The Pistols is one of Weapons type in the Evolution: Battle for Utopia game.

Pistols are the only weapons you can use without expending extra resources in the form of Ammo or Crystallite.

As such they are essential to your advancement within the game.

The Pistols is the only type of weapons in the game, that can perform an Aimed Shot.

Pistols, Available in the Game

Pistols Summary Table

Name Damage Min/Max Magazine Min/Max Crit Chance Min/Max Unlocked By Research Cost (Time) Cost Reduction Requirement Reduced Research Cost (Time) Construction Cost (Time)
Shocker 12/12Energy Damage 7/7 – n/a – Starter Weapon – n/a – – n/a – – n/a – – n/a –
Stormbreaker 14/24Regular Damage 8/13 0/10 Iron Mine, Drops from the first enemy 150Biofuel, 5Data Disks, 50Magmatite (00:01:00) Conduct Battles (3) 120Biofuel, 4Data Disks, 40Magmatite (00:00:48) 400Biofuel, 100Magmatite (00:01:00)
Megathrone 20/35Energy Damage 5/15 0/10 Gem Purchase, 7-25Player's Level 299Gems – n/a – – n/a – – n/a –
Bulldog 28/48Regular Damage 6/16 0/10 Elysium Cargo Ship,
Hack box near 1st Turret
200Biofuel, 20Data Disks, 400Magmatite (00:30:00) Destroy Commanders (5) 160Biofuel, 16Data Disks, 320Magmatite (00:24:00) 2000Biofuel, 800Magmatite (00:30:00)
Acid 28/48Acid Damage 6/16 0/15 Home Base, Defeat Overlord. From 12Player's Level 250Crystallite, 20Data Disks, 400Magmatite (00:30:00) Overload’s parasites destroyed (20) 200Crystallite, 16Data Disks, 320Magmatite (00:24:00) 2000Biofuel, 500Crystallite (00:45:00)
M3 SMG 36/56Energy Damage 10/20 0/10 Gem Purchase, 20-35Player's Level 1200Gems – n/a – – n/a – – n/a –
Cobra 56/91Regular Damage 6/16 0/10 Citadel, 2nd Hack spot, right from gate 300Biofuel, 30Data Disks, 600Magmatite (01:00:00) Destroy Vipers (10) 240Biofuel, 24Data Disks, 480Magmatite (00:48:00) 3500Biofuel, 1200Magmatite (01:00:00), 2 lvl of Storage Depot
Dragon 56/91Incendiary Damage 6/16 0/10 Reclaim Captured Mine after 29Player's Level 1500Skill Points, 30Data Disks (00:30:00) Destroy Bombers (20) 1200Skill Points, 24Data Disks (00:24:00) 4000Biofuel, 1200Crystallite (01:00:00),2 lvl of Storage Depot
Adam Cruise’s Magnum 70/120Regular Damage 6/11 0/20 Gem Purchase, 32-48Player's Level 1500Gems – n/a – – n/a – – n/a –
Pegasus 112/187Regular Damage 6/16 0/10 Black Legion Checkpoint,
1st Hack on right
400Biofuel, 35Data Disks, 800Magmatite (01:00:00) Destroy Sniper (10) 320Biofuel, 28Data Disks, 640Magmatite (00:48:00) 5500Biofuel, 1600Magmatite (02:00:00), 30Player's Level, 6 lvl of Storage Depot
UFO 155/260Energy Damage 5/10 0/15 UFO Crash,
Hack UFO after defeating Xi
700Crystallite, 35Data Disks, 700Magmatite (02:00:00) Collect Anomalies (50) 560Crystallite, 28Data Disks, 560Magmatite (01:36:00) 6000Biofuel, 1500Crystallite (03:00:00),5 lvl of Storage Depot
M5 SMG 135/225Energy Damage 10/20 0/10 Gem Purchase, 47-60Player's Level 2400Gems – n/a – – n/a – – n/a-
Dominion 224/380Energy Damage 6/16 0/10 Gate, 2nd Hack at left top corner 800Crystallite, 40Data Disks, 800Magmatite (02:00:00) Synthetics destroyed (50) 640Crystallite, 32Data Disks, 640Magmatite (01:36:00) 7000Biofuel, 1700Crystallite (03:00:00), 30Player's Level, 7 lvl of Storage Depot
Dragon-2 268/453Incendiary Damage 6/16 0/10 Reclaim any mine, captured by Viper and Executioner, after 58Player's Level. The Dragon Pistol must be researched 1800Skill Points, 35Data Disks (00:30:00) G-2 Incendiary Grenades Used (5) 1440Skill Points, 28Data Disks (00:24:00) 4000Biofuel, 2000Magmatite (01:00:00), 30Player's Level, 10 lvl of Storage Depot
Kurbatov’s Pistol 268/453Energy Damage 8/18 0/10 Gem Purchase, 64-78Player's Level 2500Gems – n/a – – n/a – – n/a –



Regular Damage – Regular Damage. Good for unarmored targets (100% damage), but totally useless for armored (0%). This type of damage is common among pistols (5 of 15).

Energy Damage – Energy Damage. Good for unarmored targets (100% damage) and useful for armored (50%). This type of damage is also common for pistols (7 of 15).

Incendiary Damage – Incendiary Damage. Excellent for unarmored targets (130% damage), but totally useless for armored (0%). This type of damage have only two Dragon pistols. No need to waste Skill Points on improvement of its first version, because by the time the Dragon-1 appears, everywhere are a lot of armored enemies, against which it is useless.

Acid Damage – Acid Damage. Good for unarmored targets (100% damage) and just brilliant for armored (130%). This type of damage also has only one pistol (Acid). The most versatile and definitely “must have pistol” at the first part of the game! However, almost the very slow fire-rate of all.


Pistols Speed, Upgrade and Dismantle Summary Table

Name Speed of Step of upgrading Total Upgrade Cost (time) Max Dismantle Reward
Fire* Reloading Damage Magazine Critical
Shocker 1.75 2 sec – n/a – – n/a – – n/a – – n/a – Can’t dismantle
Stormbreaker 1.85 2 sec 2 1 2 3000Biofuel, 135Medals, 6000Magmatite (0:27:00) 300Skill Points
Megathrone 1.5 2 sec  3  2 2 3750Biofuel, 165Medals, 7250Magmatite (1:18:00) 600Skill Points
Bulldog 1.78 2 sec  4  2 2 4875Biofuel, 195Medals, 9750Magmatite (2:35:00) or 399Gems 300Skill Points
Acid 1.6 4 sec  4  2 3 3750Biofuel, 165Medals, 7500Crystallite (1:18:00) 600Skill Points
M3 SMG 2.85 3 sec  4  2 2 5625Biofuel, 210Medals, 11250Magmatite (4:18:00) 900Skill Points
Cobra 1.78 2 sec  7  2 2 5625Biofuel, 225Medals, 11250Magmatite (4:15:00) 300Skill Points
Dragon 1.78 3 sec  7  2 2 9750Crystallite, 240Medals, 4875Skill Points (3:42:00) 600Skill Points
Adam Cruise’s Magnum 1.57 3 sec  10  1 4 7125Biofuel, 255Medals, 14250Magmatite (9:18:00) 900Skill Points
Pegasus 1.78 2 sec  15  2 2 7125Biofuel, 270Medals, 14250Magmatite (8:42:00) 300Skill Points
UFO 1.67 3 sec  21  1 3 6375Biofuel, 300Medals, 12750Crystallite (22:30:00) 600Skill Points
M5 SMG 2.85 3 sec  18 2 2 7875Biofuel, 285Medals, 15750Magmatite (11:12:00) 900Skill Points
Dominion Pistol 1.6 2 sec 31 2 2 11250Biofuel, 285Medals, 14250Crystallite (13:05:00) 600Skill Points
Dragon-2 37 2 2 5750Biofuel, 2875Crystallite, 315Medals, 6375Skill Points (13:45:00) 600Skill Points
Kurbatov’s Pistol 37 2 2 8625Biofuel, 315Medals, 17250Magmatite (13:42:00) or 2640Gems 900Skill Points

* Speed of fire (fire rate) – number of shots per second (more is better)

Damage per Second Table for Pistols

Name DPS Improvement %
Shocker  14.00
 Stormbreaker  34.56 59.49
 Megathrone  43.75 21.00
 Bulldog  69.89 37.40
Acid 54.86 -27.40
M3 SMG 111.80 50.93
Cobra 132.50 15.62
Dragon 121.45 -9.10
Adam Cruise’s Magnum 131.92 7.97
Pegasus 272.28 51.55
UFO 289.27 5.88
M5 SMG 449.21 35.60
Dominion Pistol 506.67 11.34
Dragon-2  N/A yet N/A yet
 Kurbatov’s Pistol N/A yet  N/A yet


The DPS also known as Damage per Second (and not Damage per Shot) formula credits are entirely for ScaryCherry.

The DPS value takes into account the Reload Time.

The Improvement value is  just a straight calculation that compares damage from previous and next pistols.

All the calculations are not taking into account any researching from Reconnaissance Center, Critical Shot update or additional damage from acid or incendiary post-effect.


Pistols Concept Art

Pistols Concept Art


If you found an error, highlight it and press Shift + Enter or click here to inform us.

42 Responses to Pistols

  1. avatar Ricky ( Private Private Player's Rank 4 )

    Can someone explain exactly how the acid and incendiary damage types work? I fully upgraded the Dragon-2 pistol and it seems to do around the same max damage as the fully upgraded Kurbatov’s Pistol against unarmored targets. However it seems to apply a damage over time effect that ramps up and does more each tick, with each additional shot? I am guessing the bonus damage has no effect on aimed shots though?

  2. avatar HelloShitty ( Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Player's Rank 294 )

    Yes, single shot damage is equal to regular pistols, but over time, you’ll see some (red) health points coming out from enemy… Those ones are the incendiary damage which is up to 130% for unarmored targets. However. aimed shots only relies on the Enhanced Optics level you have, Vulnerabilities research for each enemy at the Recon Center (and I can’t remember any more feature that aimed shots relies on)! Acid damage is the same but it only deals 100% to unarmored targets. However, it can deal 130% for armored targets. If you click in your profile button, in the game (2nd button from the left, next to Menu button) and then, again, 2nd button (Reference table) you can see info on each type of damage you can find in the game’s weapons.

    And yes, Dragon 2 max damage will be the same (for the same conditions) as Kurbatov’s as you can see at the table above which says 268/453. Dragon inflicts Incendiary damage and Kurbatov’s inflicts Energy damage!

    • avatar Гудвин ( Captain Captain Player's Rank 198 )

      That’s right. I can add that damage bonus is not +30%, it varies between +5% (at first shot) and encreases to +30% at next shots. If you wait or change a target, you can see how additional damage decreases to zero.

  3. avatar ScaryCherry ( Private Private Player's Rank 2 )

    So, considering rate of fire, the M5 SMG deals more DPS than the Dominion (ignoring reload time):
    M5 SMG: 2.85 * 225 = 641.25 DPS
    Dominion: 1.6 * 380 = 608 DPS
    Is that correct? Can anyone confirm this?

    • avatar HelloShitty ( Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Player's Rank 294 )

      What are you trying to compare? (Damage per Second) per Shot??? I’m not following!

      • avatar ScaryCherry ( Private Private Player's Rank 2 )

        I want to compare the damage a pistol does over time, hence “damage per second” (DPS).
        Ignoring reload time, the M5 SMG does 641.25DPS, whilst Dominion does 608DPS.

        When considering reload time, figures are:
        M5 SMG: 20 shots * 225 damage = 4500 damage in 20 shots / 2.85 shots/s + 3s reload = 10,0175s; thus we end up with 449,2DPS
        Dominion: 16 * 380 = 6080 in 16 / 1.6 + 2 = 12s => 506,7DPS

        So, Гудвин is right: the Dominion pistol is better; but not that much (12,8%).

        Note though that I don’t know the reload sliders and thus how much reloading can be speed up by manual triggering. If reload time can be reduced to 1s for both pistols, numbers are 561,27 and 552,73 respectively – making the M5 SMG equally strong as the Dominion.However, Dominion‘s aimed shot should deal way more damage.

        So I guess for those guys that do the secondary story-line fully, getting the M5 SMG is quite worth it (given that the UFO pistol only does 289,3 DPS and Pegasus 272,3DPS).

      • avatar Гудвин ( Captain Captain Player's Rank 198 )

        That’s more correct. I can add that with bonuses (reload, attack, reconaissance) the difference will increase.
        And one more thing: may be it was the fix in update, now Dominion has much faster fire rate then UFO. So, the information in the table is not exactly correct.

      • avatar dryphi ( Corporal Corporal Player's Rank 12 )

        ScaryCherry, what’s your formula? Looking at your calculations your units don’t work out.
        (shots/mag)*(damage/shot) –> damage per magazine.
        If you divide this by shots/second (i.e. multiply by 1/1/second) you move seconds to the numerator.
        How did you get from 4500 to 10,175 for the M5 for example?
        Maybe I’m not understanding your reasoning.. can you write out the entire formula?

      • avatar Eragon3942 ( Private First Class Private First Class Player's Rank 10 )

        Trust me dryphi, coming 10 years of university to get a math degree (well, technically physics, but you kinda have to know math in order to do physics, so whatever), I can say that these equations make sense…

        He first gets the damage that you can do in 1 clip, which is the total damage, then he finds the time it takes to deal the damage over plus the reload time, which is the total time… You then just divide the total damage in a clip by the time it takes to empty the clip and reload the gun, thus giving you your final DPS…

        Now you could take this a step further by looking at critical chances and the quick reload, but I don’t know the exact times, so I can’t give a more accurate number than what scarycherry has already given…

    • avatar Гудвин ( Captain Captain Player's Rank 198 )

      No. Dominion is much better. You ignoring reload rate. It’s a big mistake.
      Dominion is much faster.

      • avatar HelloShitty ( Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Player's Rank 294 )

        In that case, maybe he could compare this way:

        (Fire Rate * Single Sot Damage)/(1s + Reload Time)

        It will give you the Damage for any pistol but also having in account the Reload time!

        If both pistols are fully upgraded you’ll have

        M5 SMG – (2.85*225)/(1+3) = 160
        Dominion – (1.60*380)/(1+2) = 203

        So, Dominion is better ~27%

  4. avatar HelloShitty ( Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Player's Rank 294 )

    ScarryCherry I didn’t followed your calcs… What is that time you calculated??? 10.0175s and 12s??? I can see that is (Shots per magazine)/(Fire Rate + Reload Time) but I didn’t understood the math!!!

    • avatar Eragon3942 ( Private First Class Private First Class Player's Rank 10 )

      He was calculating the time it takes to go through a clip as well as the time to reload… if you decide the total damage in one clip by this number it will give you DPS

  5. avatar psb ( Private Private Player's Rank 2 )

    is it really worthwhile to buy the kurbatov’s pistol?? i want to make one gem purchase and which one would be d best buy – kurbatovs pistol, dominion mg, terminator or anything else ??

    • avatar HelloShitty ( Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Player's Rank 294 )

      I think that someone already said the the only truly worthy buy in the game is the Kurbatov’s Pistol! If it is true or not I don’t know but I would buy it for sure! I will buy it when I have the chance!

    • avatar Гудвин / Goodwin ( Captain Captain Player's Rank 198 )

      Kurbatov’s pistol is the best choice for your situation.

      Acid cannon is better then Dominion MG for most situations (exept PVP defence). Some bosses (Hehemon and Hand Of Xi) need yo use the MG, but you can use Moloh MG on them (they are not armored).
      And the best partner is Hank (he has more HP and the same damage, comparing with terminator).

  6. avatar psb ( Sublieutenant Sublieutenant Player's Rank 104 )

    kurbatov’s pistol is the best , i know that… what i want to really know is in the later stages, in the dominion territory, how much do you use the pistol?? i mean, kurbatovs p is not that much stronger than dominion p to cause massive damage to arachnids, hounds or dominators… so how much do we have to use the pistol in actual battles(except aim shots)?? even in the video walkthrough given, the person shifts to the secondary weapon as soon as the battle starts…and uses it till the end…

    • avatar HelloShitty ( Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Player's Rank 294 )

      I use the pistol at 95% of the battles time. The secondary weapon is only when the enemy comes towards you or when you know that the pistol simply is not enough. But this situation doesn’t happen very often. The pistol is the most used weapon! You should upgrade each pistol you research to it’s maximum as you’ll use it a lot and it has free ammo! So, it is always a must have asset!

  7. avatar Sugarman ( Sergeant Sergeant Player's Rank 31 )

    Is the Dragon-2 worth constructing with the Dominion pistol around the corner. I mean as most enemies are armoured anyway it wont probably be of much use. I don’t even have G2-inc grenades so I have to pay a higher research price – not such a big deal though. Where do you get those G2 incendiaries, by the way.

    • avatar HelloShitty ( Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Player's Rank 294 )

      I have not researched the Dragon-2 because I already have Dominion. G2 incendiary comes only from the smugglers offers!

    • avatar Maadmatt ( Corporal Corporal Player's Rank 13 )

      I love the Dragon 2 pistol, it is well worth researching and upgrading. It is especially good in the early stages of the Dominion as the majority of enemies are not armored! I now have Kerbatov’s pistol fully upgraded, but use the Dragon 2 most of the time especially with the random missions, because again, most of the enemies are not armored. The Dragon 2 is also as good as Kerbatov’s on an aimed shot, even against armored enemies. For armored enemies I either use Kerbatov’s or if there is only one or two armored I’ll use the Dragon 2 with the Acid Cannon and use the Acid on the armored and Dragon 2 on unarmored.

  8. avatar psb ( Sublieutenant Sublieutenant Player's Rank 104 )

    i have reached lvl 64… but not getting kurbatovs offer… why is dat so ??

  9. avatar yarco ( Corporal Corporal Player's Rank 11 )

    I’m at level 60, Dragon pistol researched but not produced.
    Already reclaimed 2 captured mines, but didn’t get Dragon-2.

    The Dragon must be both researched and manufactured?
    Or what’s wrong?

    • avatar SunSidTDM ( Lieutenant-Commander Lieutenant-Commander Player's Rank 166 ) Moderator

      No nothing’s wrong, I got the Dragon-2 pistol thanks to Dragon pistol’s research (not produced) but I reclaimed at least 3 mines before I could get the Dragon-2 research.

      • avatar yarco ( Corporal Corporal Player's Rank 11 )

        Problem solved, I haven’t read the instructions precisely.

        It says “Reclaim any mine, captured by Viper AND Executioner”. After reclaimed the mine attacked by BOTH of them (probably my 6th or 7th reclaimed mine on lvl 60), the Dragon-2 has came to me 😉

  10. avatar Steven ( Private First Class Private First Class Player's Rank 10 )

    How long does the 20% reload bonus last for? Is it only the first round out the chamber, the whole clip, or some other time limit? I’ve tried visually observing in battle, but I’m still not sure.

    • avatar KingDragneel ( Private Private Player's Rank 2 )

      It only lasts for that clip of magazine. Once you reload, the damage resets to normal or +20% again if you reloaded right

  11. avatar KingDragneel ( Private Private Player's Rank 2 )

    Hey guys. I just want to know, the req for dragon 2 is to research the dragon first right? What if I dismantled the first dragon pistol? Will I still get the dragon 2 as reward after reclaiming any mines captured by the viper and executioner? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

  12. avatar Kennedys ( Private Private Player's Rank 1 )

    Hi, i have level 54, but i can’t find acid pistol, why? Thx for answer.

  13. avatar myzrael ( Warrant Officer Warrant Officer Player's Rank 71 )

    acid pistol, is dropped by Overlord, who spawns randomly, when u get lvl 12, he pops up your base

  14. avatar Myzrael ( Warrant Officer Warrant Officer Player's Rank 71 )

    I dont understand about the fire*, if the numbers are higher does it mean the weapon has higher atk speed. If so, this website is very outdated

  15. avatar Gamer ( Private Private Player's Rank 4 )

    Damage (/shot) Fire rate (/s) Reload (s) Critical (%) Magazine Agregated DPS = (magazine * damage * (1 + critical)) / (magazine * 1/fire_rate + reload)
    Stormbreaker 24 1.85 2 10% 13 38
    Megathrone 35 1.5 2 10% 15 48
    Bulldog 48 1.78 2 10% 16 77
    Acid 48 1.6 4 15% 16 63
    M3 SMG 56 2.85 3 10% 20 123
    Cobra 91 1.78 2 10% 16 146
    Dragon 91 1.78 3 10% 16 134
    Adam Cruise’s Magnum 120 1.57 3 20% 11 158
    Pegasus 187 1.78 2 10% 16 300
    UFO 260 1.67 3 15% 10 333
    M5 SMG 225 2.85 3 10% 20 494
    Dominion Pistol 380 1.6 2 10% 16 557
    Dragon-2 453 10% 16 #DIV/0!
    Kurbatov’s Pistol 453 10% 18 #DIV/0!

  16. avatar Gamer ( Private Private Player's Rank 4 )

    The above numbers take into account the damage per bullet, then it multiplies with magazine size and with average critical to compute the whole damage done by a full mag.
    then it divides this by the time it takes a full mag to be shot – the magazine size multiplied with time a bullet takes to be shot – plus the time the mag needs to be reloaded.

  17. avatar Gamer ( Private Private Player's Rank 4 )

    beyond the above numbers, one should also take advantage of the fast reload and bonus reload areas. The fast reload allows u to finish the reload immediately and the bonus reload finishes the reload immediately and ads 20% damage to the whole clip.

    Using those 2 types of reloads, one can improve the dps by lowering the reload time and by also increasing the damage of each bullet.

    The values obtained after using the fast reload and bonus reload times are:

    Damage (/shot) Fire rate (/s) Reload (s) Fast reload Bonus reload Critical (%) Magazine Agregated DPS = (magazine * damage * (1 + critical)) / (magazine * 1/fire_rate + reload) FAST Agregated DPS BONUS Agregated DPS
    Stormbreaker 24 1.85 2 1.2 1.8 10% 13 38 42 47
    Megathrone 35 1.5 2 0.8 0.8 10% 15 48 53 64
    Bulldog 48 1.78 2 1 1.9 10% 16 77 85 93
    Acid 48 1.6 4 2 3.6 15% 16 63 74 78
    M3 SMG 56 2.85 3 2.1 2.85 10% 20 123 135 150
    Cobra 91 1.78 2 1.4 1.7 10% 16 146 154 180
    Dragon 91 1.78 3 0.6 0.6 10% 16 134 167 200
    Adam Cruise’s Magnum 120 1.57 3 1.5 2.85 20% 11 158 186 193
    Pegasus 187 1.78 2 1.3 1.7 10% 16 300 320 369
    UFO 260 1.67 3 1.5 2.85 15% 10 333 399 406
    M5 SMG 225 2.85 3 1.95 2.85 10% 20 494 552 602
    Dominion Pistol 380 1.6 2 1.4 1.7 10% 16 557 587 686
    Dragon-2 453 0 0 10% 16 #DIV/0! #DIV/0! #DIV/0!
    Kurbatov’s Pistol 453 0 0 10% 18 #DIV/0! #DIV/0! #DIV/0!

    As u can see, M% smg has a 50% bigger dps if u manage to reload it with bonus, going to 600 dps. Dominium pistol is the best there (don’t have data for reload times on kurbatov’s), and it’s free

    For free damage, the ufo still tops pegasus in damage, 10% bigger if u go with normal / bonus reload. I’d advice going with fast reload, just reload as soon possible, u’ll get almost the same dps as waiting for the bonus to be available. it will give 399 dps for fast instead of 406 for bonus. This way, u’ll benefit of a a good damage along with a decent 1.5 reload time.
    As soon u can get the dominium, do it, no payment required and great bonus dps, 686.

    keep playing!

  18. avatar Gamer ( Private Private Player's Rank 4 )

    if this goes well, the table will look much better, the previous tables were not html, but ods table.

    Damage (/shot)Fire rate (/s)Reload (s)Fast reloadBonus reloadCritical (%)MagazineAgregated DPS = (magazine * damage * (1 + critical)) / (magazine * 1/fire_rate + reload)FAST Agregated DPSBONUS Agregated DPS
    M3 SMG562.8532.12.8510%20123135150
    Adam Cruise’s Magnum1201.5731.52.8520%11158186193
    M5 SMG2252.8531.952.8510%20494552602
    Dominion Pistol3801.621.41.710%16557587686
    Dragon-2453  0010%16#DIV/0!#DIV/0!#DIV/0!
    Kurbatov’s Pistol453  0010%18#DIV/0!#DIV/0!#DIV/0!

  19. avatar Gillio ( Private Private Player's Rank 1 )

    Can we get the acid gun if we are over level 12

  20. avatar razat ( Private Private Player's Rank 2 )

    if i have cobra pistol , then can i dismantle bulldog pistol for skill points ?
    i know that after dismantle i can not get pistol back ….. so is it worth to dismantle or not
    does it is used in any further in the game or not ?????????????????????????

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