Fighter Assault Rifle

Fighter Assault Rifle

Fighter Assault Rifle

The Fighter is one of the many Assault Rifles in the Evolution: Battle for Utopia game.


Light, reliable and low maintenance assault rifle.

The Fighter Assault Rifle can deal 25/42Regular Damage (Min/Max) of damage, has 12/27Magazine (Min/Max) of magazine size and 0/10Crit. chance % (Min/Max) of critical chance.

Fighter Assault Rifle can be upgraded or dismantled at your Workshop.

Full upgrade cost for Fighter Assault Rifle is 4125Biofuel, 150Medals, 8250Steel and 00:57:00 of time.

Its maximum dismantle reward is 300Skill Points (for fully upgraded variant).

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Fighter Assault Rifle Upgrades Summary Table

Level Damage Damage Upgrade Cost (Time) Magazine Magazine Upgrade Cost (Time) Critical Critical Upgrade Cost (Time)
Base 25 – n/a – 12 – n/a – 0 – n/a –
1 28 150Biofuel, 5Medals, 300Steel 
15 100Biofuel, 3Medals, 200Steel
2 125Biofuel, 4Medals, 250Steel
2 32 225Biofuel, 8Medals, 450Steel 
18 175Biofuel, 6Medals, 350Steel
4 200Biofuel, 7Medals, 400Steel 
3 35 300Biofuel, 11Medals, 600Steel (00:03:00) 21 250Biofuel, 9Medals, 500Steel 
6 275Biofuel, 10Medals, 550Steel (00:04:00)
4 38 375Biofuel, 14Medals, 750Steel (00:04:00) 24 325Biofuel, 12Medals, 650Steel (00:06:00) 8 350Biofuel, 13Medals, 700Steel (00:06:00)
5 42 450Biofuel, 17Medals, 900Steel (00:05:00) 27 400Biofuel, 15Medals, 800Steel (00:08:00) 10 425Biofuel, 16Medals, 850Steel (00:08:00)
Total: 1500Biofuel, 55Medals, 3000Steel (00:15:00) Total: 1250Biofuel, 45Medals, 2500Steel (00:21:00) Total: 1375Biofuel, 50Medals, 2750Steel (00:21:00)


Fully Upgraded Fighter Assault Rifle

Fully Upgraded Fighter Assault Rifle

Fighter Assault Rifle Concept Art

Fighter Assault Rifle Concept Art


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