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Your Base Attack is one of the many Random Encounters in the Evolution: Battle for Utopia game.

Several creatures will advance upon and attempt to damage the player’s buildings. These creatures will appear in the form of Spiders, Sliders or Bombers of varying types. Your Turrets will fire upon the creatures automatically, although it is possible for some creatures to survive this attack. It is also possible for the player to tap on the creatures to deal damage. Multiple taps are often required to completely destroy a creature. Most creatures will drop 3Biofuel upon death, while some larger creatures are known to drop 6Biofuel (most common), 1Crystallite, 1Data Disks or 1Gems (very rare).

If a creature successfully reaches one of the player’s buildings, the building will enter a “damaged” state, which must be repaired in order for the player to access it. Each building can be repaired at a cost of 10Steel, 10Magmatite, and requires 3 minutes to complete.

After opening the Crystallite deposit location you will be attacked very often and often with the Bombers’ Queen. She needs to be killed with many taps of your finger. These attacks not stops even when you kill her at the Сrystallite deposit. Moreover, further base attacks by the Overlord will also happens time to time.


You have to collect dropped down Resources by your self or they will first flashes and then vanishes.

Home Base Attack Encounter

Home Base Attack Encounter

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