Excavations Story

Excavations Story

The story of Excavations location is part of a larger Story Line in the Evolution: Battle for Utopia game.

General information about the Excavations location is Here, and walkthrough guide is Here.

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We`re in the sector where the Dominion started full-scale drilling to get to Xi.
Wow, these purple tentacles are everywhere. They pierced the metal! Does it mean that the Dominion has managed to find Xi?. .
I feel soon we`ll learn everything.

Xi?. . What the hell?. .
The damned Xi Spiders… They’re everywhere!
That bastard Dominion is a blasted wielder! As I suspected – there was no information leak!
The Dominion intentionally handed us these coordinates – to bring us to this place.
But what for? And what has happened here that the Dominion secret facility is swarmed with Xi Spiders?

Chosen One
Defiler! You`re late! The liberation is close!
The lines of destiny, leading to the Great Confluence, are in move again.
The predicted is coming true…
The Devourer of Worlds will reveal himself… And the Final War will begin!
You won`t escape. No one will. The Great Confluence is coming!

Something tells me that the Dominion shouldn`t have started to dig out that Xi.

Commander, I`ve reconnoitered the area. There are traces of fierce fighting all around.
Looks like there was a real battle between Xi and the Dominion.
That means that the Dominion had managed to get to Xi under the ground…
And bit off more than it could chew – considering that Xi defeated the Dominion.
Then the Dominion retreated and tricked me to come here.
Maybe, it brought us here, hoping Xi would do the dirty work and finish us off…
It doesn`t matter anymore, why we are here. The main question is why the Dominion failed to destroy Xi?

Brother Thorius
Defiler! Have you come to witness the liberation of my God?
Well, I`m not surprised…
I`ve killed you twice – and will do it the third time with pleasure.

Brother Thorius
Defiler! You haven`t recognized the might of the power you are challenging!
The power of Xi is supreme. I`m immortal – that is the gift of my God.
Every time you try to oppose me, you just sanctify me and make me stronger.
So many times your god sentenced me to death – and I am still alive.
Brother Thorius
My God was imprisoned and had to rely on His children. The children of Xi bear a part of His might, but they are not as perfect as He is.
That time has passed. Now my God will break the chains. Soon enough Xi will be liberated!
The Xi`s liberation? What are you talking about?
Brother Thorius
The ignorant mechanisms dared to challenge my God.
They dug this pit of steel to find and destroy my God. But just brought Him liberation. And then they paid the price.
Nothing is holding Him under the ground anymore. He is on His way to freedom!
And now nothing will stop Xi from eating this planet. It will be His first step to the Great Confluence.
Let`s suppose that all you said is true. But have you forgotten who I am?
Brother Thorius
You are the Defiler, you are defiling the very ground you touch.
Right. I terraform the planet, turning it to a place where you god is weaker than a lame dog.
Listen to me. Tell your god that his early parole is cancelled, as I`m going to terraform this sector.

Brother Thorius
Defiler! Xi won`t let you do it. He gave me a new life to protect this sacred place!
He gave me absolute power. Nothing will harm me until the Devourer of Worlds is free.
I have no reason to doubt your words. It feels like Xi is really protecting you as even the Dominion had to retreat.
But the Dominion brought me here for a reason. Maybe now I`m the only one who is able to overpower you.
Brother Thorius
Then you will die. Nothing will stop the Xi`s liberation and the beginning of the Final War! The world`s fate is determined.

Commander, your last battle has provided us with enough data on Xi, so we can start the research of a revolutionary organic weapon.
Still, it is hard to predict its combat characteristics, but I`m sure we will design a most powerful acid-shooting weapon.
All the data on the new weapon are available in the Research Center.

(low whisper) … defiler … defiler … defiler …
(low whisper) … defeat … servant … weak … disappointment …
(low whisper) … repentance … purification … ascension … chance … power … reign … might … cognition …
(low whisper) … Earth … mankind … plague … scourge … choice … power … salvation …

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    What is that picture? Is this purple monster “Xi”?

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