Dominion Boss

Dominion Boss

The Dominion is the main boss in the Evolution: Battle for Utopia “Legacy of the Dominion” game update. Heavy armor makes it invulnerable to conventional attacks.


Origin: Utopia

Even the cruelest dictators, the world’s most effective managers and the most passionate leaders have in mind the lines that no man can cross. Only the artificial intelligence that has surpassed its creators, can rule an army of machines whose ruthless way to the victory breaks all possible rules of war.

Dominion is completely inhuman – that is the reason of its effectiveness. When creating this supercomputer Adam Cruise gave it the only task: DESTROY EVERYTHING. Having no possibility to cancel this task and being unable to think about the moral side of it, Dominion continues its work of eradicating the life on Utopia with the help of the army of Synthetics and combat robots. The scariest part of it is that “everything” includes not only Utopia, but other planets, too… Who knows, will this infernal machine ever stop?

Location: Annihilator, right bottom corner of the location

Health: 160 000Armored

Weapon: Heavy Machine GunEnergy Damage, Heavy CannonEnergy Damage (causes about 1500 damage through the shield), Big Circular SawEnergy Damage for melee attacks

Strengths: Armoured, Not taunting at long range, Often uses a Cannon, Summons Armoured Dominator Equalizers (two at a time, each with 8 700Armored health) who are repairing it during combat (+400 HP/sec each) and explode in melee. Extremely dangerous in melee.

Weaknesses: Taunting at medium range (becomes vulnerable to regular damage)

The guards (with more then 360 000 health points):

  • Arachnid Dominator(10425Armored, 5) Equalizer Dominator(8700Armored, 1)

  • Hound Dominator(19513Armored, 2) Equalizer Dominator(8700Armored, 3) Cyclone Dominator(14969Armored, 2)

  • Technician Dominator(3900Armored, 5)

  • Equalizer Dominator(8700Armored, 3)

  • Dominion him self, summons: Equalizer Dominator(8700Armored; infinite, by 2 per time)

Link to the Walkthrough Guide: Here

Victory Rewards: 60Experience, 100Gems, Random Biofuel

Dominion at the Location

Dominion at the Location

Dominion’s Concept Art

Dominion's Concept Art

Dominion’s Rendering

Dominion's Rendering

Dominion’s AI Closeup

Dominion's AI Closeup

Dominion’s Fotostand Image

Dominion's Fotostand Image

Dominion Video Introduction


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2 Responses to Dominion Boss

  1. avatar Nguyễn Văn Biên ( Private First Class Private First Class Player's Rank 9 )

    Hi view this video. Kill this boss

  2. avatar Darien ( Private Private Player's Rank 1 )

    Can Dominion be beat with the Dominion MG?
    I have ProtoArmor, Fully upgraded Dominion pistol and MG, and plenty of class 3 grenades and med packs. But I can’t seem to kill him. I wind up having to chew through MG ammo to deal with spiders that close in the melee and the technicians!

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