Bunker Location

Bunker Location

The Bunker is one of the many Story-line locations in the Evolution: Battle for Utopia game.


Bunker is a primary story-line location. Kronos base was located here.

Previous story-line location: Iron Mine

Difficulty: 1/7
Total enemies: 14
Boss: Demolisher
Story of this location: Here
Walkthrough of this Location: Here
Rewards: Fighter Assault Rifle, Training Range, Vulcan Machine Gun, Workshop, Phoenix System, Assault Rifle Cartridges, 18Medals
Commander’s Log: Chapters 6-8
Terraforming price: 300Biofuel

Story-line tasks on location

  1. Find the secret bunker and acquire Kronos technology
  2. Hack into the bunker and acquire Kronos technology
  3. Reach the psionic training base

Next story-line location: Psionic Base

Bunker Location on the Globe

Bunker Location on the Globe

Initial View of Bunker Location

Initial View of Bunker Location

Bunker Location View After Terraforming

Bunker Location View After Terraforming

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