Dominion Turret Boss

Dominion Turret

Dominion Turret Boss

The Dominion Turret is one of the bosses in the Evolution: Battle for Utopia game. Heavy armor makes it invulnerable to conventional attacks.


Location: Beacon, top right corner of the location

Health: 65 000Armored

Weapon: Heavy Machine GunEnergy Damage

Strengths: Armored, Never taunting, Summons armored Technician Dominators (two per time with 2720Armored health points each) to repair it self during the battle (+300 HP every 2 seconds each)

Weaknesses: Unknown

The guards:

  • C-500 Synthetic(5700Unarmored, 3) C-900 Synthetic(22542Unarmored, 1)

  • Cyclone Dominator(8910Armored, 2)

  • Arachnid Dominator(7500Armored, 5) C-400 Synthetic(11939Unarmored, 1) Cyclone Dominator(8910Armored, 2)

  • Turret itself, summons: Technician Dominator 2720Armored (infinite, by 2 per time)

Link to the Walkthrough Guide: Here

Victory Rewards: 60Experience, Random Resources (guards the vault with a Dominion ArmorNew Research technology)

Also occurs in: Terror level 5 missions, other Bosses guards

Dominion Turret at the Location

Dominion Turret at the Location

Dominion Turret Concept Art

Dominion Turret Concept Art

Dominion Turret Rendering

Dominion Turret Rendering

Dominion Turret Rendering 2

Technician Dominator Rendering

Technician Dominator Rendering


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2 Responses to Dominion Turret Boss

  1. avatar Nguyễn Văn Biên ( Private First Class Private First Class Player's Rank 9 )

    Hi all. How to kill this boss. View this video

  2. avatar Myzrael ( Warrant Officer Warrant Officer Player's Rank 72 )

    This boss is such a troll, first try ever, smoked him with g2 grenade and combine with g2-g3 health packs, thought when i watched on youtube some people only had 12 enemies, i had 15 lol, im lvl 46 btw

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