Frisky Partner

Frisky Partner

Frisky Partner

The former gang-leader Frisky is your one of the many possible Partners in Evolution: Battle for Utopia game.

Back in the day Frisky lived by robbing and killing. I’ve given him a second chance and now he is my ally!


Previous partner: Jaafar

Frisky has 250/675Unarmored (Min/Max) units of health and wields an regular assault rifle dealing 20/54Regular Damage (Min/Max) units of damage.

His fast and powerful attack makes him a very effective partner in the early part of the game.

Frisky can be found at the Elysium Cargo Ship location, on the opposite side of the southern wall from your starting position. His joining fee is 2500Biofuel.

Next partner: KKND-130


Origin: The Earth

The bandits and marauders who spread terror over the Utopia usually are not known by their real names. Most of them prefer to take ominous nicknames and earn bad repute using them. No one knows why one of Kingpin’s gang chieftains was called “Frisky” for the first time. This could happen not only because of his quick reaction and excellent physical form but also because of his ability to adopt quickly to the changing environment – by the way, that’s essential for this kind of people. The reduction to the ranks didn’t confuse Frisky – he knows that soon he’ll get the long-awaited chance to take revenge by forming an alliance with his ex master’s most vicious enemy…

Dialog with Frisky



Who is kingspin?


Kingpin… Mug ugly as hell and equally sweet personality of a true blue scumbag.

He’s the kind to bite your head off, chew it up and spit it out, though he looks like a stupid bag of fat.

But under that fat he’s got muscles of steel. Once I saw him, dead drunk, rip a car tire apart like an old rag.

You won’t believe it, but back on Earth Kingpin was a big shot. Gangster-turned-businessman kind of one.

And he ended up here by investing heavily in some kind of computer system. Even its name is something stupid…Domino, is it?
Or Dominion?

It just so happened that right when Kingpin landed here – like, to check how his money’s been doing – that’s when the whole mess began.

But Kingpin didn’t as much as blink and in no time put a gang together – out of those who managed to stay alive… Now he controls the entire west coast out to the isthmus.


So where do I find Kingpin?


He hangs out on the personal transporter he used to fly here. Or on what’s left of it after the tsunami.


Tell me of the Vipers


The Vipers are hardcore. They were Kingpin’s minders before all this rampage, at the time when he was still one of the fat cats.

And now they are his loyal guard dogs. Beats me how he keeps them in check, though. Never thought you could do the trick with the rabid ones…

They fight like there’s no tomorrow. Never seen anything like that in my life. Except, maybe, in flicks.

But don’t you mistake them for some muscle-for-brain wannabes. they are elite. First-class military training, armed to the gills.

They are Kingpin’s private reserve. Meant for special occasions. Like doing a hit or making a collection.


…Or replacing a certain ringleader who hasn’t lived up to expectations.


Hey, mine was a whole nother story! Just so you know, I was one helluva leader. If I weren’t I’d be pushing daisies right now instead of flapping gums with you here. Kingpin is not about forgiving mistakes.

Nah, he kicked me out for some other reason…This Viper of his is just a part of some bigger game plan.

I bet my left sock it has something to do with the Black Legion. To Kingpin the Legion is like a red rag to a bull.

The fatty will do whateuer it takes to get back at them!


Tell me of the Black Legion


If you thought that the Vipers were the biggest psychos out here, I have to disappoint you. The Black Legion makes them look like a kitty next to a mountain lion.

Those guys are downright mental. General Kurbatov is the one in command.

Kingpin has an old score to settle with Kurbatov… They were at each other’s throats like a couple of dogs even before the Black Legion gig. It went down like this…

You see, it was Kurbatov who started all the commotion which led to the big boom in Green City and made all hell break loose. In other words, he set Kingpin up big time.

Not only was all the dough pumped into the “Dominion” thingamajig gone – which was bad enough – but on top of that we got stuck on this blasted planet. All thanks to that dirtbag Kurbatov!

Now here’s where Kingpin and I see eye to eye: it’s long past time someone out Kurbatov against the wall.

He’s of that special breed… He wants not just some plain vanilla power. He wants to be a freaking overlord. Moving armies, waging wars. That’s a general for you!

And here on Utopia he finally lost his last marble and came up with this Legion stuff…He’s dragging guys in by force. In the spirit of “you’re either with me or six feet under”.

He feeds them with promises of a brighter tomorrow. And since this is obviously not enough, there is also torture, and drills, and brainwashing…

In short, he’s getting cannon fodder ready for the next great war.

He took quite a few of Kingpin’s boys, too. Kingpin’s hated Kurvatov’s guts since then.

Me, I’d rather have Kingpin. With him at least you know what it all is about: the moolah, the grub, the broads…While the Legion would have you fight machines with no idea what it is you’re sticking out your neck for.


Machines? What kind of machines?


I’ll be damned if I knew. All i have is bits and pieces…I’ve never been in the east. Beats the hell outta me what’s cookin’ out there. The only way there is across the isthmus and that’s where the Black Legion is.

None of the guys who set out to get there has ever come back.

Frisky Partner


A partner’s rank can be upgraded at the Training Range, increasing the partner’s health and attack damage.

Frisky Partner Max Rank

Frisky Partner Max Rank

Partner Frisky Training Summary Table

Rank Health Damage Training Cost Training Time Required Level
1 Private Private 250 20 – n/a – – n/a –
2 Private First Class Private First Class 275 22 50Biofuel, 2Medals 00:01:00 5Player’s Level
3 Corporal Corporal 300 24 100Biofuel, 4Medals 00:02:00
4 Sergeant Sergeant 325 26 150Biofuel, 6Medals 00:05:00 10Player’s Level
5 Staff Sergeant Staff Sergeant 350 28 200Biofuel, 8Medals 00:10:00
6 Warrant Officer Warrant Officer 375 30 250Biofuel, 10Medals 00:20:00 15Player’s Level
7 Sublieutenant Sublieutenant 400 32 300Biofuel, 12Medals 00:30:00
8 Lieutenant Lieutenant 425 34 350Biofuel, 14Medals 00:45:00 20Player’s Level
9 Lieutenant-Commander Lieutenant-Commander 450 36 400Biofuel, 16Medals 01:00:00
10 Captain Captain 475 38 450Biofuel, 18Medals 01:30:00 25Player’s Level
11 Major Major 500 40 500Biofuel, 20Medals 02:00:00
12 Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel 525 42 600Biofuel, 22Medals 02:30:00 35Player’s Level
13 Colonel Colonel 550 44 700Biofuel, 24Medals 03:00:00
14 Major General Major General 575 46 800Biofuel, 26Medals 03:30:00 45Player’s Level
15 Lieutenant General Lieutenant General 600 48 900Biofuel, 28Medals 04:30:00
16 General General 625 50 1000Biofuel, 30Medals 06:00:00 55Player’s Level
17 General of the Army General of the Army 650 52 1100Biofuel, 32Medals 07:00:00
18 Commander in Chief Commander in Chief 675 54 1200Biofuel, 34Medals 08:00:00 65Player’s Level
Total: 9050Biofuel, 306Medals 40:53:00


Frisky Partner Concept Art

Frisky Partner Concept Art

Frisky Partner Rendering

Frisky Partner Rendering


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