Military Offers

Military Offers

Military Offers is one of the two main types of Smuggler’s Offers in the Evolution: Battle for Utopia game.

They divided into kinds:


Is Armor Worth Buying?: Yes (this is the only way to get premium Armor).

Name Image Rebecca’s Description Levels Price
Thug Armor Thug Armor Hello, friend. I got my hands on a genuine armor of a thug commander. This armor has a HEALTH BOOST effect of 1000 units, and can scare the wits out of enemies just with its looks alone.  14-28Player's Level  499Gems
Hornet Armor Hornet Armor Not long ago I found out that there is an entire settlement in the very heart of the Xi-activity! The inhabitants managed to surviue having learnt to craft first-class armor of the local creatures’ shells. I’ve traded in one set especially for you – it will give you 2200 of health.  35-50Player's Level  2000Gems
Black Legion Armor Black Legion Armor It took me long enough to hunt down the heavy armor of a Black Legion. You know, who’ll part with an armor giving you 3000 health and bullet-proof in the PvP-mode? And recently I’ve managed to get it – thanks to one brave guy that agreed to attack the Legion base and distract the guards. Is it of your interest?  49-60Player's Level  2000Gems
Protoarmor Protoarmor I know you guessed that we are not just merchants. We are the “Collectors” and our aim is to restore the relic terraformers and stop Xi. However, you have to defeat the Dominion first So we’ve designed this armor for you – It’ll help you to smash the Dominion.  66-72Player's Level  70000Biofuel



Are weapons worth buying?: Yes (this is the only way to get premium Weapons)

If you have buy Gems or Biofuel for real money and get VIP status, you could test weapon before buy (except Megathrone Pistol).

Name Image Rebecca’s Description Levels Price
Megathrone Pistol Megathrone Pistol Hello, friend. I’m gonna make you an offer to die for – the one you won’t be able to refuse. It’s a genuine ENERGY WEAPON, capable of dealing 20/35 units of damage. With this bad boy you will easily dispatch any armored target. 7-25Player's Level 299Gems
M3 SMG M3 SMG Pistol I am offering you the very best weapon to be found on Utopia. It’s this season’s smash hit! This SMG is capable of dealing 36/56 units of ENERGY DAMAGE; it comes equipped with an extended of 10/20 magazine and boasts an INSANE RAPID FIRE rate. 20-35Player's Level 1200Gems
Adam Cruise’s Magnum Adam Cruise's Magnum Pistol I got ahold of Adam Cruise’s Magnum! President of The Earth Federation himself presented this gun to Cruise for the achievements in the colonization of Utopia. It deals 70/120 units of damage and its upgrade can increase your CRIT CHANCE up to 20% so that your every fifth shot would inflict double damage. 32-48Player's Level 1500Gems
M5 SMG M5 SMG Pistol Today I’ve got something really special for you -something you’ve dreamt of! The upgraded version of the SUBMACHINE-GUN! Have a look at this wonder of engineering! 135/225 ENERGY DAMAGE, a 10/20 extended magazine and damn well an INSANE RAPID FIRE! 47-60Player's Level 2400Gems
Kurbatov’s Pistol Kurbatov's Pistol You were damn right when you finished off that Kurbatov… But for you I’ve got his pistol. A one-off stuff with 268/453 units of ENERGY damage, an 8/18 extended magazine and a RELOAD BOOST! No doubt you re the first in my list for this toy. But don’t dumb it down – there’s a line already. 64-72Player's Level 2500Gems
Megathrone AR Megathrone Assault Rifle I have a real treat for you today, fresh from the Black Legion’s armory. This beauty is capable of dealing 66/111 units of ENERGY DAMAGE. I’m pretty sure Kurbatou himself uses one of those. I bet he calls it Vera. 23-37Player's Level 1400Gems
Megathrone-2 AR Megathrone-2 Assault Rifle Just yesterday the engineers of the Black Legion produced the first batch of 3 new Megatrones. lust imagine I’ve got one already! The assault rifle has been completely reworked: the magazine has been extended up to 14/29 and the ENERGY damage increased up to 124/209! 34-40Player's Level 1600Gems
Dragon AR Dragon Assault Rifle You’ve heard about the DRAGON experimental weapons line, haven’t you? Yes, for those who like the hot stuff. It burns up your enemies and deals easily with any unarmored organic targets. Today I’d like to offer you an AR of this line, dealing 200/340 units of INCENDIARY damage. 52-65Player's Level 1900Gems
Puma Shotgun Puma Shotgun I’ve come across a very rare model shotgun. It is one of those shotguns that are perfectly balanced: 180/305 units of damage, a 7/12 extended magazine and, above all, a unique ADAPTIVE RELOAD SYSTEM. A rather effective and handy weapon! 15-23Player's Level 900Gems
Megathrone Shotgun Megathrone Shotgun You are interested in energy weapons, right? I have something special for you! Look at this shotgun. It’s the most powerful ENERGY WEAPON I could find on Utopia. Judge for yourself: its destructive power is 520/870 units of damage! 27-42Player's Level 1600Gems
Megathrone MG Megathrone Machine Gun Do you recognize this cutie? Look closer! it’s your ship’s onboard gun – miraculously undamaged in the crash! My guys bought it from Kingpin’s looters and made it into this hand-held ENERGY MG inflicting dreadful damage of 200/340 units. Take it – I’m sure you re meant to be together! 41-60Player's Level 1800Gems
Dominion MG Dominion Machine Gun We’ve taken this babe oft one of the Synthetics. The toughest thing I’ve ever got to see! Just listen: 400/680 units of ENERGY damage together with an INSANE RAPID FIRE! I’d bet, this one is of the newest Dominion weapons. And, it II be yours – just at a bargain price. 60-72Player's Level  2200Gems



Are partners worth buying?: Yes (this is the only way to get premium Partners)

Name Image Rebecca’s Description Levels Price
KKND-130 KKND-130 Partner I noticed you have a funny little dog. so I’m sure this cutie here might interest you too. It’s a limited edition armored combat drone! It has a great armor 300/810 and guns dealing 20/54 units of INCENDIARY damage. It’s super efficient in destroying flesh targets! 18-35Player's Level 1600Gems
Spidey Spidey Partner Just keep calm and listen. I want to offer you a spider! guess he was banished from his pack, because he was born white, warm and fuzzy. My guys found him a while back. I can give Spidey to you as a gift… for a small fee. He has 400/1080 units of health and SPITS ACID, dealing 50/135 units of damage. 25-45Player's Level 2000Gems
Boombird Boombird Partner Some of the Kingpin’s Boombirds lost communication with the control center after you destroyed the Mechanarium. My guys have panned out to get and reprogram one of them, it’s armored, having a great armor totaling 450/1215 and guns dealing 40/108 units of INCENDIARY damage. Is it of your interest? 39-59Player's Level 2400Gems
Terminator-Kingpin Terminator-Kingpin Partner You see… One guy ordered a Terminator with the Kingpin’s brains. As they say. you got the money – you get the honey! But I’ve got a problem: the Terminator won’t obey anyone but you. That’s why I’ll let you buy it at a bargain price. It has a great armor totaling 550/1485 and guns dealing 55/148 units of ENERGY damage. 54-64Player's Level 2200Gems


Ammunition and Resources Sale

Hello, friend. Fortune has smiled on you today! I am offering you a deal of a lifetime with basically no profit for myself. Believe me, you wont find terms like these anywhere else. I guarantee it.

Have you ever heard about Stasis Grenades? They re able to “freeze” a battlefield for 10 seconds. What’s more, you can use them together with common grenades. Look, they are rare and scarce goods, but I’ll let you have one or two just for nothing – you re my friend after all.

Offered Ammunition and Resources with a discount to the game’s shop prices.

Is Ammunition and Resources worth buying?: No (there are more favorable ways to spent Gems)

Most reasonable purchase might be Stasis Grenades, but they also can be bought rarely forBiofuel from Itinerant Merchant.

Offer Image Levels Shop Price Rebecca’s Price (discount)
G-2 Frag Grenade Kit (6 pcs) + U-2 Medpack Kit (8 pcs) G-2 Frag Grenade Kit+U-2 Medpack Kit 10-29Player's Level 228Gems 150Gems (33% discount)
100 Machine Gun Cartridges Machine Gun Cartridges 16-99Player's Level 259Gems 179Gems (30% discount)
3 Stasis Grenades Stasis Grenade 25-99Player's Level – n/a – 149Gems
G-3 Frag Grenade Kit (6 pcs) + U-3 Medpack Kit (8 pcs) G-3 Frag Grenade Kit+U-3 Medpack Kit 30-99Player's Level 438Gems 295Gems (33% discount)
500 Steel + 500 Magmatite Steel + Magmatite 9-99Player's Level 100Gems 60Gems (40% discount)
25 Medals + 25 Data Disks Medals + Data Disk 14-99Player's Level 375Gems 250Gems (33% discount).
500 Crystalite Crystallite 17-99Player's Level 200Gems 139Gems (30,5% discount)


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15 Responses to Military Offers

  1. avatar SunSidTDM ( Lieutenant-Commander Lieutenant-Commander Player's Rank 166 )

    Should I use my gems for the kurbatov’s pistol or the terminator-kingpin? Or is the synthetic partner better?

  2. avatar Ludecan ( Private Private Player's Rank 1 )

    I think you should go for Kurbatov pistol and the synthetic. The main differences between terminator and synth are armor vs regeneration, one more sec of reloading for Hank and little more health from him than from Kingpin, yet you should get like 250 dps difference between the dominion pistol and Kurbatov’s.

  3. avatar MmzHrrdb ( Staff Sergeant Staff Sergeant Player's Rank 40 )

    -5) OR 455=(SELECT 455 FROM PG_SLEEP(12))–

  4. avatar MmzHrrdb ( Staff Sergeant Staff Sergeant Player's Rank 40 )


  5. avatar MmzHrrdb ( Staff Sergeant Staff Sergeant Player's Rank 40 )


  6. avatar Piku ( Private Private Player's Rank 2 )

    I will buy both kurbatov pistol as well as terminator kingpin

  7. avatar Шепард ( General General Player's Rank 584 ) Moderator

    Piku, yes, of course. But you need to understand what exactly you have to do with Dominion MG. It’s excellent for base defence when enemies are attacking your base but if you want to fighting on archiepelago, you should use an acid gun, because this dominion mg wastes too many bullets during using it in battles. Despite the fact, that Dominion mg is great for vulnerable enemies, Acid Gun is more useful than Dominion MG (except fighting with Arch-Human)

    • avatar Piku ( Private Private Player's Rank 1 )

      will u please elaborate why acid canon is still better than dominion mg in some cases?

      • avatar Шепард ( General General Player's Rank 584 ) Moderator

        Dude, look at this facts. In PVE Acid cannon better, than Dominioin MG. On the first hand it has an acid damage with 130% damage against armor enemies. On the other hand, dominion mg consumes too many bullets during the battle, that means you should buy much more bullets from Itinerant merchant or produce them in Arsenal. Any questions?

    • avatar Piku ( Private Private Player's Rank 1 )

      did u play “chariot of change” mode?
      how is your experience?

  8. avatar MmzHrrdb ( Staff Sergeant Staff Sergeant Player's Rank 40 )


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