KKND-130 Partner

KKND-130 Partner

KKND-130 Partner

The battle crab-robot KKND-130 is your one of the many possible Partners in Evolution: Battle for Utopia game.

I’ve bought out a combat dron from a smuggler. Now I’ve got an armored crab with a pair of powerful flame guns in my squad! Incendiary damage is the deadliest!


Previous partner: Frisky

KKND-130 has 300/810Armored (Min/Max) units of health and wields an integrated Incendiary weapon dealing 20/54Incendiary Damage (Min/Max) units of damage.

When defending Home Base in Player versus Player game mode, KKND-130 is Armored.

KKND-130 can be acquired for 1600 Gems via a random Smuggler’s Offer when you are between levels 18-35Player's Level.

Next partner: Rico


A partner’s rank can be upgraded at the Training Range, increasing the partner’s health and attack damage.

KKND-130 Partner Max Rank

KKND-130 Partner Max Rank

KKND-130 Partner Training Summary Table

Rank Health Damage Training Cost Training Time Required Level
1 Private Private 300 20 – n/a – – n/a –
2 Private First Class Private First Class 330 22 50Biofuel, 2Medals 00:01:00 5Player’s Level
3 Corporal Corporal 360 24 100Biofuel, 4Medals 00:02:00
4 Sergeant Sergeant 390 26 150Biofuel, 6Medals 00:05:00 10Player’s Level
5 Staff Sergeant Staff Sergeant 420 28 200Biofuel, 8Medals 00:10:00
6 Warrant Officer Warrant Officer 450 30 250Biofuel, 10Medals 00:20:00 15Player’s Level
7 Sublieutenant Sublieutenant 480 32 300Biofuel, 12Medals 00:30:00
8 Lieutenant Lieutenant 510 34 350Biofuel, 14Medals 00:45:00 20Player’s Level
9 Lieutenant-Commander Lieutenant-Commander 540 36 400Biofuel, 16Medals 01:00:00
10 Captain Captain 570 38 450Biofuel, 18Medals 01:30:00 25Player’s Level
11 Major Major 600 40 500Biofuel, 20Medals 02:00:00
12 Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel 630 42 600Biofuel, 22Medals 02:30:00 35Player’s Level
13 Colonel Colonel 660 44 700Biofuel, 24Medals 03:00:00
14 Major General Major General 690 46 800Biofuel, 26Medals 03:30:00 45Player’s Level
15 Lieutenant General Lieutenant General 720 48 900Biofuel, 28Medals 04:30:00
16 General General 750 50 1000Biofuel, 30Medals 06:00:00 55Player’s Level
17 General of the Army General of the Army 780 52 1100Biofuel, 32Medals 07:00:00
18 Commander in Chief Commander in Chief 810 54 1200Biofuel, 34Medals 08:00:00 65Player’s Level
Total: 9050Biofuel, 306Medals 40:53:00


KKND-130 Partner Concept Art

KKND-130 Partner Concept Art

KKND-130 Partner Rendering

KKND-130 Partner Rendering

KKND-130 Partner Rendering 2

KKND-130 Partner 3D Model (the Unity Web Player needed to preview)

KKND-130 Partner 3D Model Video


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5 Responses to KKND-130 Partner

  1. avatar Maadmatt ( Corporal Corporal Player's Rank 13 )

    I would not advise buying this Partner. I got him then regretted spending all those gems so early in the game. When I got the KKND, it actually felt like it was a worse option than Frisky! Save your gems!

    • avatar SunSidTDM ( Lieutenant-Commander Lieutenant-Commander Player's Rank 166 )

      I will never buy the KKND I’m going to save my gems and I want partners who can pierce enemies with a shield.

  2. avatar psb ( Sublieutenant Sublieutenant Player's Rank 104 )

    absolutely… the most useless buy u can have for this amt of gems…

  3. avatar Myzrael ( Warrant Officer Warrant Officer Player's Rank 71 )

    This partner can even miss his shoots, and does less dps than frisky when enemies are not behind shield

  4. avatar Lexeeco ( Private Private Player's Rank 3 )

    It does more damage than Frisky, if you upgrade it, lol.

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