Mammoth Tank Boss

Mammoth Tank

Mammoth Tank Boss

The Mammoth Tank is one of the bosses in the Evolution: Battle for Utopia game. Heavy armor makes it invulnerable to conventional attacks.


Has a 202294 serial number  on a front bumper

Location: Black Legion Checkpoint, at the top right corner of the location

Health: 24 000Armored

Weapon: Two six-barreled heavy machine gunsEnergy Damage, Heavy CannonRegular Damage, GrenadesFrag Damage

Strengths: Armored, Uses 3 types of weapons, Throwing 5 grenades, Not taunting

Weaknesses: The main cannon has no frag damage (easily absorbed by the shield)

The guards:

  • Infantryman(1920Unarmored, 3) Commander(2520Armored, 1) Storm Trooper(2320Unarmored, 1) Super-Soldier(8100Armored, 1)
  • Mammoth him self
  • Assassin(1920Unarmored, 3)

Link to the Walkthrough Guide: Here

Victory Rewards: 60Experience, Random Resources

Also occurs in: Terror level 4 missions, Terminator Operation, other Bosses guards

Mammoth Tank at the Location

Mammoth Tank at the Location

Mammoth Tank’s Concept Art

Mammoth Tank Concept Art

Mammoth Tank’s Rendering

Mammoth Tank Rendering


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