Rico Partner

Rico Partner

Rico Partner

The member of the first expedition Rico is your one of the many possible Partners in Evolution: Battle for Utopia game.

He was one of Xi Cultists but his mind stayed strong. Now he is my ally and is helping me to free the planet from evil.


Previous partner: KKND-130

Rico has 350/945Unarmored (Min/Max) units of health and wields an acid shotgun dealing 80/216Acid Damage (Min/Max) units of damage.

His shotgun attack only delivers 30% of the rated damage to enemies at the longest distance. This makes Rico’s attack normally less effective than Frisky. But Rico’s higher Health, ability to damage armored enemies, and massive damage on close quarters makes him useful in some battles.

Rico can be found at right down corner of the Swamps location, where you can recruit him for 3500Biofuel.

Next partner: Roxy

Dialog with Rico



Tell me of the first expedition


I know for a fact that there were eight rescue shuttles that made it safely to Utopia.

Ours landed right here, in the swamps. There were seventy of us, our shuttle was nearly full.

We decided to stay by the craft to make it easier to find us and just waited…Waited for next expedition to arrive…

But time passed on, no news was received. And something unusual started happening to people.

They began hearing voices, seeing weird dreams…
Nightmares, to be more specific.

At first we blamed swamp water which we were forced to drink for the lack of other. But it wasn’t that…

In the next six months most of our people became obsessed with an idea of serving a certain creature that had been speaking to them in the nighttime.

I niver saw or heard anything, but i had to act as if Xi – that was how they called the creature – was controlling my mind as well. Otherwise, they would’ve killed me. I saw it in their frantic eyes.

Day by day,their faith grew more and more fervent. They seemed to remember nothing of their former lives, their minds set solely on the idea of restoring Xi’s power. All other things lost their meaning for them.

They started calling each other “brethren”, like some monks or cultist. They spoke of Xi’s imminent arrival and promised death to all “infidels”.

They even improvised some ritual outfits and tattoos for Xi to quickly distinguish them from others on his arrival.

I, too, changed my clothes to keep up the disguise. At least I managed to fool people…

…but not spiders. When spiders came, first thing they did, they tore to pieces all fake believers. We were few.

I was the only one to escape. I fled and hid in an empty warehouse on the outskirts of the swamps.

And there I stayed until you came. You’ve literally saved me. I owe you my life!


Why do the spiders obey the cultists?


Those able to hear Xi develop a special bond with spiders. Not only spiders do not harm them, but also obey the orders of the most devoted of the fanatics.

According to the prophecies I had a chance to hear, spiders are Xi’s lesser minions. The strongest of them are so big and powerful that they are able to suck the life out of an entire planet.


Tell me of Xi


What I’ve gotten out of all this is the certainty of Xi’s existence. “It” is real and it wants to retrieve its powers, taken away by some ancient enemy in some great war.

People who had revelations, told stories about this war. Xi was extremely strong once.

Driven by a “righteous” idea of the Unification, he was engulfing one universe after another. His multiple foes rose against him, starting a war.

The enemies were numerous. Thousands of planets, stellar systems and galaxies not willing to be absorbed, confronted Xi.

But even their united forces were insufficient. In the end, they were unable to destroy Xi, they could only strip him of his powers.

Xi’s followers consider him to be a true god. They call him the “Devourer of worlds”. I am not sure if he actually is a god or not. but if he isn’t, then who is he?

Rico Partner


A partner’s rank can be upgraded at the Training Range, increasing the partner’s health and attack damage.

Rico Partner Max Rank

Rico Partner Max Rank

Rico Partner Training Summary Table

Rank Health Damage Training Cost Training Time Required Level
1 Private Private 350 80 – n/a – – n/a –
2 Private First Class Private First Class 385 88 50Biofuel, 2Medals 00:01:00 5Player’s Level
3 Corporal Corporal 420 96 100Biofuel, 4Medals 00:02:00
4 Sergeant Sergeant 455 104 150Biofuel, 6Medals 00:05:00 10Player’s Level
5 Staff Sergeant Staff Sergeant 490 112 200Biofuel, 8Medals 00:10:00
6 Warrant Officer Warrant Officer 525 120 250Biofuel, 10Medals 00:20:00 15Player’s Level
7 Sublieutenant Sublieutenant 560 128 300Biofuel, 12Medals 00:30:00
8 Lieutenant Lieutenant 595 136 350Biofuel, 14Medals 00:45:00 20Player’s Level
9 Lieutenant-Commander Lieutenant-Commander 630 144 400Biofuel, 16Medals 01:00:00
10 Captain Captain 665 152 450Biofuel, 18Medals 01:30:00 25Player’s Level
11 Major Major 700 160 500Biofuel, 20Medals 02:00:00
12 Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel 735 168 600Biofuel, 22Medals 02:30:00 35Player’s Level
13 Colonel Colonel 770 176 700Biofuel, 24Medals 03:00:00
14 Major General Major General 805 184 800Biofuel, 26Medals 03:30:00 45Player’s Level
15 Lieutenant General Lieutenant General 840 192 900Biofuel, 28Medals 04:30:00
16 General General 875 200 1000Biofuel, 30Medals 06:00:00 55Player’s Level
17 General of the Army General of the Army 910 208 1100Biofuel, 32Medals 07:00:00
18 Commander in Chief Commander in Chief 945 216 1200Biofuel, 34Medals 08:00:00 65Player’s Level
Total: 9050Biofuel, 306Medals 40:53:00


Rico Partner Concept Art

Rico Partner Concept Art

Rico Partner Rendering

Rico Partner Rendering


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7 Responses to Rico Partner

  1. avatar SunSidTDM ( Lieutenant-Commander Lieutenant-Commander Player's Rank 166 )

    He is really weaker than Frisky, he is only good for defending your base in PvP.

    • avatar omero ( Warrant Officer Warrant Officer Player's Rank 68 )

      Uhm… I’m not that far in the storyline but… He’s got an Acidic weapon… As much as I really appreciate Frisky being at my side, he isn’t helping much vs. armored enemies…

      • avatar SunSidTDM ( Lieutenant-Commander Lieutenant-Commander Player's Rank 166 )

        But rico has a shotgun, he shoots very very slowly and he only does 30% damage to ennemies at the longest distance. He is only good for turret, for other armored ennemies it’s easy to kill when they are taunting.

  2. avatar Grrrr ( Private Private Player's Rank 3 )

    I have roxy for main partner, and lieutenant colonel spidy for sub. sould I upgrade rico?
    I’m on UfO crash, lv41.

    • avatar SunSidTDM ( Lieutenant-Commander Lieutenant-Commander Player's Rank 166 )

      I think spidey should be enough for you, but Rico is really useful for pvp defense.

    • avatar omero ( Warrant Officer Warrant Officer Player's Rank 68 )

      I have upgraded every single companion I came across and recruited… Even Fido. You have Roxy already… I don’t have Roxy but plan to get her at the earliest opportunity. I didn’t like Spidey initially but … I kind of like his support now… It’s a matter of where you are in the story and your playing style 😉

  3. avatar Bogdan ( Private Private Player's Rank 1 )

    Hi i like this game i i dont kown where to write this i want to sugest some ting may be use full
    Like a defense walltroug like defense turel and how many partenere gona join în batle coș i dont kown it and i was loking for it
    And a lvl walltroug
    Coș i se this game is not to advance fast is to stat like 4-5 days to a lvl
    I give an exemple .
    To lvl 1 you need 100 xp to get lvl 2
    To lvl 2 you need 200 xp to get lvl 3
    Dont kown if is use full for other players but if not use ignore me .thanx good play to all .☺☺☺

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