lieutenant-Commander Player's Rank 166 )

        Yeah I saw that this pistol does 5 shots every 3 sec (each time that Matryoshka shoots) whereas the UFO pistol only does 4 shots.

  2. avatar Virgil ( Private First Class Private First Class Player's Rank 6 )

    Is Dominion Pistol better than M5-SMG?

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