Iron Mine

Iron Mine

The Iron Mine is one of the many Buildings in Evolution: Battle for Utopia game.


The Iron Mine supplies and stores Steel – one of the main Resources.


You must clear and terraform Iron Mine or/and Relic location first. Then, you can build a mine for 50Biofuel, 40Steel and 30 seconds of time.

After building this mine it is full of 100Steel.

Don’t forget to collect Steel from the Mine, otherwise, further production will be stopped.

Before you collect already mined Steel from the mine, check the enough space for it in your Storage Depot. Else, the excess of Steel will disappear!

Iron Mine at the Iron Ore Deposit

Iron Mine at the Iron Ore Deposit


You can upgrade the Iron Mine to increase it’s rate of production and storage capacity.

It may be upgraded up to level 10. You will need for this more then 14 real time hours and 300Gems not counting other resources.

Iron Mine Upgrades Summary Table

Level Storage Capacity Yield per Hour Time to Full Fill Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Requirement
1 100  17  05:53:00 50Biofuel, 40Steel 00:00:15 Terraformed location with a iron deposit
2 130  21 06:11:00 25Biofuel, 50Steel 00:05:00 7Player's Level
3 160  25  06:24:00 50Biofuel, 100Steel 00:15:00 9Player's Level
4 190  29  06:33:00 100Biofuel, 200Steel 00:30:00 14Player's Level
5 220  32  06:53:00 150Biofuel, 300Steel 01:00:00 20Player's Level
6 250  36  06:57:00 30Gems 01:30:00 27Player's Level
7 280  40  07:00:00 45Gems 02:00:00 34Player's Level
8 310  44  07:03:00 60Gems 02:30:00 41Player's Level
9 340  48  07:05:00 75Gems 03:00:00 48Player's Level
10 370  51  07:15:00 90Gems 03:30:00 55Player's Level
 Total: 375Biofuel, 690Steel, 300Gems 14:20:15


Iron Mine Level 10

Iron Mine Level 10

Iron Mine External View Featured Image

Iron Mine External View Featured Image

Iron Mine Internal View Featured Image

Iron Mine Internal View Featured Image


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