Itinerant Merchant Walkthrough

Itinerant Merchant Walkthrough

Itinerant Merchant Walkthrough

The Itinerant Merchant walktrough is one of the many Bosses Walktrough in the Evolution: Battle for Utopia game.

General information about Itinerant Merchant boss is Here.

The Itinerant Merchant Walkthrough Video


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2 Responses to Itinerant Merchant Walkthrough

  1. avatar Noob101 ( Sergeant Sergeant Player's Rank 34 )

    Okay, i’m in a real dilemma here. Most probably caused by things I have yet known.

    I’ve build up his Discounts through Reputation offer by contunually hacking every hacks he got, save for the mind boggling Dominion CPU (i had spent enough (like 40-ish) datadisks on these things to unlock the Stasis Shield when i’m still on the Psionic Base.
    By now my target is 250/350, current rate at 15% + 3% from Jaafar.

    My question: if i killed / rob the merchant, what will happen to my discounts ? Will they even come again to my area ?

    I needed the unlock prize for defeating the merchant, Incendiary Grenade to research Radar for PVP defense. Current rating 385, Lv13.

  2. avatar Noob101 ( Sergeant Sergeant Player's Rank 34 )

    Now my current target for the discounts are 600/700 with the current rate at 25%+3%. According to one one of the Moderators here, defeating/robbing the Merchant will cause reduction in popularity by 100 .

    Just now i decided to try rob him. He has HP like one of the Queen Spider but shoots weak pistol damage. Therefore he is more dangerous in melee.
    I’m at Lv21, used a nearly full upgrade Acid Pistol & somewhat upgraded Avenger AR.

    And he’s right ! My reputation got deducted by exactly 100 points.

    Next time though, I’ll use my Screamer Shotgun .

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