Crystallite Deposit Location

Crystallite Deposit Location

The Crystallite Deposite is one of the many Story-line locations in the Evolution: Battle for Utopia game.


Crystallite Deposit is a secondary story-line location, but you can build here your Crystallite Mine

Previous story-line location: Black Legion Base

Unlock requirement: Win 5 battles with Partner’s Damage > 7000 or 250Gems (each successful battle reduces the price by 50Gems)

Difficulty: 5/7

Total enemies: 22

Boss: Bombers’ Queen

Story of this location: Here

Walkthrough of this location: Here

Rewards: Chosen By Xi Armor, Acid Shotgun, Crystallite Mine, 52Medals

Commander’s Log: Chapters 38-39

Terraforming price:  2 300Magmatite

Side story tasks on location

  1. Find a Crystallite deposit
  2. Build a Crystallite Mine
    Attention! The Crystallite Mine technology is available in the Tactics and Strategy section of the Research Center

Next story-line location: Defense Line

Crystallite Deposit Location on the Globe

Crystallite Deposit Location on the Globe

Crystallite Deposit Location Unlock Requirement

Crystallite Deposit Location Unlock Requirement

Initial View of Crystallite Deposit Location

Initial View of Crystallite Deposit Location

Crystallite Deposit Location View After Terraforming

Crystallite Deposit Location View After Terraforming


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2 Responses to Crystallite Deposit Location

  1. avatar Jamie ( Private Private Player's Rank 3 )

    Hi, can I please get a step by step guide as to how to access the tactics & strategy section of the research centre?

    • avatar Eragon3942 ( Private First Class Private First Class Player's Rank 10 )

      If you go to the research centre, at the top will be a button that says ‘tactics and strategy’. click that and you’re there… if you are currently researching something, you can go to the operations (the yellow markers on the map), and then click ‘tactics and strategy’ at the top right

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