Kingpins Hideout Story

Kingpin’s Hideout Story

The story of Kingpin’s Hideout location is part of a larger Story Line in the Evolution: Battle for Utopia game.

General information about the Kingpin’s Hideout location is Here, and walkthrough guide is Here.

<<< Citadel (Main Story)

We’ve made our way right up to Kingpin’s lair and have yet to be spotted. Very suspicious. I feel like a thief that’s out to rob a kindergarten!
Smells like a trap. Kingpin should be expecting our arrival after what we did at the Citadel…
Right. I think that the old fox doesn’t want to dissipate his strength. He’s gathering his resources together like a fist, and will wallop it on us in one big blow once we get closer. But we’ll be ready, too.

I don’t understand it! I saw this Viper finish off the Executioner. I thought they were acting together. It’s worth trying to talk to her!

My boys promised to bring me your head, and you delivered it yourself. True, it’s still attached to your shoulders, but no matter – not for long. When you dared to put your filthy hands on my things, you signed your own sentence.
You have as much a right to the bunker as my dog Fido! You use your gang of thugs to call the shots and think that this gives you license to do whatever you want?
This bunker you say is yours belongs to the Kronos corporation, and they worked for the Government of the Earth Federation.
This very Government sent us to Utopia on an important mission, and we had every right to use the bunker for the good of Earth.

“For the good of Earth”? Ha-ha-ha… Well said! It’s pleasant chatting with such a naive little boy, like petting a kitten, or plucking a flower to smell. Neither of those things remains on Utopia…
Perhaps you think Kronos also worked for the benefit of Earthlings? But what about the Phoenix project? What kind of “good” was it developed for, then?
You don’t know? Well, I know – because this and many other Kronos projects were made with my money!
This entire story about settlements for the rich on Utopia is a smokescreen. We used this nonsense to hide what was really going on. Kronos created a serious little toy for Cruise and me.
We need Phoenix to bring Earth to its knees! Not what you expected? Lift your jaw off the floor and listen on!
The cherished goal was close at hand. We stood on the threshold of a new era, and world domination was only a step away…

And then that damned epidemic happened on Earth. The refugees completely changed the game for me and Cruise. And that bastard Kurbatov!
And Cruise – what a wuss he turned out to be! When things did not go according to plan, when the mob stormed the city, he fell apart! He thought all his lies would come up to the surface. And he blew up the reactor, the idiot…
Well, no one to blame but myself. Should’ve picked better business partners…
But don`t you worry – as you can see, I never lost heart despite all this crap. If life hands you lemons, just make lemonade. When you have trash and tramps, squeeze something out of them, too…
Here on the ruins I built a new world. It’s hard to call this place Utopia, ha-ha! But it’s still a place to live. People trust me. They think it’ll get better soon…
And then suddenly you show up! You’ve ruined all my plans! I can’t even think of a punishment to fit your crime!
Who is there now to stop the Black Legion and Dominators?! Or perhaps you can tell me how to stop Xi? Do you even know what Xi is?!
No! You know nothing! You have no idea what’s going on here on this godforsaken freaking planet! You just march straight in and think that you can change anything!
What happened here before no longer matters! I intend to do all I can to save lives and alert Earth as soon as possible about the situation on the planet.
My immediate goal is simple – to get to those who shoot down ships from Earth, and to eliminate the threat to the next expedition.
And all that separates me from that goal now is a small black box from my ship. You’ve taken it, and I want you to return it to me.
My god, you’re just as stupid as your iron dog… You don’t even know who to bare your teeth at. The forces you are tangling with will crush you into nano-dust faster than you can adjust your shoulder belt…

We’ll see! The climate here agrees with me: just yesterday I was an ordinary man, and today I control missiles with my mind.
I at least have a plan, while you are hiding like a worm in a hole. You sit and shake, afraid to return my box to me…
Ha-ha-ha! You’re right. I will not give you the box. But it’s not about fear; it’s about your madness. You’ve hurt me badly with your thoughtless actions, and I do not want you to continue to do so in the future.

Hey! Who are you? Why did you kill this Executioner?
He paid the price for his stupidity! How could you think that after leaving the Vipers I would stop being the best? I took both my cunning and my fighting skills with me!
So you left the gang and now you’re on your own?
Yes. I made that decision. Unfortunately, Vincent disagreed. He considered it a betrayal and stuffed me into a cage. He’s too damn selfish and possessive for his own good!
It was clear that he did not strangle me at once only because he wanted to stage a show trial and execute me in front of everyone, to intimidate the rest. He’s done it before.
So when you showed up at the camp and created a diversion, I could not let the opportunity slip by. I jumped at the chance to clear this idiot who was guarding me out of the way.
So in a sense, I owe my life to you. Be proud.
Then perhaps you want to join me?
Why not? Anyway, I have no idea where to go if I’m to avoid ending up in the Black Legion.

Dialog with Roxy



Why did you leave the vipers?


I should have done this long ago…But it took some time to see the light…

When Green City went kaput and a huge tsunami swept over the planet.. everything was different then…

These disasters really united us. We fought to live, and sought a way out. We rescued and brought people together in order to survive in this hell.

Vincent was a real leader: strong, just. On him we all set our hope for salvation. We believed in him and followed him.

But then he changed and became the person they now call Kingpin. I find myself thinking about it time and again. It seems to me that at some point, he simply lost faith.

He abandoned all hope of escape from Utopia and concentrated solely on the matter of hanging onto power. With higher goal gone, he quickly degraded into an ordinary bandit.

I was one of the Vipers – his elite bodyguards. Initially, we helped ensure order in the survivors’ camp. And then Kingpin turned us into a death squad.

As for dissenters, he either killed them or bullied them. Preserving and extending his own power became his sole purpose in life.

Once I realized all this, I decided to leave. Well, what happened next, and how Vincent repaid me for my years of faithful service, you already know.


Tell me of the dominators


All you need to know about the dominators is that it’s better to stay away from them!

At least that’s the advice Vincent gave me in his time. And he was one of the creators of Dominion. So I believe what he had to say about it.

I don’t know what Dominion is up to now, what goals it’s pursuing. Nobody knows, actually. How can anyone comprehend an out-of-control machine?

At first everyone thought Dominion was destroyed along with the city, but then these robots began to show up – Dominators.

Many people think that the Dominators have been sent to destroy people. But I think that
in all likelihood they are looking for


Tell me of Xi


Xi? Where did you hear about that?


From Kingpin. He mentioned this mysterious Xi in conversation. Do you know what it is?


Yes, the word is known to me. “Xi” is also called the “Devourer of Worlds”. It’s a god figure for a local religious cult.

This cult originated somewhere in the swamps. Now it is actively spreading across Utopia. This is primarily because there are more and more spiders and all sorts of other creatures.

Xi’s followers believe that the monsters are the result of the existence of a great demon, this Devourer of Worlds.

They think that this demon is buried deep underground and these creatures come from there as the harbingers of his imminent arrival. Or something like that.


Intriguing. And what is your own theory about the spiders? They didn’t even exist until recently, did they?


No, they didn’t. But then again, neither did the Dominators…

Listen, this planet served as the site of some extremely bold and dangerous undertakings. I would say that these creatures are the result of biological weapons experiments, rather than put much faith in these tales of a demon. Ha!

Roxy Partner


I have the black box. I am proceeding to decode it.

I finished decoding the black box and analyzed the telemetry of the shot that destroyed the MOROSE.
And I have the coordinates of the location where that shot was fired.
The target is at an approximate distance of 2,000 kilometers from here. That’s the other end of the continent…
Looks like we have a trip ahead of us. We must at all costs save the next expedition and warn Earth about what is happening here.

Black Legion Checkpoint (Main Story) >>>


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