Bioactivity Mission

Bioactivity Mission

The Bioactivity is one of the many Random Missions in the Evolution: Battle for Utopia game.

A suspicious form of organic matter has been detected in the XXX sector.


Available from Player’s Level: 4Player's Level

Mission type: Tap to destroy

Difficulty: The easiest

Time limit: 30 minutes

Mission goal: Find and eliminate by taping 4 biological formations at the same location

There can be only one available Bioactivity or Minefield mission at the same period of time.

Bioactivity Mission Rewards Summary Table

Bio Form Type 1 Bio Form Type 2 Reward Options Ranking points
0PvP Rank 200PvP Rank 800PvP Rank 2000PvP Rank 4000PvP Rank 7000PvP Rank
Biofuel 30Biofuel 45Biofuel 60Biofuel 75Biofuel 90Biofuel 105Biofuel
Crystallite 6Crystallite 9Crystallite 12Crystallite 15Crystallite 18Crystallite 21Crystallite
Magmatite 30Magmatite 45Magmatite 60Magmatite 75Magmatite 90Magmatite 105Magmatite
Steel 30Steel 45Steel 60Steel 75Steel 90Steel 105Steel


Bioactivity at Location

Bioactivity at Location

Biological Form Type 1 Concept Art

Biological Form Type One Concept Art

Biological Form Type 2 Concept Art

Biological Form Type 2 Concept Art


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