Puma Shotgun

Puma Shotgun

Puma Shotgun

The Puma is one of the many Shotguns in the Evolution: Battle for Utopia game.

The mere sight of my new powerful shotgun with a unique Adaptive Reload system makes my enemies tremble with fear!


My Hot Shotgun.

Previous Shotgun: Chopper

The Puma Shotgun can deal 180/305Regular Damage (Min/Max) of damage, has 7/12Magazine (Min/Max) of magazine size and 0/25Crit. chance % (Min/Max) of critical chance.

Puma Shotgun’s reload slider: Puma Shotgun's Reload Slider

Puma Shotgun can be upgraded or dismantled at your Workshop.

Full upgrade cost for Puma Shotgun is 4875Biofuel, 195Medals, 9750Steel and 05:00:00 of time or 1060Gems (with 70% discount)..

Its maximum dismantle reward is 700Skill Points (for fully upgraded variant).

Next Shotgun: Screamer

Puma Shotgun Upgrades Summary Table

Level Damage Damage Upgrade Cost (Time) Magazine Magazine Upgrade Cost (Time) Critical Critical Upgrade Cost (Time)
Base 180 – n/a – 7 – n/a – 0 – n/a –
1 205 200Biofuel, 8Medals, 400Steel (00:10:00) 8 150Biofuel, 6Medals, 300Steel (00:10:00) 5 175Biofuel, 7Medals, 350Steel (00:10:00)
2 230 275Biofuel, 11Medals, 550Steel (00:15:00) 9 225Biofuel, 9Medals, 450Steel (00:15:00) 10 250Biofuel, 10Medals, 500Steel (00:15:00)
3 255 350Biofuel, 14Medals, 700Steel (00:20:00) 10 300Biofuel, 12Medals, 600Steel (00:20:00) 15 325Biofuel, 13Medals, 650Steel (00:20:00)
4 280 425Biofuel, 17Medals, 850Steel (00:25:00) 11 375Biofuel, 15Medals, 750Steel (00:25:00) 20 400Biofuel, 16Medals, 800Steel (00:25:00)
5 305 500Biofuel, 20Medals, 1000Steel (00:30:00) 12 450Biofuel, 18Medals, 900Steel (00:30:00) 25 475Biofuel, 19Medals, 950Steel (00:30:00)
Total: 1750Biofuel, 70Medals, 3500Steel (01:40:00) Total: 1500Biofuel, 60Medals, 3000Steel (01:40:00) Total: 1625Biofuel, 65Medals, 3250Steel (01:40:00)


Fully Upgraded Puma Shotgun

Fully Upgraded Puma Shotgun

Puma Shotgun Concept Art

Puma Shotgun Concept Art


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3 Responses to Puma Shotgun

  1. avatar Noob101 ( Sergeant Sergeant Player's Rank 34 )

    Where to unlock ?

    • avatar Noob101 ( Sergeant Sergeant Player's Rank 34 )

      Found it. It’s an offer from Rebecca, the smuggler, my level is 15. Time limit is 48 hr, at 900 gems price tag.
      For those who looking for it.
      I’m not going to buy it.

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