Machine Guns

The Machine Guns is one of Weapons type in the Evolution: Battle for Utopia game.

Machine Guns have the highest rate of fire of any weapon and are usually the most powerful weapon in your inventory.

They are very handy when dealing with tough enemies, as well as when performing PvP attacks.

Machine Guns, Available in the Game

Machine Guns Summary Table

Name Damage Min/Max Magazine Min/Max Crit Chance Min/Max Unlocked By Research Cost (Time) Cost Reduction Requirement Reduced Research Cost (Time) Construction Cost (Time)
Vulcan 28/48Regular Damage 25/50 0/10 Bunker, Drops from the location’s boss Demolisher 150Biofuel, 20Data Disks, 250Magmatite (00:15:00) Destroy Turret (1) 120Biofuel, 16Data Disks, 200Magmatite (00:12:00) 1000Biofuel, 500Magmatite (00:20:00)
Commando 50/85Regular Damage 25/50 0/10 Coast, Left bottom corner of location, destroy the last turret 300Biofuel, 30Data Disks, 500Magmatite (00:60:00) Enemies with Machine Gun Destroyed (4) 240Biofuel, 24Data Disks, 400Magmatite (00:48:00) 4000Biofuel, 1200Magmatite (01:30:00), 2 lvl Storage Depot
Juggernaut 100/170Regular Damage 25/50 0/10 Swamps, Right top corner of location in safe boat 500Biofuel, 35Data Disks, 700Magmatite (01:30:00) Turrets Destroyed (5) 400Biofuel, 28Data Disks, 560Magmatite (01:12:00) 5500Biofuel, 1600Magmatite (02:00:00), 30Player's Level, 6 lvl Storage Depot
Megathrone 200/340Energy Damage 25/50 0/10 Gem Purchase, 41-60Player's Level 1800Gems – n/a – – n/a – – n/a –
Moloch 300/510Regular Damage 25/50 0/10 Defense Line, Hack in middle north (bunker) behind the Maximus Turret 600Biofuel, 40Data Disks, 900Magmatite (02:00:00) Enemies with Machine Gun Destroyed (7) 480Biofuel, 32Data Disks, 720Magmatite (01:36:00) 7000Biofuel, 2000Magmatite (02:30:00), 30Player's Level, 10 lvl Storage Depot
Acid Cannon 530/900Acid Damage 8/18 0/20 Excavations, to the end clockwise, drops from boss Hand of Xi. The Acid Shotgun must be researched 2500Skill Points, 40Data Disks (04:00:00) G-2 Acid Grenades Used (4) 2000Skill Points, 32Data Disks (03:12:00) 8000Biofuel, 2200Crystallite (06:00:00), 40Player's Level, 12 lvl Storage Depot
Dominion 400/680Energy Damage 25/50 0/10 Gem Purchase, 60-72Player's Level 2200Gems – n/a – – n/a – – n/a –



Regular Damage – Regular Damage. Good for unarmored targets (100% damage), but totally useless for armored (0%). This type of damage is Most common among Machine Guns (4 of 7).

Energy Damage – Energy Damage. Good for unarmored targets (100% damage) and useful for armored (50%). This type of damage have only premium Machine Guns (Megathrone and Dominion). Second is the most powerful Machine gun in the game.

Incendiary Damage – Incendiary Damage. Excellent for unarmored targets (130% damage), but totally useless for armored (0%). No Machine Gun with this type of damage in the game yet.

Acid Damage – Acid Damage. Good for unarmored targets (100% damage) and just brilliant for armored (130%). This type of damage have only Acid Cannon. It has a Shotgun’s fire-rate, but uses Machine Gun Cartridges as ammo.

Unlike Pistols, all Machine Guns (except Acid Cannon) have the same reload sliderMachine Gun reload slider, same rate of fire and reload time.

Machine Guns Concept Art

Machine Guns Concept Art


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30 Responses to Machine Guns

  1. avatar hello93 ( Staff Sergeant Staff Sergeant Player's Rank 38 )

    The acid machine gun must be called shotgun because it s have a low fire rate lol

    • avatar HelloShitty ( Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Player's Rank 294 )

      But it deals 100% damage from any distance (MG property), uses MG ammo and has MG magazine capacity. Almost everything is MG alike. The only thing in common with the Acid Shotgun is the fire rate and the damage dealt!

    • avatar Salvator ( Sergeant Sergeant Player's Rank 24 )

      It’s “cannon”, not really machinegun, but it’s ok to be in the machinegun type by other properties.

    • avatar Super march ( Private First Class Private First Class Player's Rank 10 )

      I agree if that so. It has no range penalty but with a shotgun fire rate.

  2. avatar psb ( Sublieutenant Sublieutenant Player's Rank 104 )

    well, acid canon doesnt have a mg magazine capacity… its mag. cap is near shotguns… but it is so powerful that after u get acid canon, u will almost never use any other weapons for tougher enemies lyk dominators… so make sure to research the mg kit… it will save u a hell lot of resources …

    also… be sure to upgrade its damage and critical hit to max…

    • avatar HelloShitty ( Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Player's Rank 294 )

      Sure, my mistake. Acid Canon has 18 rounds top. I’ll correct it!

  3. avatar Grim Reapress ( Private First Class Private First Class Player's Rank 7 )

    The research requirements for the Acid Cannon isn’t 2600 Skill Points, its 2500 Skill Points. The amount of disc needed is correct, 40 discs.

  4. avatar gudz ( Private Private Player's Rank 3 )

    is dominion mg worth it if you already have the acid cannon?

  5. avatar Jay ( Private Private Player's Rank 4 )

    I’m wearing protoarmour with full upgrade of dominion pistol and acid short gun..yet i can’t defeat hegemon..what the hell..!! Saw other guy equip wih dominion armor, pistol and molock mg…defeat the boss like a piece of cake.My question is, should i get the acid canon or just get the molock mg as i don’t have enough gem to buy dominion mg…

    • avatar s_e_s_h ( Lieutenant General Lieutenant General Player's Rank 527 ) Admin

      Try to improve your battle tactics (like in video you’ve saw) and you will may not need more powerfull weapon 😉

      • avatar Jay ( Private Private Player's Rank 4 )

        I defeated the foot soldiers and creatures till hegemon…when i shot, bombed and using pulse energy…the hegemon seems to recover shortly…acid shotgun does’nt bring any luck at all…do you think it worth to get acid canon then? Or just get moloch and upgrade it to the max….been in battle several time till i got fed up and pause…

  6. avatar Havoc ( Private Private Player's Rank 3 )

    Acid cannon preferred over moloch MG…

  7. avatar Nemesis ( Corporal Corporal Player's Rank 12 )

    Anyone mind if I asked if the Construction cost or Construction time” be placed in each weapon tab? I was looking for the construction cost of Juggernaut for a long time on it’s page but finely found it here, I feel so stupid. I been being careful with making weapons after being ripped off on Dragon Pistol because I could of used those targets for upgrades and my Cobra is almost maxed out.

    Thanks for reading this.

  8. avatar deepspace ( Private First Class Private First Class Player's Rank 9 )

    I received the offer for Dominion MG. I have enough gems currently to buy this but not sure.
    Will this offer appear later as well randomly if I leave it for now?

  9. avatar Chuck ( Private Private Player's Rank 1 )

    I’m wondering what the gem purchase odds are for the dominion mg or kurbatov pistol to appear. I’ve been playing casually for over two months while in the 60-72 level range and they have not shown once for purchase.

  10. avatar Flash ( Private Private Player's Rank 2 )

    I wish you include charts with the fire rate here and on AR page like you have on the pistols page !

  11. avatar Unknown ( Private Private Player's Rank 4 )

    Dominion Is The Beast When I Once Use It And Upgrade To Max Damn It’s To Strong
    NGL It’s To Strong It Killed Shield Bearers EVEN
    1 Hit Kill The Freaking Red Faced Enemies And SPIDERS ALMOST

  12. avatar Unknown ( Private Private Player's Rank 4 )

    Dominion Is The Beast When I Once Use It And Upgrade To Max Damn It’s To Strong
    NGL It’s To Strong It Killed Shield Bearers EVEN
    1 Hit Kill The Freaking Red Faced Enemies And SPIDERS ALMOST
    This Is Unknown
    Im Out

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