Spiders’ Queen Boss

Spiders' Queen

Spiders’ Queen Boss

The Spiders’ Queen is one of the bosses in the Evolution: Battle for Utopia game.


Location 1: Home Base, at the top center part. We go around the location clockwise, freeing the path while in the end not bump into a Queen

Location 2: Coast, at the bottom center part. We go around the location clockwise until the bottom get to the Queen

Health: 550Unarmored (Home Base), 2300Unarmored (Coast)

Weapon: Spits AcidAcid Damage, Melee Skill

Strengths: Not taunting, Spitting with middle and long distances, Dangerous in melee.

Weaknesses: Unarmored, Often misses from a long distance.

The guards (Home Base):
Spider(120Unarmored, 2) Soldier Spider(220Unarmored, 1) Bomber(120Unarmored, 3)

The guards (Coast):
Spider(390Unarmored, 3) Soldier Spider(540Unarmored, 2) Bomber(330Unarmored, 2) Guard Spider(540Unarmored, 1)

Link to the Walkthrough Guide: Here

Victory Rewards (Home Base): 60Experience, 80Biofuel

Victory Rewards (Coast): 60Experience, Random Biofuel

Commander’s Log: Chapter 3

Also occurs in: Terror Level 4 Missions, Iron Beast OperationBerserker Operation

Spiders’ Queen at the Home Base Location

Spiders' Queen at the Home Base Location

Spiders’ Queen at the Coast Location

Spiders' Queen at the Coast Location

Spiders’ Queen’s Rendering

Spiders' Queen Rendering


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2 Responses to Spiders’ Queen Boss

  1. avatar Drone117 ( Private Private Player's Rank 3 )

    When I defeated a spider queen (the one at the ufo crash site, “guarding” the alligator AR) it split in to three mini queens. Took me completely of guard. Anyone else experienced this?

  2. avatar Marco ( Private First Class Private First Class Player's Rank 10 )

    At high player’s levels after the death of the Spiders’ Queen appear 3 mini spiders’ queens.

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