Mechanarium Location

Mechanarium Location

The Mechanarium is one of the many Story-line locations in the Evolution: Battle for Utopia game.


Highly qualified mechanics are rarely met among Kingpin’s bandits. Still the weapons, armor and transport require constant maintenance, especially on the burnt lands of Utopia. However, those, who know how to take care of technical equipment, do not waist their skills on helping average gangs. Instead they work in Mechanarium – a well-fortified plant where weapons and supplies for Kingpin’s warriors are being produced 24/7. A man known simply as the Engineer manages the whole process. No one knows neither his real name, nor the facts about his past. Some say he arrived from the Earth where he was involved in some secret military developments.. Yet the Engineer’s assistants need to know only one thing: those who let their boss down will end up having a fatal workplace accident…

Mechanarium is a secondary story-line location.

Previous story-line location: Citadel

Unlock requirement: Win 5 battles with damage/sec > 200 or 120Gems (each successful battle reduces the price by 24Gems)

Difficulty: 3/7

Total enemies: 24

Boss: Engineer Gilbert

Story of this location: Here

Walkthrough of this location: Here

Rewards: Prometheus Armor, Dragon Shotgun, 48Medals

Commander’s Log: Chapters 28-29

Terraforming price: 1 600Steel

Side story tasks on location

  1. In the Mechanarium sector find the experimental incendiary shotgun

Next story-line location: Kingpin’s Hideout

Mechanarium Location on the Globe

Mechanarium Location on the Globe

Mechanarium Location Unlock Requirement

Mechanarium Location Unlock Requirement

The Mechanarium Location Concept

Mechanarium Location Concept

Initial View of Mechanarium Location

Initial View of Mechanarium Location

Mechanarium Location View After Terraforming

Mechanarium Location View After Terraforming


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