Mine Capture

Mine Capture

Your Mine Capture is one of the many Random Encounters in the Evolution: Battle for Utopia game.

Your mine has been captured. Pay this small sum and you’lI get it back intact If you are not impervious to common sense, you will take the deal.

General information about the Viper Boss: Here

A Viper will capture your mine. Your choices are “Pay” her off or “Attack” her in combat to get your mine back in to production. She will stay at your mine until dealt with.

Viper does not appear until after you defeat her at the Elysium Cargo Ship location.

Not only one mine can be captured at the same period of time.

Viper can’t capture Magmatite mine or Reactor at your Home Base.

After beating her she drops 2 random items (for instance: G-3 Frag Grenade, 1Stimpack, Shotgun Cartridges, 1Gems, etc.).


Don’t pay to Viper a penny. To beat her (she is alone at the low levels of the player) it’s easier then you think!

If you reclaim your captured mine after 29Player's Level, you will receive the technology of production the Dragon pistol, and from 58Player's Level – the technology of Dragon-2 pistol (reclaim any mine, captured by Viper and Executioner).

You can also attack her with a “Phoenix” missile.

Link to the Walkthrough Guide: Here.

Mine Capture on the Globe.

Mine Capture on the Globe

Mine Capture at Location

Mine Capture at Location

Mine Capture Ransom

Mine Capture Ransom

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6 Responses to Mine Capture

  1. avatar Commander Cody ( Private Private Player's Rank 2 )

    Not sure if it’s bug or not, but when your mine is captured, and the encounter would be hard for you (for example 3 Shield Bearers, 2 Raiders and 1 Viper), you can simply shut down the game and reload it again. Composition of an encounter will be different.
    I use this “bug” to chose Viper-only encounter and then it’s easy kill.
    Remember, you have to shut the game down completely via Application manager.

  2. avatar zx2409 ( Private Private Player's Rank 5 )

    I have two questions. First, can viper capture my iron mine at the iron mine sector(first iron mine you get at the start of the game)? Second, do I need to finish the Hub sector to start facing this random encounter?

    As for why I’m asking this, it says here that I only need to defeat the viper boss at the elysium cargo ship location to start facing this random encounter. But viper is not appearing for me although i have waited for a couple of weeks. (I have beaten viper boss at elysium cargo ship but have not finished Hub sector.)

    • avatar zx2409 ( Private Private Player's Rank 5 )

      can someone answer this

      • avatar Domi ( Private First Class Private First Class Player's Rank 10 )

        The first iron mine cannot be captured, only the iron mine in the relic sector and the magmatite mine in the hub sector (unsure about the crystallite mine,am not that far yet) can be captured by the viper, with it I assume you will only face this encounter once you either have built a mine at the hub or the relic sector.

      • avatar Eragon3942 ( Private First Class Private First Class Player's Rank 10 )

        Yes, the crystalline mine can be captured

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