Home Base Location

Home Base Location

The Home Base is one of the many Story-line Locations in the Evolution: Battle for Utopia game.


Home Base is the first primary story-line location – this is Commander’s shuttle crash site.

Difficulty: 1/7
Total enemies: 8
Boss: Spiders’ QueenOverlord (after terraforming)
Story of this location: Here
Walkthrough of this location: Here
Rewards: Construction site for your Base, ReactorResearch CenterMagmatite MineArsenal
Commander’s Log: Chapter 1
Terraforming price: 10Biofuel

Story-line tasks on location

  1. Kill the monster spider
  2. Find the landing capsules of the surviving crew members
  3. Destroy the green snake and continue the search of your crew
  4. Find the last member of your crew
  5. Eliminate the remaining spiders to create a safe environment for the base
  6. Destroy the Queen
  7. Switch the shuttle to the reactor mode
  8. Clear the territory of the base of blue anomalies
  9. Build a Research Center
  10. Study the technology for excavating Magmatite at the Research Center and build a mine
  11. Research and build the Arsenal
  12. Produce a medpack at the Arsenal
  13. Use the map to relocate to the Iron Mine quadrant

Next story-line location: Iron Mine

Home Base Location on the Globe

Home Base Location on the Globe

Initial View of Home Base Location

Initial View of Home Base Location

The First (Old) Version Initial View of the Home Base Location

The First (Old) Version Initial View of the Home Base Location

Home Base Location View After Terraforming

Home Base Location View After Terraforming

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  1. avatar hello93 ( Staff Sergeant Staff Sergeant Player's Rank 38 )

    Lol I have this base …

    Ah because it’s the depart base 😮

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