Black Legion Army

Black Legion Army

The Black Legion Army members are few of the many Enemies in the Evolution: Battle for Utopia game.

Black Legion Army

The Black Legion became some kind of hell on earth for Utopia’s bandits – though one doesn’t starve there and doesn’t need to worry about the supplies, the price for that is very high: constant square-bashing, brain-washing and participating in all kind of experiments often leading to the death of the “volunteers”. The main objective of this army is the war with the Dominion robots, and the head of this army General Kurbatov is ready to sacrifice anything for that. Being a highly experienced active service officer he treats his people like consumable material considering them to be no more than replaceable parts in a huge machine. Of course, his methods are completely inhuman, but one can’t deny them to be effective, because the soulless killers made of steel can be defeated only by soulless slayers of flesh and blood.

You can find and research the vulnerabilities of the Black Legion Army members at your Reconnaissance Center.


Military Machinery




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  1. avatar Ijustgotscammed ( Corporal Corporal Player's Rank 16 )

    Does mammoth tank become a terror 4 enemy cuz if so i am screwed since i use nukes to kill mammoths since they cost alot of medkits and stuff to kill

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