Roomy and full of fuel Helicopter among other Ammunition is the main possibility to survive in the Evolution: Battle for Utopia game.

Helicopters Available in the Game

Helicopters Summary Table

Name Capacity Range Number of bases/operations you can reach Cost Requirements
Dragonfly 75 700 4-6 players’ bases, 1 Operations For free Build the Heliport (starting helicopter)
Hunter 150 1000 5-7 players’ bases, 3 Operations 1500Biofuel, 500Magmatite, 500Steel No special requirements
Black Phantom 150 2000 10 (all) players’ bases, 5 Operations 500Gems No special requirements
Dragon 225 1600 7-10 (all) players’ bases, 5 Operations 5000Biofuel, 1500Magmatite, 1500Steel 1500PvP Rank, 5 lvl of Storage Depot
Titan 350 2000 10 (all) players’ bases, 5 Operations 8000Biofuel, 1800Magmatite, 1800Steel 5000PvP Rank, lvl 8 of Storage Depot, 30Player's Level
VX-1909 400 2500 10 (all) players’ bases, 6 (all) Operations 2000Crystallite, 2000Magmatite, 2000Steel Research the Antigravity technology, 30Player's Level, 10 lvl of Storage Depot



To have a Helicopter you need to build the Heliport first.

To access map locations on the main continent (Story-line) you don`t need a Helicopter.

With starting helicopter Dragonfly you can reach only 4-6 other player’s bases (every 2 hours) and one special operation Iron Beast (400 km away, every 3 hours).

Try to buy the Hunter heli as fast as possible. It will double you cargo capacity, add to your raid ability couple of player’s bases and two more special operations: Punisher (948 km away, every 6 hour)  and Berserker (726 km away, every 12 hours).

Size Comparison of the Helicopters

Size Comparison of the Helicopters


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11 Responses to Helicopters

  1. avatar Manimal ( Private Private Player's Rank 1 )

    In the Black Legion Base, there is a Titan Helicopter. Maybe this is just the U.S. Army in me talking, but if I have captured and terraformed the base and possession being 9/10 of the law, shouldn’t I be able to “appropriate” the Titan for my own purposes? I mean, it’s just sittin’ there in Hangar #2, keys a-janglin’ in the ignition, whispering “Come take me for a spin!”
    Also, my 7-year-old daughter got a hold of the game and accidentally dismantled my Pegasus pistol shortly after I got it, thinking that it was how she got more health or something. Is there any way of getting that back? I was planning on doing the dismantling when I got farther into the Black Legion area and finish off Boombird and Terminator on the island. I mean, I’ve got the UFO pistol and all and it is an energy weapon, but it’s firing is as slow as molasses in the springtime and the reloads are even painfully slower.

    • avatar s_e_s_h ( Lieutenant General Lieutenant General Player's Rank 527 ) Admin

      Good desire to hijack the Titan heli 😉 but no… there is no such wise option in the game :)

      About Pegasus pistol as any other weapon, HelloShitty is right…

    • avatar mors ( Private Private Player's Rank 4 )

      I used the UFO pistol instead of the pegasus one. The UFO does more damage per second than the pegasus, even for unarmoured targets. The slow fire rate and reload is just something you get used to.

    • avatar SparkyYT ( Corporal Corporal Player's Rank 13 )

      titan heli? could u take it or not?

  2. avatar HelloShitty ( Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Player's Rank 294 )

    I think there is no way to get your Pegasus Pistol back after dismantled!

  3. avatar hello93 ( Staff Sergeant Staff Sergeant Player's Rank 38 )

    It will be good if helicopters can shot :(

    • avatar HelloShitty ( Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Player's Rank 294 )

      You don’t use aircraft at all. They just allow you to unlock new Missions!

  4. avatar James ( Private Private Player's Rank 1 )

    I will immediately clutch your rss feed as I can not to find your email subscription link or enewsletter service. Do you have any? Please let me know in order that I may just subscribe. Thanks.

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