Itinerant Merchant Boss

Itinerant Merchant Boss

The Itinerant Merchant is one of the bosses in the Evolution: Battle for Utopia game.


Location: Random, terraformed via Itinerant Merchant appearing encounter

Health: 6 300Unarmored (does not depend on the player’s level)

Weapon: PistolRegular Damage, Melee Skill

Strengths: Uses an energy shield, Dangerous in melee

Weaknesses: Unarmored, Pistol inflicts weak damage

The guards: None

Link to the Walkthrough Guide: Here

Victory Rewards: Random Resources, Random Cartridges, Medpack U-3: 1, Grag Grenade G-3: 1 (always 4 different items)

For the first victory you’ll get the research data for Incendiary Grenade G-1New Research, for a second victory you’ll get the research data for Incendiary Grenade G-1 KitNew Research.

Itinerant Merchant at Location

Itinerant Merchant at Location

Itinerant Merchant’s Concept Art

Itinerant Merchant Concept Art

Itinerant Merchant’s Rendering

Itinerant Merchant Rendering

Itinerant Merchant Rendering 2


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4 Responses to Itinerant Merchant Boss

  1. avatar Noob101 ( Sergeant Sergeant Player's Rank 34 )

    For those warriors that have a heart, and a also a merchant inside, that wondered, killing / robbing the Itenerant Merchant will not stop them to come to your area….. I THINK.

    Otherwise, how would the site makes a 2nd kill ?

    I don’t know yet about how it affects Discounts…..

    • avatar Jacques ( Private Private Player's Rank 1 )

      When defeating the merchant, you lose 100 Reputation (so don’t build up reputation by hacking items until after you’ve robbed him at least twice (to get the research). After that, if you don’t plan to rob him for resources, feel free to build the discount through hacking.

  2. avatar Myzrael ( Warrant Officer Warrant Officer Player's Rank 71 )

    I rob this dude every time he shows up lol, makes up for the ammo loss, lol

  3. avatar Salvator ( Sergeant Sergeant Player's Rank 24 )

    There’s no limit of the reputation but the discount is maximum at 35(+3)% at 1000 reputation. So, feel free to rob him every times you have 1100+ reputation as it won’t affect the discount.

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